Level 711
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Class 4E - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Possible Entity Presence
  • Anomalous Weather Events

An example of a shipwreck found in Level 711


Level 711 consists of an expansive archipelago of islands situated in a shallow tropical sea. The level is of an as-yet undetermined size, as any and all wanderers who have traveled over 200 km from the center of Level 711 have failed to return. There are an estimated 15,000 islands comprising the archipelago, ranging from 50 m2 to 3 km2 in size. The largest documented island is roughly 1.5 x 2 km, with a peak of approximately 250m above sea level. The majority of these islands are relatively flat and sandy, with some beach grasses and other varieties of vegetation. The largest islands are typically found close to the center of the level. These larger islands are much taller and rockier, with high cliffs, sandy coves, and lush forests of palm trees. Many also have extensive cave networks that permeate the whole island. The rock that comprises these islands appears to be an unusually erosion-resistant form of sandstone. On occasion, small, intact rowboats or motorized launches can be found on the shores, and are by far the safest means to travel between islands.

The seas of Level 711 are extremely clear and calm in normal conditions, with visibility up to 40m from the surface. The bottom is sandy and flat, with occasional rocks dotting the seafloor. The average depth is around 15m, while the deepest documented points reach up to 90m. The only known anomalous property of the water itself is that it cannot be boiled into fresh water. The only life found in the water is occasional groves of a dark-colored, stringy kelp native to the level. While inedible, it can be sun-dried and turned into a very strong natural fiber.

The palm trees found on Level 711 are easily recognizable by their yellow fruit, lime green leaves, and extremely durable, iron-rich bark. They grow to an average of 5–10m, with the largest reaching a height of over 20m. The fruits of these trees are the only natural source of food in Level 711. The fruit are roughly the size of a small watermelon, with a similar shape. The outer shell is hard, but very brittle and can be easily broken with a sharp blow from a fist. The inside consists of a white pulp, which is edible straight from the fruit. It is reported to have a slightly tangy taste, similar to an orange, but only provides a mediocre amount of nutrition; one whole fruit will satiate hunger for an average of six hours.

The most noticeable feature of the level is the vast number of wrecked planes and ships that dot the islands. These ships come from many different time periods, ranging from as early as the 15th century to modern day. These wrecks are the best source of resources to be found on this level, as they contain large amounts of almond water, scrap metal, firesalt, and, in very rare cases, royal rations. Intact fuel tanks contain pyroil, making Level 711 a great source of the substance.

Extreme caution is advised when entering and navigating wrecks, as an estimated one in three are what are known as trap wrecks. They appear identical to any other ship or plane, with no discernable physical differences. Unusual events begin to occur once a wanderer has entered the wreck. Upon entering a trap wreck, distant, faint whispers can be heard, gradually growing closer and louder. As these voices grow in volume, so too does the wanderer's sense of fear and paranoia. Shadowy, humanoid figures will begin to appear at the edges of their peripheral vision, always vanishing upon direct observation. These figures, known as Wreck Haunters, are also believed to be the source of the voices. It is unknown whether they are a type of entity or an effect of the level itself. What is known is that by the time these Wreck Haunters begin to appear, it is often too late. Soon after their manifestation, hallways and decks will begin to twist and blend together in non-euclidian ways, and distant, maniacal laughter can be heard. 20-30 seconds after these changes begin, the entire structure will collapse violently, crushing anyone inside. From an external view, no abnormalities can be detected until the vessel collapses. After collapse, the vessel will slowly begin to reform itself over the course of 12-36 hours. Once fully rebuilt, the wreck will briefly be safe to enter and explore. The body of the person who was inside will have vanished. Whether they were killed by the collapse or forcibly no-clipped to a currently undiscovered location is unknown. The easiest way to avoid trap wrecks is to immediately exit if voices are heard. No collapse will occur if the wanderer exits before the wreck begins to shift.


As mentioned above, while they are currently unconfirmed, Wreck Haunters are the only potential entities encountered on Level 711.


The biggest dangers in Level 711 are the anomalous weather events. Storms are prevalent, covering the level in dark thunderclouds for roughly 4 out of every 7 in-level days. A storm will be foreshadowed by dark clouds beginning to form around the islands farthest from the center of the level. After the first sign of clouds, there will be a time window of approximately 12 hours before the storm covers the entire level. Upon full coverage, the storm will intensify to full force over the course of 1 hour. This is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane. These conditions will persist for 12-48 hours on average, though storms spanning nearly 5 days are not unheard of. The end of a storm is signified by a gradual lessening of conditions over the course of 2 hours. These storms are characterized by extremely high winds, dark skies, torrential rain, and heavy lightning. The rain is saltwater, making it unsuitable for drinking.

Lightning is the most significant threat, as it will actively target any wanderers that are outside during the storm. They will be prioritized as a target for the lightning over any other object, regardless of height or composition. The chances of surviving a strike are incredibly low, and even if the first bolt is survived, secondary strikes are not unheard of. The safest place during a storm is inside one of the caves on the large islands, as the lightning cannot travel through the rocks. Hiding inside a wreck (particularly metal vessels) or in a grove of palm trees are both ill-advised, as both are conductive, and the lightning can and will travel through them to reach a wanderer. After the storm dissipates, blue bottles of lightning can sometimes be found across the beaches, which can be taken by the wanderer.

In addition to the storms, any person who tries to swim between islands has a chance to be caught in a powerful whirlpool and sucked down into the depths. This phenomenon has only been documented in water over 30m deep, and at least 75m from the nearest shore. It also does not affect vessels of any kind, so using a seaworthy craft to travel between islands is highly recommended. There are no known survivors of these maelstroms.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located at the highest point of the largest island in the center of Level 711. It is accessible via a dirt path that originates at a beach on the southwest side of the island and winds its way upwards towards the top. The lighthouse itself is situated in the center of a 40 meter wide circular clearing above the cliffs on the northern edge of the island. The structure is approximately 30m in height and 10m in diameter, and is constructed from large blocks of a dark grey stone that does not appear to be native to Level 711, and whose origin is unknown. A reinforced wooden door at the base allows access to the interior, which is empty except for a black metal spiral staircase that leads to the top of the lighthouse. The stone tower is surmounted by a platform and dome made of oxidized copper, with an octagonal glass room in the center. In the center of this room is the lighthouse lantern, consisting of a spherical copper coil encased in a glass bell, a large glass lens in a brass casing, and a copper rod extending into the dome of the lighthouse. During storms, the metal spire draws nearby lightning strikes, sending the electricity into the copper coil, forming a contained instance of ball lightning. The light emitted by this ball lightning is focused through the lens, forming a beam of light powerful enough to be seen over 100 km away. However, even at those distances, it is powerful enough to cause third-degree burns almost instantly, and can kill in seconds if not avoided. However, the beam has no effect in terms of heating water, land, or wrecks. Despite the danger the beam poses, the clearing immediately around the lighthouse is quite safe, as it is the only place in Level 711 where lightning will not actively seek the wanderer out, instead striking the top of the tower. The light mechanism will complete a full rotation every twelve hours and has not been observed to dim or lose power during large gaps between storms.

Notable Wrecks


18th century ship-of-the-line, 53m in length, located 25 km west-southwest of The Lighthouse. Beached on a small island, easily accessible from land. Contains large amounts of firesalt in barrels near its guns.


300m bulk cargo container ship, half submerged 15 km southwest of The Lighthouse. The stern section is underwater, but the bow half is accessible from the water. Contains large amounts of almond water, medical supplies, tools, and building materials, making it one of the most resource-rich locations in Level 711. One of the most stable and resource-rich ships in the level.


17th century galleon, 64m in length, 10 km south-southeast of The Lighthouse. Rests on a shallow sandbar between two small islands, easily recognizable by its flag, a black archraven on a red background, which flies from the mainmast. Avoiding this particular ship is highly recommended, as it is a known trap ship with an unusually short trigger time.


Modern-day battleship, 260m in length, 50 km northeast of The Lighthouse. Lays on its port side on the west edge of a flat, sandy island. The forward magazine is a good source of firesalt and pyroil, while the galley located amidships contains almond water and other consumables.

Abandoned camps

Numerous small encampments and storerooms have been found throughout the level, but they have all been abandoned, their inhabitants having either found a way to escape the level or, more likely, fallen victim to its many perils.

Entrances And Exits


  • Losing consciousness underwater on Level 7 or Level 97 has a chance to bring a wanderer to Level 711.
  • Falling off of the docks in Level 103 also has a chance to bring a wanderer to this level.
  • While unconfirmed, no fewer than six wanderers have claimed to have no-clipped directly into Level 711 from the region of The Frontrooms known as the Bermuda Triangle.


  • Wandering deep into one of the caves on a large island can transport a wanderer to Level 8.
  • Finding any small, single-engine plane and sitting in the pilot's seat has a low chance of teleporting a wanderer to Level 817.
  • No-clipping through a section of unusually waterlogged wooden planks in a shipwreck will bring a wanderer to Level 180.

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