Level 70
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Class 1

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Picture illustrating one of Level 70's storage rooms.


Picture illustrating one of Level 70's hallways. Photographer's identity and fate is unknown.

Level 70 is the 71st Level of the Backrooms.

Level 70 is a large depot-like environment with hallways in between rooms.


Level 70 is a large depot-like area with hallways and large depot rooms in between hallways. Its air smells of dust and its walls have storage containers in the walls and concrete between the units. The containers are labeled from 0-999. The hallways of Level 70 have concrete floors and walls, and have a dusty smell in the air. Many containers can be used as hiding places to hide from entities and can contain items from the opener's past, such as an old game console or stuffed animals/dolls. Interacting with these items have proved to be deadly and may injure or kill the user, and can be identified as a "Nostalgia Trap." These are located in containers across the entire level.


There are few entities in Level 70, but the ones that are there usually consist of Dullers and Skin-Stealers, but they usually only patrol in the halls. The only entities found in the storage rooms are Deathmoths.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Nostalgia Traps:

Nostalgia Traps are items that are an important or memorable part of somebody's childhood or past memories that will usually call out to their victims using auditory cues, i.e. the ticking of a clock, a console startup noise, or the playing of a mix tape. When interacted with, it can be damaging to humans, but not entities. It gains the name "Nostalgia Trap" from its ability to lure humans in with warm and loving memories and then injure/kill its victim. It is unknown if the beings are sentient or not.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 70 can be accessed only by finding a big door on Level 2 with "70" Marked on it.


Level 70 can be exited by opening a storage unit. There is a very low chance that opening that unit will transport the opener to the level with the corresponding number. Storage units that have a number that is an unexplored level will have no chance at all of entering a level. Level 70 can also be exited through a blue door at the end of the warehouse room's hall leading to Level 71, but is highly not recommended.

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