Level 8
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Class 5

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A photograph of Level 8 taken during the first exploration.

Level 8 is the 9th Level of the Backrooms. This level seems to be an infinite cave system with caverns and dangers around every corner.


Level 8 is made of huge caverns and small cave systems that twist and turn like normal underground systems. Level 8 is very damp, with Almond Water flowing from the walls and ceiling. Stalactites and stalagmites appear to be very common in Level 8. Sounds echo throughout the Level, so it is relatively easy to listen for potential danger, or possibly even attract it if not careful. Level 8 is normally devoid of natural light, but light sources from an unknown origin shine on the damp walls, making the Level slightly glow in select areas.

Vegetation appears rarely on Level 8 in the form of dried vines and small shrubs. Large pools of Almond Water can be found around the level, which is not safe for consumption due to large amounts of minerals. Some pools that are found are made of the viscous tar-like substance, the same substance found in Level 2 and Level 7. Entering the goop will result in groups of humanoid hands covered in tar reaching out and grabbing the Wanderer, dragging them into the pool. Another variant of the pools is one made from distilled water, and entering one will lead the Wanderer to Level 7. Small veins of ore exist within Level 8. This Level includes many types of ore minerals such as iron, copper, gold, and more. The M.E.G. have created public travel routes in the safe area of Level 8 for safe travel for Wanderers.

Many dangerous Entities reside in Level 8, that being Smilers, Skin-Stealers, Wretches, Camo Crawlers1. Transporters, Male and Female Deathmoths, Hostile Facelings, Hens, Hounds, Death Rats, Paralies, Clumps, Reviooks, Wranglers and rare sightings of Stalkers. Crawlers have been reported due to the vents of Level 2 connecting to Level 8. Windows have been reported to appear in Level 8's walls, however this claim has yet to be corroborated.

Due to the danger presented by the Entity known as Wranglers, it is highly advised to be aware of their abilities before traversing this Level. Above all, if any rumblings are heard or felt, evacuate the area immediately.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Setting up an outpost or community within Level 8 is not advised. However, this does not mean it hasn't been done.

The M.E.G. Outpost "Cave Raiders":

  • This is an Outpost set up by The M.E.G. during 2015 and finished by 2016.
  • This Outpost is tasked with terminating hostile Entities and mapping out routes for public transportation.
  • This Outpost has fifty-four members.

The Town of Kavragost:

  • This now-defunct group was reportedly made up of an unknown species of vaguely humanoid Entities that have long since disappeared without a trace.
  • This community was said to have seventy-eight members.
  • These members lived in a remote area of Level 8 which was not accessible to outsiders before its abandonment.
  • The leader of this town was reportedly more welcoming to humans than the rest of the group.
  • There is evidence to suggest that this group existed as a means of supplying other communities with unique minerals hidden deep within Level 8.
  • These minerals appear to have also been used to create crude weapons.
  • Members of the group are said to have been adept hunters, often skirmishing with the more hostile Entities roaming near the town.
  • It is unclear what became of these Entities or this town, but there have been no signs of life within its walls since it was discovered.


Level 8 was discovered when The Explorers Group found its way to this Level in 2011. The Group had enumerated many encounters and discoveries until their disappearance in Level 9. Since this discovery, many Wanderers traversed the dangerous caverns of Level 8 until 2015, when The M.E.G. had set up an Outpost to ensure the safety of the Wanderers who decide to traverse the Level.

Entrances And Exits:


  • To enter, finding cave entrances in Level 7 is the main way to enter Level 8.
  • Walking through a dark hallway in Level 103 will lead to Level 8.
  • An as of yet undocumented exit in Level 64 leads to Level 8.
  • Jumping through the well in Level 135 can lead to Level 8
  • Small tunnels in Level 52 most often lead to Level 8.
  • Crawling through The Tubes in Level 283 will lead to a point where the multi-colored playground tubes transition into Level 8's small jagged rocky caves.


  • To exit, you can randomly fall through the floor of Level 8 to enter Level 9.
  • Rare tiny silvery passages of Level 8 lead to Level 75.
  • Vents can be found in some areas that can lead to Level 2, but this is not advised.
  • Entering the distilled water pools has been rumored to drag you back to Level 7.
  • Entering the tar pits in Level 8 will cause you to be dragged into Level 91 if you are lucky enough to survive. This is also not advised.
  • No-Clipping through a corner of Level 8 or a rare chance through exiting Level 8 will bring you to Level 93.
  • No-clip through Level 8’s ceiling has a small chance to bring you to Level 205.
  • Finding random sets of old televisions and No-Clipping through them will lead you to Level 104.
  • Falling through the floor randomly can also rarely lead to Level 69.

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