Level 713 - "Things Happening Elsewhere"
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An isolated road in Level 713.

Level 713 is a large, possibly infinite, outdoor environment that has a multitude of roads, rails, canals, and other types of pathways designed to carry different modes of transportation. All of these types of paths are built within lush forests or plains, and appear abandoned to the point where these biomes have begun to grow over them. Many roads are filled with potholes and cracks, usually with grass, flowers, or trees sprouting through them.1. The same is also true for the level's railways and canals, which appear incredibly overgrown.

Pathways rarely have tunnels or bridges,2 and the vegetation obscures the greys and browns of the tarmac and rails. As such, many people find themselves traversing Level 713 without the usage of these paths for hours on end, especially for people who arrive in this level not on a pathway.


A small row of abandoned homes.


One singular home with many signs of former habitation.

Whilst Level 713's pathways do not stick out, the buildings dotted around its landscape are usually more noticeable. The buildings rarely clump together to resemble towns or cities, and are usually isolated like small hamlets. Regardless of a building's function—which can be anything from a home, shop, government location, train/bus station, or park—each is always in some state of disrepair. Even though the physical damage varies depending on the geography, all buildings showcase decades of abandonment such as a lack of electricity and water, rotted wood and furniture, vegetation overgrowth, and sometimes some physical destruction or graffiti on the property.

Although sometimes hard to discover due to degredatation, each building will usually have frequent markers of being "lived in". Many homes have written-in diaries and calendars, sentimental heirlooms, or even objects or rooms tied to religion. These items usually match the type of building they're in, and are in sufficient enough quantity to make the houses appear authentically lived-in. These small details have even had certain commonalities between two locations, such as spotting identical handwriting on papers between two close together buildings.


An abandoned building along a completely overgrown canal.


An old locomotive and neighbouring coaches.

The same is true for the level's other abandoned forms of transit, as the level's rail network and canals frequently have abandoned structures that possess the same features as the ones above. For railway lines, individuals may frequently find signal boxes, yards, stations, or level crossings. For those travelling besides overgrown or drained canals may witness locks, factories, mills, docks, or lines of abandoned boats. These landmarks often intersect with other types of pathways, which contain factories, docks, and level crossings.

However, all of the small and personalised objects in Level 713 are at liberty to move around when not witnessed for long periods of time. Whilst objects may also be moved by previous wanderers, it appears as though any object can move on its own when not being viewed. Any object that moves seemingly on its own will blend into the erosion around it after it's moved.3 Although this effect hasn't been witnessed by the naked eye, moving any object and returning days later also causes objects to be coated in erosion.

Within Level 713, it is seemingly impossible to actually encounter another individual. As such, the level either has an isolation effect similar to Level 0, or is vast enough to spread out its inhabitants across large distances for them to never meet. Due to a lack of information on Level 713, either hypothesis is equally correct. As the level experiences no day/night cycle or weather, only experiencing occasional shedding of leaves akin to autumn, it leaves the entire level feeling extremely static, and causes locations to seem repetitive.


An overgrown car by the roadside, only found after hearing an engine along an empty road.


One of Level 713's homes that briefly had a working fireplace and light.

While exploring Level 713, certain random sounds and visuals may occur nearby to ones location. Many report hearing distant sounds of car engines, walking, commuting, or other such active sounds that would come from lively cities. Supposedly, it is also possible to see things such as moving cars, lights, or chimney smoke in the extremely far away distance. However, these anomalies disappear upon getting even slightly close to them, calling into question the legitimacy of these claims.

Any sounds will usually originate from a nearby landmark, usually when something within or nearby it has changed. Most frequently, this comes in the form of new vehicles along the road being signalled by the sound of an engine, or a distant light being on in a building indicating its furniture has moved. However, being able to actually see and hear these events is rare, and are not always a signal that something has changed.4 Though there have been numerous attempts to see/hear these cues up close, none have succeeded, and as such people have been left to simply theorise about what they may be.

Whilst it is possible that these cues (which are linked to changes in the environment of the level) are completely random, there are other potential theories to give their existence more explanation. One such hypothesis is the idea that the level is, in actuality, inhabited by possibly thousands of entities. Although it is obviously without direct evidence, the constantly moving furniture and noises are one of the main pointers to their existence, and at this current time is their sole pointer.


The end of an abandoned train in Level 713, one which was not present when the train tracks were first found.


An overgrown train station that was emanating the sound of a diesel engine.

This possible theory is compounded with the idea that the decayed look for the entire level is a kind of natural camouflage for whatever entities inhabit it. Similar in concept to Quantum Zeno Effect, it is possible that any part of the level not being observed by the naked eye exists in either a normal and non destroyed state, only switching to its abandoned condition when seen. Why it would do this, or what would even happen to the entities, has no concrete theory. Assuming that this hypothesis is correct however, it seems impossible to "trick" the level into not performing its effect besides the aforementioned edge cases.

Because of this possibility, it is impossible to do any more investigation on this specific hypothesis. Should this be true, then it is entirely possible that the entities could have hostile intentions, or may kill humans for whatever reasons they see fit. Whilst unlikely given that the entire environment is under constant camouflage,5 the assumption at least persists for the sake of people's safety.

Various theories have come and gone about what could inhabit Level 713. However, it is equally possible that none of the theories are correct, and that entities do not inhabit Level 713 at all. As there is such little actual data to go off of with how the level's effects actually operate, it is possible that researchers are simply seeing patterns where there are not. Certain other hypothesis posit that it could be a glitching Liminal Echo, a rapid and looping level evolution, or even some kind of manipulation by just one entity instead of a civilisation of them.

The topic of if Level 713 is inhabited or not has divided research teams from many groups, even between those who have gone to Level 713 itself. Some who have gone to Level 713 are positive of it being inhabited by an entire civilisation, whilst others tend to be more skeptical or even prefer the alternate theories. Some people who are incredibly skeptical of any theory have even proposed the possibility that all could be true, proposing a kind of Schrödinger's Cat or quantum superposition-like effect with the levels properties.

Entrances And Exits



A boarded up building which leads to Level 943.


A small and isolated skyscraper which leads to Level 990.

Level 713 is primarily accessible Level 11, and Level 29 via entering abandoned structures. Within Level 11, any townhouses along main roads that appear abandoned will lead to Level 713 if entered, as well as any abandoned buildings that exist within large parks. Similarly, any abandoned structures beyond Hyperia's forest barrier can be used to enter Level 713.

Alternatively, one can utilise either Level 32, or Level 39, both of which have a very similar method of exit. In Level 32, it is possible no-clip through any trees that lack any hanging skeletons to enter Level 713, and similarly in Level 39 one can no-clip through any moss-covered trees in Level 39's border for the same result.


Leaving Level 713 is a somewhat easy task, only made difficult by the large distances needed to travel between entrances and exits. One of the most notable exits are ones to Level 901, and Level 997, which can be utilised by either entering a greyscaled building or noclipping through a blossoming cherry tree respectively. Alternatively, either entering a boarded up structure will go to Level 943, and finding any extremely urban structures6 will go to Level 990.

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