Level 74
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Class Ψ

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Mental Hazard

The stage of Level 74 when it's devoid of figures.

Level 74 is the 75th Level of The Backrooms. It is a large stage surrounded by looping hallways.


Level 74 is a theatre stage. There are twenty rows of seats and a door out into hallways every five rows. Making a total of eight doors in total. This Level's stage is easily accessible, with two sets of stairs on either end. The stage flooring has underfloor heating, with various trapdoors that can lead into the Insulation.

The hallways of Level 74 bear visual resemblances to the main seating area, with brick walls and tiled flooring. These hallways are relatively expansive, with all of them having various popcorn machines and posters. The posters in question resembling carnival posters, with each main image being a drawing of a seemingly random Level. Notably, some of the images are of currently unrecognised Levels. The hallways themselves contain stairways, elevators, three-way and four-way intersections. These hallways all loop back around to another door of Level 74's seating area. However, this isn't done via Non-Euclidian means. Instead, arriving back is something believed to be done subconsciously, with every choice made by an individual slowly leading them back to the main area.

Upon entering, the Level's seats will be occupied with humanoid figures. These individuals will all resemble people that a specific wanderer has met. These can be anyone from family members to mere passer-by's. These people will all have simplified facial expressions and actions, and will always be watching the stage. The stage will initially be filled with other faintly recognisable people in white masks. The figures on stage will dance in specific actions, the actions are believed to relate to certain things seen in dreams. For example, they will sometimes drop shredded paper near their mouths to simulate teeth falling out, act out falling over and dying, chasing each other, and other actions relating to dreams.

The longer one stays in this Level, the more dangerous it becomes. Upon staying in this Level for approximately two hours, all figures and people in the seats will immediately vanish. Any noise they were making disappears with them, creating a sudden change in sound that disorientates any traveller inside Level 74. After, the feel of being watched sets in as noises beyond the walls begin to become audible. They may sound like the movement of Entities, shifting and creaking metal, or gusts of winds from somewhere outside the Level.

If one stays in Level 74 for an extended period of time, one would witness effects like the walls closing in, seat rows expanding infinitely, and sounds getting louder as figures appear in your peripheral vision. While appearing extremely real to those that can bear witness, these hallucinations are nothing more than an effect on the brain that Level 74 inflicts.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Entrances to Level 74 can occasionally be found inside Level 117 in the form of red doors. There are also entrances inside Level 68, with some of the doors in the corridor sections of the Level containing similar red doors to those found inside Level 117.


The only way to exit is to use the trapdoors on the stage of Level 74. Upon entry, one will be taken to the Insulation; however, these cannot be accessed until two hours after entry to the Level.

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