Level 68
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Class 3

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A photograph of one of Level 68's rooms. The picture was taken by an unknown user utilizing a throwaway account.

Level 68 is the 69th level within The Backrooms. It has the appearance of a massive movie theater; with architecture similar to that used in the Northeastern United States. Objects within Level 68 feel organic in nature and fungal growths are common throughout.


Level 68 physically resembles that of a massive movie theater complex; with long stretching corridors lined with doors each leading to a room. These rooms have rows of chairs which vary in number and design; however, they invariably are colored red with a mucus-like substance coating the surface. Despite these abnormalities and overall distasteful characteristics, humans will often be inclined to seat themselves in the nearest chair which is usually described as abnormally comfortable.

Once all individuals present within the room are seated, the chairs will release a chemical enzyme which will rapidly melt and re-solidify human tissue and organic fabrics; often resulting in an individual becoming fused to the chair making it impossible for one to remove themselves from it; though due to the effect these chairs have on the human mind, this often goes unnoticed.

Once this process is complete, a film will begin to play on the screen in the room. These videos are unique to each specific room and do not correlate with any existing films outside of the Backrooms. These movies are often graphic in nature; though people viewing it do not respond in ways that would normally be expected in such situations such as repulsion or disgust, possibly meaning that these videos may have a hypnotic affect.

Once the movie ends, those who were watching it will begin to seize violently before dying due to shock. Following this, the body will be broken-down via digestive enzymes and absorbed by the chairs and siphoned into other parts of Level 68 possibly for survival. Taking this into account, it is not recommended that those in Level 68 enter these rooms.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

At this time, no human bases have been found in Level 68; however, drawings and writings have led to the belief that such groups may be located in an undiscovered portion of the Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 68 can be entered by finding a theater in Level 11.

  • No-Clipping into the movie screen will take you to Level 94.
  • Some of the doors in the corridor parts of the level has red doors that resemble one of the doors in Level 117. Going through these doors will take you to Level 74.

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