Level 7.9
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An image looking out to the "surface" of Level 7.9.

Level 7.9 is the 9th Sub-Level of Level 7. It is comprised of various underground cave structures constructed out of wood.


Level 7.9 is a complex series of narrow caves. The cave walls are entirely made out of a pale, brown wood, with all surfaces being covered in bark. The tunnels twist and form in various shapes and patterns, going down to a maximum recorded depth of 430 meters. When at the top layers of Level 7.9, one can discover holes to the "surface" in the ceilings. Above the caves, one can find Level 7.9's forests. Notably, these trees themselves grow from the wood that makes up this Level's caves, and no flora or fauna is present within.

The wood of Level 7.9 is easily breakable and makes good building materials, having whole areas dug out by previous explorers as a means of shelter. Due to the trees on the top of Level 7.9, this Level is filled with oxygen. Certain areas of the upper caves become too dense of oxygen for human survival. It is because of this that even the slightest fire or spark may ignite Level 7.9's wood, potentially incinerating sections of Level 7.9. While incidents like this have occurred, the fires are quickly quelled and covered by this Level's entity, the Moss.

The "surface" of Level 7.9 has and can only be explored by drones or means that do not use people. Through this research, it has been concluded that the "sky" in Level 7.9 is actually a large white box that covers the Level. Because of this, all the oxygen gets trapped within this box. Causing the high levels of oxygen.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Level 7.9 residents

The Level 7.9 residents is a blanket term for anyone who lives inside of this Level. They'll usually be migrators/ those trying to flee Level 8, although some also come from Level 135.

B.N.T.G. (Backrooms National Trade Group) Recourse Centre:

The B.N.T.G.'s Recourse Centre resides near an entrance to Level 8. They get protective aid from The M.E.G. in return for collecting and distributing wood. This wood being used in outpost building and general trading. Currently, the base has approximately 30 members, with 22 of those members being excavators.

Moss Entity

While this Sub-Level possesses none of the more commonly found entities, Level 7.9 is home to the Moss Entity. The Moss of Level 7.9 is a possibly sentient collection of thick moss. From experiments and eye-witness accounts, the moss is non-hostile. The moss was initially considered to be regular moss. However, it displays two anomalous properties that separates the Moss from its non-anomalous counterpart.

Firstly, the moss of Level 7.9 is entirely fire resistant, being able to protect and shield areas that have caught ablaze. Secondly, once the fire has either been intentionally quelled or has naturally died down, the Moss will begin to grow over the charred remains. Giving explorers the chance to walk across the Level. It's also known that during this covered state, the wood will start to heal and regrow out of the ashes.

It is also believed that the Moss survives via cellular respiration, thus creating the CO2 for the trees on the higher levels to thrive off of.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 7.9 can be accessed by finding a trapdoor in the floors of Level 7.8, as well as by entering a tree stump inside of Level 135. Finally, Level 7.9 can be accessed by finding holes in the carpet of Level 7. Ripping up these holes more grants access to this Level.


Occasionally, one may find a wooden door inside of Level 7.9. Entering this door brings one to either Level 427 or Level 28. Some wanderers have reported going through undocumented sections of Level 7.9 to reach Level 8.

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