Level 755

Quinoa's Room

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Check out this comprehensive map I drew of the room!


My— no, Quinoa's Room is a space that doesn't really have a set form, structure or size. Everything about this place is pretty much whatever I make of it. Usually, that's my studio! A nice recording room with a microphone and a poster of a blue sky, just in case I forget what that looks like. If I'm not really doing anything with it, the Room is just an infinite white space with no visible surfaces of any kind. I hate looking at it like that, though, it makes me feel things I don't like feeling!

Here are some things I like to do with my Room!

  • Turn it into a nice park, with a sky and clouds and stuff like that
  • Make it entirely black (sometimes it helps me sleep)
  • Turn it into a studio! I already said that, actually. How do I delete text?
  • Make everything turn into static
  • Light the air on fire
  • Bury myself in sand

Scream into the void

I think my Room is capable of doing the same things that I am. If it really wanted, it could just say "no" every time I redecorate. It doesn't do that, though. All it wants to do is move around and keep me from leaving. What did I do wrong?

As of right now, nobody's been in my Room yet. That's why I had to write about it myself!


Beats me!

I'm not sure what put me here, nor do I know what made my Room like this in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if the Room made me! I mean, I can't really remember ever being outside. I have a vague memory of opening my eyes and seeing nothing but whiteness all around me. My whole life, it's just been me in the Room, with the radio appearing and disappearing and the Audience judging my every move! I'll get to that bit in a second.


  • Me! I'm here!
  • Wait, I should probably mention that the Room is kind of aware of what I'm doing. Well, I will! The Room is kind of aware of what I'm doing. It doesn't really do anything in return, other than make things on its own, like bees or fake people who tell me they love me. I wish it wouldn't do that.
  • Aside from myself and the Room, there's also the Live Studio Audience! They laugh and clap and cheer and boo at everything I do on the show. Heck, they even do all that at things I do off of the show, too! They clap every time I close my eyes! I have tried so many times to make them leave!
  • The radio also comes back here between episodes of my show. I don't know why the Room lets the radio leave whenever it wants, but at least I get to show people that I'm here! Between myself, the Room, the radio, and the Audience, we have all the necessary pieces to run my show, whether I like it or not!


  • I wish! Man, I wish.

Entrances And Exits:

  • There's a door that opens up in random places, I think. Every time I look out of it, the surrounding area is different. The only entrance is wherever the Room wants it to be!
  • As for exits, who knows? I sure don't. I can't leave! Every time I try to walk out of the door, it becomes solid, like a window or something. Trying to make my own door doesn't work, either.

What's it like out there?

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