Level 7.7

The Forsaken Debris

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The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.


Class 5e‎‎‎ᅠ―ᅠ‎‎‎Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-entity hazards

― Description ―


The only known picture of the Rock and the Lighthouse in Level 7.7.

Level 7.7’s main feature is its grand, large rock located at one point of a vast and calm ocean. At the top of the natural formation, under an empty sky, there lies a desolate building.

This building resembles a lighthouse. And no matter where one points their view at, there is no trace of any living forms.

The four core components of the level ― a skyscraping rock, a seemingly out of place lighthouse, a nearly infinite mass of water and the grayish sky above it all‎ each present abnormal properties that in some cases even bend the frontiers of normal reality.

In order to analyse them in detail, the following categorization has been made.

Main Elements

This enormous boulder is the most noticeable structure in all of Level 7.7. For simplicity, it has been named “Geolith”. The Rock is similar to rocky formations within the Frontrooms save for an unusually high thermal conductivity and an immunity to any erosion caused by exposure to the Ocean.

The air surrounding its surface is constantly moist. Considering this, and the overall inconvenient shape of the Geolith, it is highly unrecommended for wanderers to attempt to descend it bare-handed, as the risk of an abrupt fall is almost certain.

On a separate note, the Geolith’s proportions have been obtained by rigorously analysing recovered imagery. The Lighthouse is located 47 metres (154 feet) above the Ocean’s surface. However, the Rock is not floating, but fixed to the bottom of the level. Therefore, its total height is estimated to be far greater.

Its width is, comparatively, notoriously small. The area a wanderer can walk without falling off is narrow, even if not uniform due to the varying configuration of every spot.

MP3 File ― 3/25/2020

Level Nature

Level 7.7’s natural traits are especially arduous to document and assort.

In its place, the following audio log contains a conversation between three researchers from
The M.E.G. ― Sally, Matt and Carl ― in which the level nature is heavily discussed.

Audio Log ― 7/17/2020

― Entities ―

Level 7.7 is completely devoid of life. Therefore, no entities can be found. A plausible explanation for the exclusion of any life forms except for humans from its domains is yet to be discovered.

― Bases, Outposts and Communities ―

The nature of the level makes human settling non-viable. There is a total impossibility for any kind of bases or outposts to be properly settled . And since Level 7.7 is entirely devoid of life, no communities can be found either.

― Discovery ―

Near the end of 2018, unprecedented anomalies began appearing on The M.E.G.’s database regarding Level 7. These included incoherent information and corruption of already pre-established patterns, such as a higher no-clip rate of wanderers traversing it.

Upon witnessing said anomalies, The M.E.G.’s head staff commanded the research team to initiate further investigation.

Ultimately, monthly expeditions to Level 7 began being conducted from May 2019 onwards, which bore close to no results, until the 26th of March, 2020. Said day, the first known survivor of Level 7.7, Samantha Chris, was spotted desperately swimming through the ocean of Level 7, and was safely rescued, along with an MP3 device as her only possession. She then received urgent medical treatment, as her status was critical.


The pressure valve, whose existence was reported right after the treatment.

The subject provided detailed information about the level and unsuccessful expeditions in seek of the newly named “Level 7.7” continued, until the 14th of July, 2020. This day, in the middle of the expedition, the crew was momentarily blinded without previous warning, before realising that a member of the team, Bob Alley, had gone missing, and that a part of his belongings had dropped to the floor on the spot, among which were objects to facilitate movility, such as harnesses and ropes; and varied provisions for sustainability.

Since then, no more expeditions to Level 7 have been conducted.

The 7th of January, 2022, a team of wanderers, unaffiliated with The M.E.G. at the time, rescued the second known escapee of Level 7.7, Jeff Norweil, amidst their independent exploration through Level 7. Thirteen days later, the subject was put under The M.E.G.’s protection.

Additional data of the level was obtained from the recovered imagery from a camera he was carrying in his pocket, and the content of his formal report.

Report ― 1/22/2022

― Entrances and Exits ―


  • While crossing a sailor styled door, or a door in a marine navigation themed room through the entirety of the Backrooms, there is a slim possibility of no-clipping to the entrance of the Lighthouse in this level.
  • By wandering far enough through the ocean of Level 7, there is a slight chance of witnessing a blinding light on the heights above the distant horizon. Once it disappears, one will be situated in front of this level’s Lighthouse.2


  • The only known way of exiting Level 7.7 is by continuously swimming through the Ocean for several hours in an undetermined direction once the giant rock has completely vanished from sight.3

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