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Level 777: "A Game of Chance" by: YellowISlolYellowISlol

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Take a chance…

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A part of "The Lobby"


A group of slot machines inside of "Chesire Casino's"


A casino once named "Tokyo Poker". Whereabouts are currently unknown

Level 777 is a street lined with casinos, all of which gamble to extremes.


Level 777 consists of a street, which is lined all around with casinos. The street itself is rather short, only being 14 kilometers. Buildings line the sides and mark the ends of the street. There are no alleyways, and any attempts to climb over the buildings to access the other side have all failed. All buildings are able to be entered, and all are much larger on the inside than on the outside.

When you first enter Level 777, you will find yourself inside of a building labeled as "The Lobby". The Lobby is the smallest building on this Level, being an average sized lobby. When leaving, you can also use The Lobby, as long as you aren't indebted. The Lobby is built to resemble a regal entryway, with sitting areas. This area is considered a gateway, and it is staffed by human-like entities, who work to assist you in any way possible.

Once you exit The Lobby onto the street, you will notice many casinos all around you. Every casino has high stakes, but the further you go down the street, the higher the stakes rise. There are other humans around, however, they all appear to be husks, with no will to do anything other than gamble. Despite this, these husk will still have a will to win, along with their will to live. The dealers follow in this suit, and tend to play to their advantage.

Very few of the casinos stay permanently on this Level. Sometimes a casino may simply disappear within the blink of an eye. It will be replaced immediately with a new casino, which varies from the original casino. This can happen even with people inside. Therefore, if a casino is not listed below, it may be dangerous to enter the casino. Sometimes, these casinos may return, however, they will not have any traces of the people who were once in there before. It is assumed anyone who disappears is dead.

Every Casino has the unique property of reality-bending capabilities. These capabilities are able to manifest any object inside of the backrooms. Money is rarely gambled, as many prefer to gamble things such as body parts, precious memories, or their own lives to "raise the stakes". Because of this, Level 777 is useful if you need to obtain an item quickly.

Depending on what casino you go to, you'll find different dealers are able to bet to different amounts. The casinos outside of The Lobby are considered the safest, as they bet materials, food, and water. They have the least traffic, and they hold no regards to The Deal. However, the further you go down the street, the more the casinos raise in stakes, from memories, to body parts, to public humiliation, to even complete slavery.

Known Casinos

The Morgana Council

The Morgana Council is a set of 7 entities, all of which are extremely powerful, and able to bend reality to their will. The 7 members are held in high regard by everyone on this floor, and they all have extremely varying personalities. The list of members are as followed.

The President(s):

The four Current Proposals are listed below. Keep in mind The President(s) cannot have a signature, which is why no signature is present. The President(s) is/are (a) supreme gambler(s), and none have ever lost a gamble. The President(s) may be multiple Entities, or a single Entity. There is also the possibility the President(s) may not exist.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Gamblers

This group consist of about 150-200 wanderers, all of whom are invested into gambling. Some of them gamble at lower ranked casinos, some at higher, but they all gamble. They rarely leave the floor, and some of them become slaves to the casinos.

M.E.G. Outpost

A MEG outpost established in the hub. It's rather small, and serves as a warning for new wanderers, which lets them know what to expect. Beyond that, they observe proceedings which happen during gambles.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 777 is unique because it cannot be accessed through an entrance. Only one with a will to gamble for the sake of gambling can make their way to Level 777. Beyond that, only one other entrance has been noted, which is extremely difficult to follow through with. Once you go onto Level 98, you can locate a man who is noted for having a missing eye, covered by an eye patch. Occasionally, a tentacle may poke out of the eyepatch. If you ask this man to gamble, he will gamble with you. His skills are only slightly under the Morgana Council, so be warned, do not challenge him lightly. Should you win, you will appear directly outside Morgana Casinos. If you lose, he will simply ask if you wish to play again. He gambles low, never more than a bottle of Almond Water. Should you decide not to play again, you can return at anytime to gamble once more.


There are many ways to exit Level 777, however, the most simple way is to simply leave through The Lobby. This will cause you to either emerge in The Hub or Level 0. Some middle ranking casinos will transport you to specific levels should you win. If you gamble to leave Level 777 at any of the Casinos in The Big 3, they will transport you to Level 4. Entering The Tarot Room without permission may cause you to emerge in Level 6, though this only happens around 20% of the time. When playing Glitched Roulette, sometimes, you may glitch to a random Level, for no reason. The same applies to Poker_GLITCH_executeprogramDELETE. When playing Pen Pals Deluxe!, if you lose within the sight of the relationship being severed, you will be transported to a random Quantum Stable Level.

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