Level 735
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This Level is hiding something, something that will bring calamity to all daring to enter its trap at the wrong time.

CRITICAL NOTE: All groups of people will individually be segregated upon entry to Level 735. It must be noted that reunion is impossible due to the Level's geometry; precautions should be thoroughly taken.1


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The boundless ocean of Level 735.

Level 735 houses a myriad of identical islands placed with no defining distance from one another. The exposure of light on the level is locked in a constant state analogous to nautical twilight.2 However, the perception of brightness is prone to vary between individuals, often ranging from civil to astronomical twilight. This abnormality is frequently dismissed as being caused by natural phenomena stimulating certain cognitive processes. As a result, the individualistic interpretation of Level 735 may vary vastly. However, certain accounts have sighted bewildering noctilucent clouds peering through the occasional perforations of the clouded sky. These documentations, quelled by the increase of newer reports, may show indications of the varying brightness being caused by external interferences.

The environment experiences no signs of wind nor gravitational influence; as a result, traversing through Level 735 often involves swimming through the silent ocean. On rare events, however, water levels are able to rapidly fluctuate causing a repeated outburst of tidal waves. This sudden onset of powerful oceanic waves, often lasting 36 hours, is thought to be the sole cause of the unsustainable land life of Level 735. The source causing the alternating water levels is not certain; however, the time intervals between each phenomenon have shown a curious pattern. It has repeatedly been proven that the event has an exact time interlude of 24 months, signifying that the phenomenon most probabilistically is driven through technical processes. In addition, during the biennial event, it has been shown that a majority of wanderers that are situated within the level vanish unknowingly. This anomaly has been statistically indicated through the consistent declines in communication and new documentation from Level 735 every other year. This potentially shows that the number of fatalities is prone to increase in accordance with the specific phenomenon.

The scattered, lifeless islands of the level can frequently be encountered when traversing. The minerals and materials used to construct Level 735's islands are reportedly similar to pulverized rock, partially fused by natural processes. Due to the infertile and barren landscape of the islands, no signs of vegetation or biological life have been documented. As a result, along with the isolating properties of the level, the gathering of crucial food supplies and items is deemed impractical in Level 735. Consequently, the source of nourishment is dependent on a person's own storage supply.

The boundless ocean, through taste, has no detectable salinity. In contrast, the water is often described as having a noticeable sweetness to it. A few reports have indicated trace amounts of sugar in the ocean; however, due to the vastly inconsistent concentrations of sucrose, the variation is thought to be caused by human intervention.3 An additional theory that explains the nonsaline water is the low barometric pressure often experienced within the environment. There has, however, been much controversy regarding the validity of this statement, since the air pressure at the level has been felt to vary independently.


The exact reason for the automatic group segregation upon entry is unknown; however, the observed geometry and structure of Level 735 is often used as an explanation for a person's whereabouts. Under certain occasions a perforation of the noctilucent clouds above may occur. Most accounts under such conditions have reported being able to discern another ocean in the distant sky facing upturned towards them. As a result, it is frequently pinpointed that Level 735 consists of several, potentially infinite, layers of boundless oceans stacked upon one another with opposing gravitational pulls. An additional piece of recent evidence has also proven the existence of entire oceans below the surface. Therefore, along with the inability to reunite, it is theorized that each individual is transferred to duplicates of Level 735's space — located within the aforementioned layers.

"Below the ocean, I could make out what looked to be an entirely new body of water with clouds below, strangely reminiscent of the clouds seen above the surface."
- Terry Dahlberg

Unstable Zones

Unstable Zones are attributed to localized areas that experience radically different climates, temperature, or spatial properties when juxtaposed with common areas on Level 735. As a result of their preternatural characteristics, the primary cause for these localized zones has not been thoroughly examined. However, based on independent observations, a countable number of repeating phenomena have been reported to occur consistently. These are restricted to:

  • Severe thunderstorms that tend to block all scattered light from the level's atmosphere
  • Non-Euclidean geometry that lead people to backtrack unknowingly despite traveling in a seemingly straight path, causing difficulty in navigation.
  • Below freezing temperatures that has the capability to coat the ocean with a thick sheet of ice.

A thunderstorm over an unstable area. Picture taken in 1992.

Additionally, information from recent documentation has indicated that the zones with less stability tend to produce powerful auditory resonances. These sounds seemingly become active in a poorly understood coincidence with the biennial fluctuations in water level. But, this information is clouded with uncertainty as it has been observed under a baseline amount of statistical evidence. However, a number of accounts have reported hearing distant movement of mechanical parts and roaring during the recurrent oceanic events. These tend to act as counterarguments supporting the theory of a correlation between the auditory disturbances and the biennial occurrences.

The commonly encountered islands are not equally as prevalent here due to the unsustainable weather patterns. However, based on witness reports, the islands that manifest in these zones often contain more bewildering properties. An amplification of ominosity and extrasensory instincts4 is a frequent occurrence when present on them. The cause of these instincts has not been properly studied; however, most cases are not suspected of being paranormal, for flyers can be found with pessimistic and nihilistic writings scattered throughout the islands.5 There is a theory that the posters were written by previous wanderers, but certain encoded messages on them are not thought to be the result of human intervention. They are often distinguished by their displaced lines with unidentifiable characters or strings with arbitrary numbers. A single message, potentially encrypting words, has thus been of important notice: "1202110212200100 12210 2212020 11201121201002", but further decryption attempts have consecutively failed.

Significant messages found on the underlying flyers:

NOTE: All of the texts below, thought to be diary entries, are written by people who are thought to have unknowingly disappeared. As a result, all personal information about the authors, such as their name, is unknown. The risk of a disappearance can be reduced by staying away from the unstable zones during a water level fluctuation event.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the separation of all parties upon entry to Level 735, no reported communities has existed within this space.

Entrances and Exits


Entering Level 735 involves exploring Level 7 for a set interval of time; however, the specific extremities are not known. This will automatically lead one to Level 735.


Below certain islands within the unstable zone exists an opening that, when entered, will often result in one entering Level 8 or Level 60.

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