Level 712
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Class 2

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Existence of Jerry-like Entities



The woodier hillside.

Level 712 is a weald perpetually shrouded in mist. The land consists entirely of a flat cone-shaped hill that is 50 to 100 meters in height with a gentle slope. The main vegetation of the weald is common grass and lone, dried-out trees that lack any fallen leaves around them.

This level is finite, but the exact size is difficult to measure due to its spatial properties. Wanderers who enter this level will randomly appear on one side of the hill, and if they try to move away from the hilltop, they will eventually appear on the other side.

When wanderers reach the hilltop, they may find an exit door. Sometimes, this door will appear in a sea of sunflowers where wanderers may find Richard. Whether wanderers can enter the sea of sunflowers seems to vary from person to person; some wanderers can easily enter, while others cannot, and the reason for this difference is unknown. When a wanderer leaves the sea of sunflowers, it will disappear until they enter the level again.

There are many avian entities in this level, including some found in other levels, but the most common entities are the unique parrot-like entities who usually appear alone. Wanderers may find one of these parrots in a tree as they make their way towards the hilltop.

It is strongly recommended that wanderers not make physical contact with any parrot-like entity, since they have been proven to have the same indoctrination abilities as Jerry, and getting too close to them will make wanderers a follower of them. After becoming a follower, wanderers will act like a member of the Followers of Jerry, whose actions include fanatic worship, spreading the word of their beliefs, trying to attract new members, and fighting with other Parrot Follower members (including the Followers of Jerry).




A picture taken by a wanderer before indoctrinated.

William is one of the most common entities in this level; he resembles a blue and yellow macaw parrot.

When wanderers approach, William will stare at them sideways; when wanderers get close enough, William will raise his chest and open his wings, seemingly accepting their worship; and when wanderers try to touch him, they will be reduced to followers of him instantly.

Unlike Jerry and other entities in this level, William will stay on the shoulders of the chosen wanderer after the indoctrination. The wanderer will protect him recklessly and prevent other wanderers from getting near, which causes him to only have one follower at a time. The follower will likely die soon after being indoctrinated in a blind attempt to protect William from something too strong for the wanderer to handle. The follower is not able to assess the risks due to a reduction of cognitive ability that comes with the indoctrination process.

William can be tamed using sunflower seeds or Almond Water, and after that, he will make sounds to warn the follower when they're in danger. After one or two days, he will return to Level 712. It is reported that William will leave the level with the follower, but if the wanderer enters an indoor level, William will return to Level 712.



A sulphur-crested cockatoo parrot in the Frontrooms, not Beth.

Beth, whose appearance resembles the sulphur-crested cockatoo parrot, is considered to be the most dangerous entity in this level.

As per the existing reports, Beth is usually found flying around or sitting on a tree. Some speculate that Beth follows wanderers until they come across a tree, at which point she will land on the tree and attract the wanderers' attention, but this is unconfirmed due to the mist potentially hindering wanderers' vision.

After being indoctrinated by Beth, wanderers will become her "food bank", and when Beth feels hungry, her followers will be willing to become her food and be pecked to death, leaving only a skeleton. If Beth feels hungry when there are no followers, she will forcibly indoctrinate and attack any wanderers nearby.



Green in Level 712.

Green is a green parrot-like entity with a light green head and bright red beak.

Green is the rarest parrot-like entity in this level, which may be because she likes to follow her followers to explore other levels and only occasionally returns to Level 712 for rest.

Green does not show any danger to date, and she does not indoctrinate wanderers by force. Wanderers will only be indoctrinated when they hold Green in their arms. According to her followers, following Green gives them the ability to freely no-clip between most levels, and Green will help followers in danger no-clip into safe levels. These claims have not been confirmed and may be attempts to get others to follow Green. The Followers of Green are rare, and Green herself hardly appears, so the M.E.G. cannot conduct further investigations.

Wanderers are discouraged from choosing to be indoctrinated by Green.




Tom is a young, parrot-like entity with an orange body, bright red face, and green wings.

All the wanderers who have seen Tom will love him spontaneously and claim they have never seen such a lovely creature. When a wanderer approaches Tom, he will put his cheek on the wanderer's face and make "chirp" sounds just like most baby birds, making the wanderer feel great satisfaction. If the wanderer feels and accepts this kind of satisfaction, they will be indoctrinated by Tom.

The indoctrinated will regard Tom as their child and will take care of and protect him at all costs. Unlike the followers of William, this will not lead to the decline of the followers' cognitive ability to danger, but Tom has a ravenous appetite and is always hungry, so his followers will be endlessly on the run in order to feed him. Followers will therefore be indifferent to any friends or family, and will even sometimes rob others for food and Almond Water. Most followers of Tom will fall into the "Wretched Cycle" due to hunger, water shortage and long-term isolation.

It is reported that Tom is not unique, and at most three instances of Tom have been observed at the same time.

Interestingly, although most parrots maintain hostile relationships with other parrots and their followers, Tom seems to particularly hate Jerry. If followers of Jerry approach Tom, he will show extreme aggression and persistently peck their heads, which will eventually cause the followers to flee or die from his attack, and the bodies of the wanderers will usually be eaten by Beth.




Richard is an owl that has brown wings, a brown head, and a white face and belly. He is only found in the sea of sunflowers on the hilltop.

Richard will not indoctrinate wanderers; instead, he can eliminate their beliefs (including beliefs in Jerry) and give them the ability to avoid indoctrination as long as they provide Almond Water or sunflower seeds for him. After wanderers accept his help, Richard and the sea of sunflowers will disappear, leaving an exit door in their wake.

The M.E.G. has made repeated attempts to bring the Followers of Jerry and other parrots to Richard and in an effort to eliminate their beliefs, but all attempts have failed. This is partly because of the uncertainty of encountering Richard and the strong resistance of the followers, but the main reason is that Richard seems to only be willing to help wanderers who seek purification of their own volition.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities in this level. The Followers of Parrots will usually be led to leave the level by going through the door at the hilltop after being indoctrinated.

Entrances and Exits


  • By sleeping in a foggy level, one has a small chance to wake up in Level 712.
  • Find a distant hill in Level 9 and walk towards it. If the night turns into day and mist rises, one will enter Level 712.
  • Walking towards a place with scarce trees and buildings in Level 186 has a chance to lead to Level 712.


  • Opening the door on the hilltop will lead to a random outdoor level.
  • Praising Jerry in front of other parrots will give an audience with Jerry, wherever they may be.
  • No-clipping into the ground in the mist will lead to the entrance of Jerry's Room.
  • Moving away from the woodier hillside will lead to Level 192.

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