Level 714
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Level 714 is the 715th and funkiest level of the Backrooms! It's a large recording studio, founded on 29/06/2000.


Look at this sick graffiti!


Here's some more!


Level 714’s most striking feature is its unique appearance: An underground radio and recording studio that looks like it has cel-shaded graphics, straight out of a video game! It's a shame that it doesn't show up on camera… can you believe the place used to be a train station at some point, too? Talk about a glow-up! It is full of stylish, vibrant colors, funky beats, and graffiti, scattered throughout the studio’s walls, ceiling, and even the floor! Like any other studio, Level 714 is packed full of electronic equipment: Computers, running audio workstations, editing software, and a ton of funky fresh samples, microphones, microphone stands, headphones, studio monitors, speakers, and a never-ending sprawl of cables connecting it all. In short, it's got all you need to make the raddest tracks!
Layout-wise, though, the Level is composed of a waiting room, where you'll enter through. It leads to a long hall with doors on the sides, your way into the recording and editing areas, the real soul of the place! The entrance to the hall even features Future Funk Radio’s logo over it!


The Funky Dealer and some of their fans! Don't ask us which one of them is the Funky Dealer and which are the fans, we don't know either…


An exclusive peek at the Funky Dealer's setup! This is where the magic happens!


Future Funk Radio houses a single entity, the one and only Funky Dealer! It takes the appearance of a humanoid figure wearing vibrant colors, be it on their clothes, nails, makeup, hair, or headphones. Urban fashion, you know? They've got their own style and they're killing it! They're usually recording, editing, or composing the freshest funky beats for all of the Backrooms to listen to through their own radio station, Future Funk Radio! Not all songs broadcast by Future Funk Radio are composed by The Funky Dealer, but you can be sure they'll rock your day!

The Funky Dealer’s songs serve a double purpose, though. Hidden in the lyrics sampled in the upbeat electro-funk songs lies a prophecy, a little prediction of the future. Deciphering these messages is often a little tricky, and more often than not, the messages are of little relevance. Rap songs have more detailed, easy-to-decipher messages. They're more about the lyrics and less about the beat, so it makes sense, right?

The Funky Dealer is friendly. Just don't make too much noise, okay? You'll get kicked out… but you'll still allowed to return! The Funky Dealer will reward the people who respect them and their work with a song specifically written for them. Isn't that sick?

Up next, a written transcription of an interview conducted by M.E.G. operative and friend of the show, Faith Silversong, broadcast on Future Funk Radio!

Bases, Communities and Outposts:

There are no Bases, Communities or Outposts in this Level, but don't let that scare you away from visiting! The Funky Dealer loves to meet their fans!

Entrances and Exits:


To enter Level 714, tune in to Future Funk Radio and lose yourself to the beat!


Exiting through the doors at the end of Level 714 will take you back to the level you entered from!

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