Level 699

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I've tried my best, but this is it. I've tried, and tried, and tried. I don't feel my hands and feet anymore; I'm too scared to even look at them now. Last time I checked they looked like ice. Am I hallucinating? Am I insane? Is this truly real? No, it isn't; this never was.
I just don't know, it's been so long. White, white, and white again. Nothing more. I've forgotten so many things; I don't even know how I ended here anymore. I can't stand seeing anymore white, but wherever I go it's there. I'd bang my head against a wall for it to disappear, anything really.
The silence. This silence is deafening. Hearing a hound's howl used to be the most terrifying thing I could ever experience. Hearing it now? I'd be going around looking for it. Just seeing anything would make my day.
To anyone who might read this, I wish you luck. Luck in finding an exit and luck in not being slowly frozen to death.

Is it death's grace that's giving me this warmth? Or will I make it?

—An unidentified wanderer's journal


Class 5e - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-Entity Hazards

City Number 1978, a common start point.

Level 699 is a presumedly infinitely repeating urban area that resembles a Soviet Siberian metropolis from the late 1970s. These areas are almost always similar, barring the change in numbers on some buildings.


Level 699 is permanently frozen, with temperatures never reaching higher than -2°C, or 28.4° F. The weather is often cloudy with a thick fog, although blizzards are also a common occurence. These storms are powerful enough to ravage interiors, thus forcing wanderers to improve their shelters.


I would be lying if I said I preferred burning on that level. It's cold, yes, but I can make it until I find an exit. The weather isn't great; it often snows or it's foggy. However, even if it isn't foggy, all I see are white deserts and abandoned buildings.

It's kind of disorientating.

Level 699 only allows wanderers to enter alone, but even if other wanderers are present, interacting with them is extremely difficult, given the level's presumed limitless nature. The same city with the same structures will be found no matter what direction is travelled. It has been observed that the distances differ while attempting to leave these cities. As a result, some routes may just require a few kilometers to reach a city, but others may require hundreds of kilometers.


Honestly, I'm starting to lose track of time. I've been moving city to city, walking kilometers upon kilometers. Where is everybody? I can't be all alone here, right? Surely there is someone here, even something else non-human. This can't be all that is here.
[…]For the past few weeks, I think, I've been going solely in one direction. Guess what? Snow. As far as the eye can see, snow and the harrowing image of these commie flats. Just that, every single day.

I don't know where to go anymore.

The buildings on the level frequently appear deserted and to be constantly falling apart. As interiors often appear totally blanketed in snow, snowstorms have greatly damaged many structures. Despite this, wanderers can frequently find shelter in these structures and bolster their location with the goods that are dispersed.


Whenever I enter these buildings, it feels like I'm right in the middle of a ghost town. Abandoned and probably about to break down. Do I have an option? No, I'd rather die under some rubble than standing in the cold or seeing anymore of this damn snow. At least here it's not entirely white.

Oh, wait, nevermind! Some rooms are literally filled with snow. How lucky of me.

It is frequently stated that Level 699 exhibits numerous traces of human activity. These can be anything from campfires that are still burning, to graffiti on the walls that point to temporary shelters. Claims of distant city lights have also surfaced, despite the fact that this level is devoid of electricity.


I might be paranoid, but I hear people talking. Am I hallucinating? I don't know, but I am sure of what I'm hearing. More importantly, I keep finding these graffiti pointing towards… nowhere? Most of the time, sometimes they do point me towards some shelters. Now, why are there campfires still burning or beds that look like recently used? Am I missing something? Where in the world is everybody, then? Hello? Maybe they're around the corner? Maybe this is why I keep hearing people talking nearby? But then I look and find nothing, just good old snow. How lovely.

Sometimes it feels as if I am chasing ghosts.


Level 699 is devoid of any entities, barring the Frost Virus. Individuals afflicted with frostbite will become infected by the virus, which slowly turns their flesh into ice. The process can be stopped with proper heating, although affected limbs can not be saved. The virus seems to only function within Level 699, and outside the level it will remain stagnant. Despite this fact, limbs affected by the virus will still be made out of ice.


I might be going insane, but my fingers look like they're made of ice now. I can still move them, I can still write, but I can literally see my bone through flesh, if I even can call it that now. It's progressively getting colder now, and more white. Yes, white.
White white white white white white white.


Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities on this level.


Someone, anyone, where are you all? I see you, I hear you, come out already.

Help me out. I don't know how long will I last.

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding a door made out of ice on Level 440 will bring the wanderer here.
  • An ice door might also appear on Level 368, going through said door will also bring the wanderer here.


  • Finding City Number 420 and entering the marked building will teleport the wanderer to Level 420.

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