Level 722 - "The Worst in Us"
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Level 722 is a once thought-to-be theoretical level only proven to exist by its singular entrance that was once inaccessible. This was the case until March 15th, 2023, when the level entrance was found mysteriously opened. The level itself took the appearance of an exceedingly large mansion interior that had sparse furniture, decorations, and even color. Overall, the mansion is room temperature with some exceptions and it is evenly lit throughout with no apparent light source. However, since its discovery, its appearance has changed dramatically, with many rooms taking on different characteristics. These rooms will be discussed in further detail later, but typically they should be avoided due to their strange properties.

Rooms of Interest

Level 722 has many rooms that have particular aspects that set them apart from typical rooms. The following rooms of interest have been found as of this writing:

Blank Rooms: While these rooms may seem mundane at first, their lack of any distinguishing features make them an anomaly. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all white and have an unnaturally smooth texture. Further, no furniture or other accessories have been found in these rooms. The doors to these rooms are white and have nothing on them. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported a lack of care for those around them and a lack of motivation to pursue their goals. These effects fade when upon leaving the level, meaning that the effects persist within the level even if the room has been left. This holds true for every room of interest within this level.

Viscera Rooms: These rooms have a stomach churning appearance, as the floors are covered in blood, body parts, organs, and bones. Often there are effigies of bone built on the walls that have no discernible meaning and the ceilings have intestines hanging from them like decorations. The doors to these rooms are covered in blood. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported overwhelming anger, often attacking their compatriots or other wanderers. Due to this, these rooms are to be avoided at all costs.

Supply Rooms: These rooms, unlike most of the special rooms within this level, can be a boon for wanderers with the right skills. Within these rooms is a bevy of lockers, chests, safes, and coolers that are all locked. Some of these locks require a key and some require a combination. No key or combination for these locks have ever been found, however these locks have been picked by wanderers who are particularly adept at lockpicking. Of the examples that have been lockpicked, it has been observed that lockers contain weapons of all kinds, including knives, swords, maces, axes, crude explosives, and even the occasional firearm. Chests contain precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, and cobalt, all in either their raw or refined state. Safes contain currency from many Frontrooms countries, sometimes totaling in the millions of USD. The contents of the coolers are the most macabre, that being fresh organs. The organs found in these coolers include livers, pancreases, kidneys, lungs, hearts, and even brains. These organs have always been found fresh and theoretically could be transplanted into a person in need. While all of this sounds quite tempting, one should take pause when attempting to open any of these containers. Rarely, when one of these containers is opened, the door to the room will shut and seal for an undetermined amount of time. The occupants of the room when this has happened have never been seen again. The doors to these rooms are studded with gems and have gold inlay. Those who have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported covetous behavior, stealing things from other wanderers that they deem precious.

Trap Rooms: These rooms take on the appearance of a medieval dungeon littered with traps. Many of these traps are rudimentary, such as swinging logs, pitfalls, poison dart traps, or falling rocks. However, some of these traps can be much more complex despite their surroundings. It is not uncommon to find acid sprayers, mines, flame throwers, gas sprayers, and electrical grids. Worse still, some of these traps are intertwined, meaning disabling one will trigger another. The doors to these rooms are boarded shut and need to be battered down, though doing this is ill-advised due to a trap that is almost always on the other side of the door. Those who have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported deep mistrust of those around them and their environment.

Voyeuristic Rooms: These rooms host a myriad of pictures that depict wanderers in a variety of positions. Some of these pictures seem almost mundane, depicting the wanderer doing an everyday task like walking, sitting down, talking with friends, or eating a meal. But some of them take on a more sinister character, depicting the wanderer asleep or in a state of distress. The wanderers in these photos have been confirmed to be missing, and all of the photos appear to be set in Level 722. Additionally, some of these photos have hearts made of hair surrounding them, making these photos all the more ominous. The doors to these rooms have hearts carved into them. Those who have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported an unhealthy longing for someone around them. Usually this leads to the person following and watching the person of their desire.

Achievement Rooms: These rooms harbor numerous shelves filled with trophies, degrees, and accolades. All of these awards have exceedingly bizarre text, with most having complete gibberish, or an unknown language engraved on them. There have been a few examples of awards that do have discernable text, though they too are quite perplexing. One such example is a trophy that reads, “Level 722, Winner of Best Backrooms Level Competition Circa, The Beginning of Time to The End of Time.'' Another example is a degree that reads, “This degree hereby certifies that Level 722 has graduated from Backrooms University with a doctorate in every subject. Level 722 is the smartest, cleverest, and most charismatic student that this esteemed university has ever had the pleasure of educating”. Though attempts have been made, no “Best Backrooms Level Competition”, or, “Backrooms University'' have been confirmed to exist. The doors to these rooms have accolades pinned to the door. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported an inflated sense of self-worth, usually to an unhealthy degree. A person under this effect will often pontificate on how good they are at anything and everything.

Propaganda Rooms: These rooms are plastered with posters and fliers that express anti-human sentiments. These posters and fliers usually have a caricature of a human and text to give meaning to the image. One such example is a poster that had a worm with a human face crawling out of an apple, with text that reads, “A lowly human worms its way through our majestic home. You wouldn’t want a worm in your apple, would you?” Another example is a flier that was found that had pictures of termites alongside text that read, “Humans are just like termites, they do nothing but destroy for their own self-interest. Humans will eat away at our home, just like the termites eat away the foundation of a house, and like the termites, humans must be gotten rid of by any means necessary. Don’t let our home be eaten alive, expel the pests that threaten our very existence!” The doors to these rooms have yet more slogans, fliers, and posters pinned on them. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have developed a prejudice for those that are not like them. Often those under this effect will try to create an ingroup with people like them and an outgroup to demonize.

Servile Rooms: These rooms are likely the most sinister rooms one can find on this level. They are filled with machines that have various buttons, levers, and switches that have no apparent purpose. Though these machines are seemingly useless, wanderers are a common sight within these rooms. While this may sound inviting, these wanderers seem to be under some sort of control. All wanderers who have been in this room for some time have been observed to unthinkingly work on the machines. Often they pull levers, press buttons, and flip switches to no effect. Trying to talk to these wanderers has proven futile, as they seem to be fearful of speaking with other people, almost as if they were threatened not to do so. Additionally, the corpses of wanderers can be found in these rooms. It is thought that these corpses are from wanderers who have died of dehydration or starvation. The doors to these rooms are emblazoned with a crown. No first hand accounts have been retrieved on the effects of this room on its occupants, however, it is highly likely that it puts one under the coercive control that can be seen in its occupants. For this reason, these rooms are to be avoided at all costs.

Envy Rooms: These rooms often resemble a strange art museum that has paintings, drawings, and statues. These art pieces range wildly in quality and are always accompanied by a plaque that explains the piece to some degree. One of the more ostentatious examples is a painting that was found that is 6-meters (20ft~) lengthwise and 2-meters (7ft~) tall. The painting depicts two men reaching out to each other from opposite ends of the painting, a dark void separating them. The plaque accompanying the painting reads, “They love each other so and yet I get no such love! Why should they get to feel such joy with someone when I get left with nothing! I may still not have what they had, but I did rip it away from them. A Fair Ending.” The most interesting piece ever found was a portrait of a woman holding the very same portrait. The plaque gave insight into the painting and shed light on the room itself reading, “She gets to make beautiful works of art–be a painter, a drawer, a sculptor, a musician, a dancer–but I get no such talents! I will show her, she will not hold a candle to my majestic works after I’ve gotten from her what is rightfully mine. Art’s Inequity.” The doors to these rooms have an engraving of a snake looking upon a lizard. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have reported a need to have something that someone around them has. What one desires can be as simple as an object or as complex as someone’s capabilities.

Sorrow Rooms: These rooms are quite diverse in their appearance but do vaguely resemble bedrooms in the majority of cases. These rooms are dimly lit and the temperature is decidedly colder. Discarded clothes, bottles, and food can be found on the floor. Beds can be found, and are always completely unkempt. The walls of the room are dingy and stained. The most interesting feature of these rooms is their tendency to have missing floors, walls, and ceilings, almost as if the level itself has given up on these rooms. When a wanderer finds one of these missing features they will see a beige void beyond the threshold. Those that have entered this void have never been seen again. The doors to these rooms are disheveled and stained. Those that have spent a prolonged period in these rooms have felt a strong urge to give up. Often they will simply find a bed within the room and not get back up.

Incident 277

Incident 277 was an accident that took place in Level 722 on September 19th, 2023. The incident was recorded when M.E.G. operatives1 were exploring the level. The following is a transcript of the audio log with added text to convey the full incident:

Begin Log
*Audio Begins*
M.E.G. Operative 1: This is __ reporting from Level 722. Our team consists of 4 members including myself. Our current objective is the mapping of Level 722 in order to identify points of safety away from dangerous rooms. We are going to begin, if anything strange happens, I will turn on the audio. Operative __ Out.
*Audio Ends*

*Audio Begins*
M.E.G. Operative 1: Operative __ reporting in. We have been going for a few hours, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred yet. However, two of my compatriots have been feeling unwell. They don’t really want to continue on with the mission. I’ve had to convince them that we had a mission to do and they need to stick to it for everyone’s sake. I don’t know what has gotten into them but they need to step it up.
*Audio Ends*

*Audio Begins*
*The device is fumbled hastily as it is turned on*

M.E.G. Operative 1: Operative __. We have a situation here, some sort of entity popped out of the floor.

*A formless blob-like entity with a vaguely humanoid shape emerged from the floor of the level. This entity was primarily blue with black spots giving the impression of eyes. Faint crying can be heard on the recording, though the present operatives did not report hearing this.*

M.E.G. Operative 2: Get the fuck back! We don’t want to have to hurt you!

*The present operatives reported the following words within their heads, “Please make it stop! Please! It’s so hopeless, so hopeless, so hopeless…*

M.E.G. Operative 3: What the hell was that?

M.E.G. Operative 4: Just stay back… Just stay back!

*The entity proceeded to split in two with a sickening squish, revealing a black heart at its center. The entity continues to approach as the operatives hear in their head, “End it, please, end it…”*

M.E.G. Operative 4: I said stay back!

*The sound of a machete hitting something organic can be heard as Operative 4 strikes the black heart at the entity's center. The present operatives report one last message in their heads, “Thank you…” The entity then dissolved and became one with the floor once more.*

M.E.G. Operative 1: What the—

*The sound of shaking can be heard as a violent quake rocks the level. The present operatives were knocked off their feet due to the quakes. Wanderers present in Level 722 at this time also reported this quake.*

M.E.G. Operative 2: What the hell is going on here?

M.E.G. Operative 1: I don’t know but I think we should abort the mission and get the hell out of here. I’m considering this mission a failure, Operative __ signing off.
*Audio Ends*
End Log

Incident 277 has caused Level 722 to come under more scrutiny. Following the incident, it was observed the rooms of interest known as, “sorrow rooms” have vanished entirely. Where there were once doors to these rooms is an empty beige void. This has led M.E.G. researchers and officials to believe that the level itself is an entity (or entities) of some sort. This theory frames all of the rooms as extensions of this entity, supported by the disappearance of the “sorrow rooms.” Because of this potentially dangerous theory, Level 722 has been deemed unsafe to enter and its only entrance has been put under M.E.G. watch. The only people allowed entrance are trained M.E.G. operatives who attempt to find any wanderers that may have been left behind after the lockdown. Any attempts to enter the level without proper clearance will be met with sanctions under M.E.G. law.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to Incident 277, there are no bases, outposts, or communities in Level 722. Before this incident, M.E.G. Base Pathos was a permanent base set up in more benign rooms and hallways. After Incident 277, Base Pathos was evacuated due to safety concerns.

Entrances and Exits


Level 722 has a single entrance in Level 5. This entrance is a large door that was discovered in 2007, but remained closed until March 15th, 2023. Currently, this entrance is under the watch of M.E.G. operatives and entering it is prohibited under M.E.G. law.


Level 722 has a few exits, but most are inconsistent. The easiest way to exit the level is walking through the large door one entered from, bringing them back to Level 5. One exit is now defunct following Incident 277. Before the incident, one could randomly wake up in Level 827 if they slept in a bed in a “sorrow room.” Due to the disappearance of these rooms, this exit is no longer viable. Another exit is possible within the “servile rooms”, where one can randomly be no-clipped into Level 3 after pulling a lever on one of the machines. This seems to be entirely random, and has no tell for when it is going to occur. Lastly, one can rarely find a painting within “envy rooms” that depicts The Painter with an outstretched hand, as if she is reaching out to help the wanderer. Touching The Painter's hand will no-clip the wanderer into Level 57.

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