Level 737 - "The Must Yard"
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Level 737, known colloquially as the "Must Yard", is an infinite plane comprised almost entirely of scrap metal and haphazardly placed trash. Its name originates from the pungent musty aroma that permeates throughout the entirety of the level, stemming from the heaps of rotting food and otherwise strong-smelling and rust-infested garbage.

To be more specific, the waste present on the level most prominently appears in the form of damaged or broken electronic devices1, run-down vehicles, miscellaneous pieces of scrap metal and wood, rotten or rotting food, and a myriad of other objects that one would generally classify as undesirable waste. Fortunately, some devices are salvageable, thus aiding the habitability of the level.

Although the trash on the level covers almost every surface, the level does have a solid ground below it. On average, the soil lays about 10–20 feet beneath the surface, and is actually quite well-maintained due to the high content of compost scattered throughout the level. This has allowed for the planting of trees and many other forms of flora that are farmed in the "slums" of the level2.


Despite initially seeming to be made entirely of scrap, a variety of land formations have been documented within the Must Yard. Frequently, trash will collapse in on itself due to the presence of riverbeds, allowing polluted sludge of unknown origin to flow freely through streams lined by compacted and compressed scrap. Furthermore, small mountains and hills jut up from the ground throughout the level, whether caused by higher underlying soil elevation or an increase in garbage.

The Slums


Level 737's entry point.

The Must Yard contains several areas dubbed as "slums", all of which are comprised of scrap-built houses, fuelled by the burning of compost and whatever wood can be found among the mostly-metal heaps. The slums house a population of approximately 13,000 people, a majority of whom live in the centre of the level; everyone who enters the level will be sent to the same spot, which is considered the centre of the level by its inhabitants.

The slums branch and weave around this epicentre, and are a hub for trade amongst several groups of interest, the most prominent being the B.N.T.G. and the M.E.G. — the M.E.G. specifically is dedicated to exploring the level and confirming its infinite or incomprehensibly-sized boundaries, as well as maintaining the infrastructure of the level and assuring that its inhabitants stay peaceful and avoid unnecessary conflict.


The tightly-knit housing on the level.

Although the slums appear impoverished as one would generally associate with the term, in actuality the quality of life on the level is above that which is present in most other levels in the Backrooms. The main metropolitan area houses all necessary amenities for survival, as well as a comfortable life style; members of the Backrooms Robotics have assisted in restoring damaged electronics present in the trash heaps of the level, allowing the level to flourish in terms of power tools and other convenient pieces of equipment that are atypical elsewhere in the Backrooms.


The level is generally considered an undesirable destination by most. However, it can act as a form of safety from more dangerous levels due to its generally serene nature; entities scarcely inhabit the level, and even when they do appear, they are often non-hostile. Entities present in the Must Yard include but are not necessarily limited to Scits, Death Rats, and Plague Goblins.


Due to its uncleanly nature, the most prominent danger in the Must Yard is disease. Lack of clean water without the use of filtration, rotten food, and tetanus-plagued rusty metal perpetuate the risk of contracting several diseases within the level's confines. In addition to this, toxic fumes and gasses are consistently being sent into the atmosphere in light of the slums' flourishing, causing the level's atmosphere to become increasingly more polluted as one nears the centre of the level.

Entrances and Exits


Thus far, the only recorded entrances to the Must Yard include:

  • Taking a bite of rotten food on any given level, occasionally;
  • No-clipping into a trash can on Level 11;
  • Falling from a building in Level 208 into a haphazardly placed dumpster;
  • And rarely, falling into the tar on Level 41 will cause one to emerge from a polluted lake.


  • Diving into a pile of scrap can occasionally cause one to emerge from a crate on Level 1;
  • Falling into a sludge lake can cause one to emerge from Level 7's waters;
  • Entering any given car within the Must Yard can bring one to Level 69;
  • Entangling oneself in the wires of the Backrooms Robotics' main base on the level will lead one to Level 522.

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