Level 696
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Class 1

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Picture of a balcony on the first floor.


the negative floors of Level 696


An empty room of Level 696


A photo of floor 9


A deeper negative floor of Level 696

Level 696 is the 697th Level of the Backrooms, it was discovered on 2/2/2002. It takes the appearance of an abandoned building made out of light gray concrete.


This level takes the appearance of an abandoned building that is made out of light gray concrete. Occasionally, you may find brown stains on the walls, this is because the building is old, and it has started to decay. When you look at the outside from the balcony, you cannot see the sky, you can only see buildings. All buildings look the same. The buildings are infinite in height, and have infinite basement floors, sub-floors, letter floors (A, B etc.) and more.
All floors that are not labelled with a number have strange properties. For example, floor B1 looks like Level 1, B2 takes the appearance of Level 2 and so on. Floor A is inverted, floor C is upside down, and so on. Strangely, no entities can be found in the levels and they are infinite in size, so, this is a great way to explore hazardous levels without the possibility of dying.
The floors are usually hard to find in unlabelled elevators because the floors are not sorted, but are placed in random order. When you do find your way to the floor, it might take up to an hour to arrive to the floor. In the main elevator of floor 1, important floors are labelled in a blue colour, floors with strange properties are labelled with orange, and Levels that resemble original backrooms levels are labelled with red.
This Level is believed to have infinite room configurations and combinations, however no amount of research will be able to prove this due to the layouts nature. Every elevator has different floor buttons, and each floor has 4 elevators, usually in each side.
Only seven people have ever accessed this level, and out of the seven, four of them worked for the M.E.G. 3 out of the 7 people stayed in the level for over a year, and the rest stayed for less than a month. The person that has been in this level for the longest amount of time stayed in the level for over 3 years, and reported every one of their findings back to the M.E.G., but as of now, the person is missing. Since only 7 people have ever been in the level, it was calculated that the odds of entering the level was 0.0091%.
There is an entity here that will usually appear in B levels. This entity has the ability to create backrooms levels, and is creating replicas of all levels. All the other floors are just failed experiments. It is found in the B floors because it is always working on improving its replicas of existing levels. Not much is known about the entity, mainly because it prefers staying alone, and has not really been seen, or photographed.

Important Floors

Floor 4: This floor contains a lot of Almond Water
Floor 19: This floor has beds, where you can rest without worrying about death.
Floor 90: This floor has a pool
Floor -6: This floor looks like Level 1.5
Floor -61: This floor looks like a bright version of Level 6
Floor T8.1: This floor is made out of solid acid.
Floor L9.4: This floor emits toxic gases that can kill humans. A gas mask is needed to proceed.
Floor A: This floor is made out of light that you can touch. It is also inverted.
Floor E9: This floor censors all information about it. Similar to the effect shown in Level 12.
Floor -Z6: This floor resembles the real world, but every place is made to look liminal.
Floor =): A party awaits on the other side. But this time, it is safe.

Beginning Floors

You will spawn at the ground floor.
Ground floor: This floor looks like a regular house in Cyprus that is completely made out of concrete. This floor has a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and the staircase to the next floor is in the living room. This floor contains Almond Water. This is the most explored floor and has a hole in the floor leading to the negative floors.
Floor 0.5: This floor looks the same as the ground floor, but the lights are blue. Since this floor is the same as the last, this floor contains Almond Water. It resembles Level 0.1 due to the blue lights, and dirty walls.
Floor 1: This floor is like any normal upstairs place in a house except it's made out of concrete. It has a bathroom, a bedroom, and a balcony. This floor contains a crowbar, and rarely, Almond Water. There is a staircase leading to this floor from floor 0, meaning that taking the elevator to get to this floor is not required.
Floor 1.5: This floor resembles a DJ room. Here, you will find a cake that is inedible. This floor is one of the hardest to get to due to the fact that most elevators do not contain a 1.5 button. This means that the only entry is by going to floor 2 but leaving the elevator at the right time. This is difficult because the elevator doors do not open while moving, and they are hard to force open. Strangely, floor 1.5 does have an elevator, but it will vanish when you get to a selected floor.
Floor 2: This floor is an empty library, that will only very rarely contain a book. If it does have a book, it will be very thick, but half of the book will be empty. The book contains random information that has nothing to do with the backrooms.
Floor 2.5: This floor resembles a college class. You can also rarely find books on the desks. The books have useless information inside. 6 different classes can be found in the building, but in the classes, there are more doors that lead to other classes.
Floor 3: This floor contains empty gas cans, located all around the floor. Even though the gas cans are empty, they can still get lit on fire and explode. This is the easiest death method other than jumping from a height. The gas cans are very heavy.
Floor 3.5: This floor resembles a wooden apartment. This floor contains a fridge, that is empty. The floor resembles The Woodrooms, but it has lots of light.
Floor 4: This floor is the same as floor 3, but it has almond water inside the gas cans, and the lights are usually broken. It is very difficult to access the interior of the gas cans, so getting Almond Water from this floor is not worth it.
Floor 4.5: This floor resembles an indoor golf course. There are no golf balls, and there are 400 holes. The holes are very far apart from each other, and the indoor golf course is 15 kilometers by 23 kilometers in size.
Floor 5: This floor looks like an abandoned office building, again, made only out of concrete. This floor is mostly unexplored and does not have enough information.
Floor 5.5: This floor looks like a garden. The garden has multiple plants, trees, and flowers. This floor is 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers in size.
Floor 6: This floor looks like an inverted version of Floor 0.5.
Floor 6.5: This floor looks like an old mansion.
Floor 7: This floor is an elevator room, and to go to the next floor you must find the button labelled 8.
Floor 7.5: This floor looks like an outdoor garden, but is inside the building. The walls appear to not exist when you look at them from afar.
Floor 8: This floor has a few furnaces, but these furnaces have a hit box.
Floor 8.5: This floor looks like a prison.
Floor 9: This floor is empty, and very dusty.
Floor 9.5: This floor looks like an animal shelter
Floor 10: This floor has a map of the real world. A cross mark can be found on a random country on the map. The map is also inaccurate, showing nonexistant countries, and not displaying important countries.
Note: the highest floor found on the ground floor elevator is floor 2847. On floor 2847, you can find a button to floor 10000, but it requires a key to be accessed. The keys location is currently unknown, but it is being searched for by the M.E.G.
The highest floor ever accessed, was floor 9999.9. It is impossible to proceed without a key. Floor 9999.9 has no current information.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this level.

First exploration

The first person that was ever reported entering this level, was exploring Level 7 with 2 friends, before he mysteriously vanished. This was the Log that the M.E.G. received

Friends POV

Friend 1: Hello? HELLO?!

M.E.G.: Hello.

Friend 1: One of my friends disappeared! I was with him for 8 years and he never left my side, but today, he mysteriously vanished! We where just exploring Level 7 for a few days, and wanted to get out, so we were exploring. I looked away for two seconds, and the my friend just vanished!

M.E.G.: Vanished? Did he no-Clip?

Friend 2: He wasn't near any floor or walls, so I don't think so. He also wasn't the fastest, so I don't think he swam off

M.E.G.: We'll try to find him, don't worry.

Friend 1: Thank you!! You have got to understand that he was my friend for years!


Lost Friends POV

Unknown: Hello, Hello?

M.E.G.: Yes, Hello.

Unknown: I am lost! I randomly entered this level while I was exploring Level 7 with my friends! We were there for days, until I teleported this level. It is made out of concrete, the buildings on the outside seem to stretch on for days, and in the elevators, there seem to be thousands of buttons everywhere, and they are not even in order!

M.E.G.: Random entry, you say? Were you doing anything specific before you entered?

Unknown: No, I just teleported randomly. Nothing happened that caused me to get here.

M.E.G: Don't worry, we are sending someone there.

Unknown: Thank you!


Noted Discoveries

It has been noted that breaking or noclipping through any wall in this level will lead to another building with a different structure, but with the same resources as all other buildings. There is a rare chance to see the outside while breaking the wall, and doing so, you will see an abandoned playground that is completely covered in rust. If you do exit the building and go to the playground, you will most likely teleport back into a random floor, but if you don't, you have a high chance of getting poisoned by the strange air in this level. Another noted discovery is that the highest floor that any elevator on the ground floor can show, is floor 2900. Going to that floor, you will see random objects and structures appear seemingly from your mind. The only exception is entities and objects.

Basement Floors

Breaking through the ground has a chance of leading to a negative floor. There is no other way to enter these floors. Once entered, a staircase heading up and down Is visible. There are no elevators in the negative floors, so going deeper requires searching to find the staircases. Each negative floor has a weirder property than the last, these are that on floor -1 you may experience "lag". This means that if you try to knock over an object, it will take over 2 seconds to fall, and your hand will go through it. It will also take 2 seconds to hear the thud of the object after it hits the floor. The deepest basement floor discovered was floor -3190. At this point everything is glitchy, and it is impossible to find an exit due to the glitches.

Glitch List

Floor -5: at this point, your vision starts worsening, and you start losing colour vision.
Floor -10: From this point on, you will see glitches happening on the floor. The floor will change texture to purple every few seconds, but later go back to normal. Also, you will have achromatomaly from here.
Floor -25: from here, you will have no colour in your vision. You will be seeing the world as someone with achromatopsia would. The floor will also look pixelated from this point on.
Floor -50: From this point on, the lag is extremely bad. From here, it would take up to 5 seconds for you to knock something down. The entire level is pixelated, and it starts to get a "smooth" effect.
Floor -100: At this point, hallucinations are very frequent. At this point, the level is barely visible, and you would be seeing the world as someone with myopia -7 would.
Floor -500: not too many factors get added after floor -100, but a noticable factor is that everything starts getting darker.
Floor -1000: At this point, the floors get brighter, and hallucinations start happening multiple times per second. At this point, you are likely to become disoriented and isolated.

Entrances And Exits:


Entry to this level happens seemingly at random.


  • if you die in this level, you will go to Level 0.
  • if you travel to floor -9999, you may end up in Level 272.

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