Level 669
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Class 3

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The entrance of Level -6, with an M.E.G. member exploring infront.


A mine in the lower levels of Level -6.

Level 669 is the 670th level of the Backrooms.


Level 669 is commonly described as a cave or a mine. There are a varying number of hostile entities. Few have been in Level 669, and its discovery was very recent. The M.E.G. have attempted to establish a presence in Level 669, being some of the first to properly explore the Level. Depth meters can be used at this level and randomly found throughout it. Other items like flashlights, spotlights, and matches are scattered throughout the beginning depths.

Level 669's lighting is greatly varied, as the deeper into the level you go, the darker it gets. It is said that if you go deep into Level 669, you will begin to “lose your eyes” as the level gets darker and darker.

As you enter Level 669 you will find the level to mostly be made of tight mine shafts and tunnels that on occasion open up to slightly larger areas and more present mining locations, however the deeper parts of the mine will begin to grow larger, as gigantic underground quarries and mine veins become the norm. This can be extremely dangerous as the complete darkness along with the open spaces can lead to you becoming lost quickly, if the entities haven’t attacked by that point.


Many entities can appear in this Level and the chance of finding them depends on the entity and how deep you are in the Level. As you first enter bursters, wranglers, and reviooks can be found plentifully, however as you go deeper into the nearly pitch black areas you will begin to find entities that are specific to Level -6 which have yet to be documented.

There is a certain point where tunnels and mineshafts stop appearing altogether, and there are only gigantic quarries that go on for a few miles. This is the deepest point of Level -6, referred to as “game over”. This area has seemingly no entities other than the Scomparsa, an incredibly dangerous entity that roams this area exclusively, however the engulfing darkness along with the deep pitfalls has made this a treacherous area to explore. Only a handful of people have ever made it to “Game Over” as the areas that precede it are the most dense in terms of entity population.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. Outpost “Blinding Dark”

  • An M.E.G. outpost located 300 feet deep into Level 669
  • Around 15 members

The Prophets

  • Claim to be the original settlers of Level 669, no record of how they entered.
  • Completely blind due to prolonged exposure to the darkness
  • Roughly 30 members. Mostly passive but don't like outsiders.

Entrances And Exits:

The exact entrance to Level 669 is not completely known yet. The team that eventually founded the outpost “blinding dark” appeared in the higher parts of the level after traveling miles deep into the hallway at Level -5 before abruptly no clipping into the level.

It is very likely that the exit to Level 669 into a new level lies at the “game over” location, however it has never been discovered.

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