Level 667 - "Dometopia"
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A photo of City-α.

Documents regarding the early discovery of Level 667:


Class Ψ

  • Unsafe
  • Mental Hazard
  • High Entity Count


Structure Overview

Level 667 is comprised of an unknown amount of gigantic PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) hollow spheres1 and their contents, as well as a heavy water sea with an extremely high concentration of deuterium and tritium. The level features a 24-hour and equally divided day and night cycle. The climate is pleasant, although thunderstorms and heavy water rain frequently occur.

The PMMA spheres contain a remarkably wide variety of contents, including but not limited to microcities, non-Tokamak2 nuclear fusion power plants, abnormally large amusement parks, and wastes. The contents of each sphere are categorised in accordance with their general characteristics as the styles and specific impacts of each sphere are not entirely consistent. See below for more details.

The heavy water sea serves as the sole source of raw materials for the aforementioned non-Tokamak nuclear fusion power plants since, as its name suggests, it includes a significant amount of heavy water that cannot be consumed and contains deuterium and tritium atoms. Other than PMMA spheres, there are no other significant structures visible to the naked eye in the sea. However, other floating structures, such as small rafts, sailboats, and miniature cruise shipwrecks, are visible at times. The evaporation of heavy water sea is minimal but sufficient to contribute to rainfall when combined with freshwater. The sea is the sole source of the level's radiation hazards, but due to the level’s abnormal nature, the radiation hazards have been reduced to a level that may only cause nausea, headache, and other symptoms during first-time entry. As yet, there have been no reports of wanderers dying of these diseases.

Mental Hazard

Level 667 contains a fully covered mental hazard that undergoes periodic changes, and the following actions can be taken to promote its development:

  • Consuming any amount of heavy water in the level.
  • Being injured by a special entity in the level.
  • Hearing noises at certain frequencies (which vary with location).
  • Seizing M.T.S.G. devices of others.
  • Killing a certain amount of domekeepers.
  • Inhaling heavy water vapor over a long period or contacting surfaces with heavy water.
  • Long-term exposure to a special PMMA dome3.

The phased promotion effect of the mental hazard does not typically enhance its performance, but it rather directly turns that of the affected to those with a comparable behavior, including but not limited to:

  • α: Regarding other entities and wanderers in the level as hostile targets and having a non-fatal predatory inclination.
  • β: Showing an unusual craving for water in the heavy water sea. The purpose of this desire is to simply satisfy hunger.
  • γ: Robbing the M.T.S.G. of others and destroying their existing blueprints.
  • τ: Destroying the normal vegetation accompanying the contents within PMMA spheres4.
  • θ: Having a strong desire to approach an unknown coordinate. Dozens of wanderers carrying lethal weapons with unknown intennntions are currently reported missing.

Matter Transmission & Synthesis Gun (M.T.S.G.)

The M.T.S.G. is a unique processing tool exclusively works in this level. Despite its appearance resembling a stream-lined, white "welding gun," it possesses far more functions. It has an embedded LCD at the rear and a side-mounted ionic fluid thruster.

In addition to performing standard welding and melting operations, the M.T.S.G. can process materials (such as crushing, melting, splicing, etc.) on a solid surface according to provided blueprints. It should be noted that the M.T.S.G. can execute these operations regardless of the various physical characteristics of the materials or the phenomena in the Backrooms. Self-controlled processing does not require manual operations, but the M.T.S.G. relies on the ionic fluid thruster to morph its pattern. Due to its intricate internal structure, all current attempts to reproduce the M.T.S.G. have failed. Although having a precise structure, the M.T.S.G. performs remarkably solid and reliable under normal conditions.

When wanderers no-clip into the level, the M.T.S.G. will appear within a circle of about 3 yards from their current location. The M.T.S.G. can be replaced by taking other wanderers' M.T.S.G., however doing so will promote the stage of the aforementioned mental hazard. The M.T.S.G. is the primary and most valuable survival tool in the level, and whether to pick it up depends on the wanderer's situation. For details on how to use the M.T.S.G., please refer to the following documents. The material consumption and technical grades mentioned below are classified according to the M.T.S.G.'s unique built-in identification system.

To charge the M.T.S.G., one has to find specific buildings that have charging interfaces. The use of ultracapacitors allows the depleted battery to be fully charged in around 8 hours. The fully charged battery can maintain a hover state for a maximum of 20 hours. The non-Tokamak nuclear fusion power plants in the level serves as the sole source of all currently known energy resources.

Spatial Anomalies

The environmental stability in Level 667 is in a constant state of flux, with changes usually resulting in disastrous effects. Spatial anomalies known from the summary report are as below:

Curve Drop
The "sky" in the level abruptly collapses in the form of concave triangles and convex triangles in non-Euclidean geometry. Perfectly straight-cut fragments of buildings will roll down from the edges of convex triangles, causing danger to wanderers and PMMA spheres. PMMA spheres are vulnerable to attacks from curve drops that are extremely violent.

Sphere Drifting
Occasionally, PMMA spheres floating in heavy water will drift due to intense underwater disturbance, which will easily result in disconnection of PMMA corridors connecting the spheres or the collision of two or more PMMA spheres, directly leading to the full disintegration of domes. Consequently, the heavy water may flood into originally enclosed spheres, contaminating sources of drinking water and hindering the survival of normal vegetation. Long-term investigation has confirmed that this anomaly is related to excessive use of non-Tokamak nuclear fusion power plants.

Transmission Corridor Blast
When the aforementioned anomalies occur close to the PMMA spheres that contain nuclear fusion power plants, the wireless substations connected to them may sustain damage, causing formation of arcs and flow of current outside of areas designated with danger signs, posing a high-voltage electric shock threat to wanderers.


Curve Shards
Curve shard is a unique entity in Level 667 that arises from spatial instability. When an instance of curve drop occurs, some fragments from convex triangles will be imposed with an unknown angular momentum, rapidly rotatiing and continuously destroy the objects until they are completely worn. Curve shard is classified as an entity due to its inclination to destroy organic life and distinct trajectory and target during rotation. Report files of this entity was discovered during an investigation of the Unknown Coordinate.

Domekeeper is a unique and highly intelligent mechanical organism in the level. Its advanced motor nerve center appears to be highly viscous suspensions of brain tissue, making it more resistant to powerful shocks compared to complete robots. However, if the suspension leaks, all of its essential actions will be completely paralyzed.

According to anatomical studies, the tissue cells of the suspension in the cranial cavity of domekeepers communicate through plasmodesmata, which discharge at various frequencies to enable communication. The body of the domekeeper appears to be a dark-green robot that is extremely solid except for its cranial cavity and connecting parts. Its general work is to take care of plants in PMMA spheres. If a sphere is slightly damaged, the domekeeper can restore it by itself. In cases of severe damage, a group of domekeepers can assemble in time and use specialized machinery to restore the dome. Their tools and weapons include PMMA hot-melt guns, gardening tool kits, and stun air rifles.

Domekeepers are friendly to wanderers and hostile to Sharkopards. They are unable to attack curve shards, but when attacked by humans, they will strike back with non-lethal stun air rifles. Sometimes they will seek the help of wanderers when they need to launch the underlying components of specialized machinery. In return, they will usually provide a special blueprint that is difficult to discover elsewhere.

Sharkopard is the only organic and highly intelligent animals (inferior to humans) in the level. They reside on barriers formed by fragments in the heavy water sea and in submarine bases. The upper part of their body appears to be the front end of the shark, and their legs appear to be those of leopards, covered by sharkskin. Sharkopard cannot use the M.T.S.G., but they are able to acquire weapons with a slightly lower technological level from submarine bases. They possess a powerful short-range explosive force and are amphibious creatures.

Sharkopards are hostile to wanderers and domekeepers, displaying a strong predatory propensity and are open to allowing wanderers suffering from long-term stage τ and β mental hazards to join their predatory groups. They have even been known to attack nuclear fusion power plants5, occasionally causing heavy water to pour into PMMA spheres, polluting the source of drinking water. Sharkopards can also bind curve shards with a special lazzo, turning them into a formidable weapon to destroy the dome. This presents a new opportunity for us to explore ways to prevent curve drops. Sharkopard strongholds have been observed frequently recently; we need to pay closer attention to them and continue reporting on their trends.

Plasmaniacs exist in a highly unstable plasma state and their movement speeds vary6.They usually appear next to leaky substations under severe electric shock hazards. Despite not having physical bodies, they project a fuzzy human shape composed of current that is capable of paralyzing all nearby electronic devices. The physical hazards of Plasmaniacs have various effects because of various relative positions between wanderers and them, with them as the center: within a radius of 12 meters, wanderers will experience a strong tingling sensation; within a radius of 7 meters, wanderers completely lose their sense of touch but are still able to use weapons; within a radius of 4 meters, wanderers will faint directly; within a radius of 2 meters, wanderers will be instantly vaporized and turn into new and weaker instances of Plasmaniac. S1 (Scale 1), S2, S3 etc. are used as the names for these new instances, up to S6. A native Plasmaniac cannot persist for more than two hours, but Plasmaniacs invading densely populated areas still pose a serious threat to residents. Without effective counterattack strategies, the entire community, including wanderers and domekeepers, will be devastated.

Steel Bustards
Steel Bustards are the most enigmatic mechanical beings with an unknown origin in this level. They resemble birds in appearance and can transport resources. Resources carried by Steel Bustards are diverse materials from fragments on the heavy water sea, confirmed by using specific isotopes distinct from deuterium and tritium. The process of gathering resources at the heavy water sea typically takes 48 hours, and each Steel Bustard has its own operation route. After gathering resources, they will return to their respective route and stay for two hours at the berth of each PMMA sphere. At this point, wanderers are free to take the supplies brought by the Steel Bustard or to place their own supplies.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


One of the entrances to the M.E.O.D. Base Network "Domeguard".

M.E.O.D. Moderate Base Network "Domeguard"

A base network under the control of the M.E.O.D. that is used to receive wanderers who have entered this level and produce weaponry to be exported to other levels. To this day, the network occupies 24 PMMA spheres and 27 heavy water sea structures. Despite a population of over 6,000 individuals residing in this level, the distribution of inhabitants is extremely uneven. The largest city, City-β, accommodates more than 1,000 residents.

M.E.O.D. Base "Squadron Sharkhunter"

Another large-scale M.E.O.D. base, established to resist large-scale Sharkopard attacks. At present, the base occupies 12 PMMA spheres and 49 heavy water sea structures.

The F.O.J. Outpost

In this level, the Followers of Jerry actively spread their beliefs and utilize Steel Bustards to distribute leaflets about their leader. Under the influence of Jerry, the mental hazards to those followers have been significantly reduced. Their lunatic missionary activities even prevented the M.E.O.D.'s "Parachute Project" to rescue wanderers from being put into operation. After a small-scale conflict with the M.E.O.D., the F.O.J. agreed to do missionary work by painting the Steel Bustards that land on the ground blue and putting slogans on them. At the same time, the M.E.O.D. will place life rafts on such blue Steel Bustards to rescue wanderers in danger. It is suggested that wanderers do not believe the slogans on blue Steel Bustards.

P.R.G. (Pioneer Research Group) Scientific Outpost

The majority of the level's laboratories are occupied by this outpost, which conducts research on the environment of the level and tries to interact with Sharkopards in order to come up with workable solutions to detoxify them, while seeking information regarding their possible civilisation. Whilst being mysterious, it is known through long-term information transaction that they have currently deployed their main research forces to "Blueprint Project", which strives to develop more complex blueprints and produce more advanced equipment as bargaining chips in dealing with other individuals and groups.

Other bases and outposts' personnel are classified as normal residents.

Entrances And Exits


  • Finding a leaflet about "Dometopia" with a "Backrooms Robotics" logo in a wreck in Level 711 and no-clipping into it will lead to this level.
  • By finding an M.T.S.G. model in Level 207 and smashing it, one will be led to a glass door by a fluorescent pellet that jumps out of the model. Entering the door leads to this level.
  • Follow the cat to find a domekeeper's corpse in Level 911. No-clipping into the floor under the corpse will lead to this level.
  • Find a Sharkopard's skull in Level 206. After taking it out, the wall on one side of the hallway will collapse, and an elevator will show up. Entering the elevator will lead to this level.


  • Find a steakhouse in the mall. There is a blood-painted wall in the kitchen of the steakhouse; no-clipping into it will lead to Level 611.
  • Breaking a blue-marked coating and no-clipping into the underlying periwinkle sand will lead to Level 628.
  • Finding a staff restroom with the number "277" written on the door in the Quadruplet Tower, carrying a mobile phone or other communication devices, and locking and re-opening the door will lead to Level 277.

Survival Guide——Level 667

> Please enter your communication ID:
> Please enter the section you request access:
> Accessing the M.E.O.D. database…

Acting as one on the behalf of many

Reading the following documents will help you survive in Level 667.

FILE-1——First-time Entry:

Almond Water × 20L (At Least)

Used to meet the basic hydration requirements before finding the communities.

Xenon Marbles × 5

Used to quickly locate and find nearby resources.

Reality Freshener × 1

Used to limit the movement of hostile entities in a short distance.

Hyrum Lantern × 1

Used for self-defense and lighting at night.

Firesalt × 40g

Used to repulse hostile entities.

Locked Information 1 - Overview of PMMA Sphere Structures:

Based on diverse properties of each PMMA sphere's contents, this is a thorough introduction to help you quickly adapt to various situations and make correct decisions in the level. In fact, the so-called "city" is much smaller than a real city; the average radius of the PMMA spheres is merely 300 meters.


As mentioned earlier, the semispherical domes are made of seamless PMMA doped with titanium dioxide microcrystals. The maintenance of the dome is essential because it serves as the main safety net for the creatures inside. After various disasters or attacks, the dome needs to be repaired as soon as possible, and when wanderers are unable to repair certain sections themselves, they should contact domekeepers to use specialized machinery for repair. There are a small number of steel skylights above the dome for Steel Bustards to berth.


Roads in the PMMA spheres have limited use because there is little transportation in the level, but they are suitable for arranging defense when trying to stall invasions. triple-layer paving technology is employed for the road. Periwinkle sand makes up the bottom layer, followed by a wood coating made of Brazilian mahoganies and sycamores in the middle, and delustered PMMA plates on top that allow wanderers to vaguely see the strange patterns reflected by the coating below.

Habitation Units

The habitation unit is a collection of large buildings with living facilities in the level. The habitation unit has a uniform appearance, with a futuristic, streamlined architectural outline. It employs minimal indoor and outdoor design and is fitted with high-quality glass with seamless connections.

A single suite of habitation units has a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. It also shares a living room, storeroom, and a small interior garden with other suites. This arrangement creates a smaller community around the interior garden, which strengthens the sense of community among the wanderers residing in the unit.

There are M.T.S.G. charging interfaces in the kitchen and bedroom that guarantees the long-term use of the M.T.S.G. The interior garden has a delivery point nearby that appears to be ductwork and is where supplies are periodically dropped. The duct's measured depth is 15.12 meters. Although the origin of these supplies is unknown, it can be determined that the ductwork is separate and has a dead end.

When the PMMA sphere is not seriously damaged, and the transmission corridors continue to work normally, the habitation unit have a sustainable supply of water and power, both of which originate from non-Tokamak nuclear fusion power plants. However, the corresponding relationship between habitation units and power plants is unknown.

In the habitation unit, there is an empty underground area that is connected to the other underground facilities.

Overall, the living space of the habitation unit is adequate, but due to its relatively hollow interior, it is not a suitable place to defend against attacks from Sharkopards. When pillaging occurs, wanderers should retreat to the underground area in time. As per the instruction of the M.E.O.D.'s defense standards, the underground space has been stored with enough supplies for 200 people to survive for 2 months and employed with modified M.T.S.G. charging interfaces, so all defenses should be deployed in the underground area.

The Mall

The mall is actually a large shopping and entertainment complex, but the majority of its entertainment installations have vanished, leaving only a few smaller, single-person entertainment facilities like individual KTV rooms, massage chairs, VR exercise equipment, etc. The mall's shopping area is relatively well-reserved, with a few useful instrument supplies on the shelves.

The M.T.S.G. charging interfaces are easiest to find in the mall, with a charging rate that is 130% faster than the civilian charging interface in the habitation unit. Additionally, the mall's hidden corners contain many advanced blueprints.

The architectural design of the mall is extremely complex, with passages relying on elevators. There are fewer entrances and exits on higher floors, making it easier to defend against attacks and more challenging to attack. Therefore, during the period of defending pillaging, the mall is frequently used as the living center.

Locked Information 2 - Overview of Heavy Water Sea Structures:

Generally speaking, wanderers who no-clip into this level will appear inside the PMMA spheres, but there are also a few unlucky ones appearing in the heavy water sea structures. This often results in a significant increase in the survival difficulty during the early entry period, but understanding the characteristics of these structures and the distribution of supplies can help you evacuate to the safe zone inside the PMMA sphere in time.

Carcharobay is the only open structure on the heavy water sea that has an actual ground. The main body of Carcharobay is a heavily weathered reef with a large gap at the larger end, forming a natural deepwater port. The reef has a layer of fine sand paved on the bay mouth due to the high degree of weathering. Sharkopards often converge here and use it as a transfer station, setting up material storage points. When Sharkopards cannot be observed on the reef, a small amount of food supplies and ammunition for their shotguns can be found in the iron plate boxes they use to store materials.

A stranded yacht may be found in the southeast corner of Carcharobay, and some parts can be found in the storage box at the rear engine. One can repair the yacht according to a specific blueprint with the M.T.S.G. and quickly escape from Carcharobay. In addition to the parts, a pistol can be found in the storage box. The model of the pistol is unknown, but its firing method indicates that it was designed after the 1960s. The magazine of the pistol is half full and the safety catch is not on.

If you are in a bad situation and cannot find the yacht, just try to find a shabby tin hut at the end of a trail in the jungle of the reef, where you can find extra food supplies. After settling down, do not approach the Sharkopard’s camp and stay inside the hut until the Steel Bustard lands on the reef. The M.E.O.D.'s “Parachute Project” has been implemented for about half a year. We use blue Steel Bustards to drop life rafts to heavy water sea structures such as Carcharobay, and you can use the maps on the rafts to locate PMMA spheres where the M.E.O.D. and cooperative groups are located.

The Estimated Survival Difficulty of The Carcharobay

Hazard Degree——4

Supplies Adequacy——2

Escape Difficulty——3

Open document - Archives and Backups of M.T.S.G. Blueprints

Wanderers are free to edit this document, but malicious edits will be subject to accountability and serious consequences. At present, most of the blueprints found in the level have been included in this document and have been digitally archived.

Blueprint 1-1: Steel-handled knife


  • Steel Plate - 1 Consumption
  • High-quality Glass - 2 Consumptions

Description: A small knife with a round handle, with a strength similar to that of an aerospace ceramic knife, and can be used for quick cutting of objects and basic self-defense.
Power Consumption: 10%

Blueprint1-2: Emergency Hammer


  • Wood Plate - 2 Consumptions
  • Steel Plate - 3 Consumptions

Description: A long-wooden-handled hammer that can easily shatter high-quality glass and other objects, making it more convenient to collect various materials. It can also be used for breaking doors.
Power Consumption: 20%

Blueprint 1-3: Basic Parts


  • Steel Plate - 0.5 Consumption

Description: Used to randomly produce a small bag of parts such as screws, nuts, and gears.
Power Consumption: 2%

Blueprint 1-4: Passing Point


  • Coin with a "Corporate" Logo - 0.2 Consumption

Description: Used to activate vending machines and amusement facilities in the level.
Power Consumption: 20%

Blueprint 1-5: Pike


  • Steel Plate - 3 Consumptions

Description: A steel weapon with the same length as the Sharkopard's harpoon. Used to attack Sharkopards when ammunition runs out.
Power Consumption: 20%

Blueprint 1-6: Canned Explosive


  • Firesalt - 1.5 Consumptions
  • Steel Plate - 1 Consumption
  • Cloth - 0.3 Consumption

Description: A simple bomb with a cloth strip, in which the power of the firesalt is greatly weakened, but the stability is greatly increased. The upper part of the cloth strip is easily torn off, while the lower part acts as a detonator, which will trigger a delayed explosion of the explosive after the upper part is torn off. Currently, it is regarded as a feasible method for storing firesalt.
Power Consumption: 12%

Blueprint 1-7: Elastic Bandage


  • Baobab Fruit - 0.5 Consumption
  • Cloth - 0.5 Consumption
  • Alcohol - 0.1 Consumption

Description: A sterile bandage infused with special ingredients from the Baobab fruit, which greatly enhances its elasticity, can be stretched to 210% of its original length. The special ingredient of the Baobab fruit can eliminate the anxiety of the wounded and has a calming effect.
Power Consumption: 8%

Blueprint 1-8: Compressed Bread


  • Baobab Fruit - 2 Consumptions
  • Almond Water - 1 Consumption
  • Syrup - 0.3 Consumption

Description: A 4cm cube-shaped compressed bread with a light-yellow appearance and a soft texture even after compression. Consuming one-sixteenth of a compressed bread is enough to satisfy an adult’s breakfast needs. Personnel on duty on the heavy water sea often consume such food, which is also a part of the M.E.O.D.'s "Parachute Project" on transporting supplies.
Power Consumption: 25%

Blueprint 1-9: Resistive Glass


  • High-quality Glass - 5 Consumptions
  • Carcharobay Fine Sand - 2.5 Consumptions

Description: A double-layered glass panel of door frame size, easily cut by the M.T.S.G. It contains fine sand from the Carcharobay and can block high voltage current, playing an important role in defending against Plasmaniacs. Such glass panels have been installed in the main offices of all groups.
Power Consumption: 10%

Blueprint 1-10: Glass Shell


  • PMMA Plate - 2 Consumptions
  • High-quality Glass - 1 Consumption

Description: A shell made of PMMA as the main body and relatively fragile high-quality glass as the cone-shaped head. It can be filled with ammunition and the caliber is compatible with the Sharkopard's shotguns and homemade shotguns.
Power Consumption: 5%

Data awaiting update… Waiting for the M.E.O.D. to update the terminal…

Welcome to the M.E.O.D. media transcription archives.

You have accessed the latest summary of emergency reports of Level 667.

during: 08/10/2049-30/12/2049


The Main Extended Organisation Database holds the privacy and data of all of its inhabitants in the upmost regard, and does all it can to protect said data from any sort of threat, whether they be in-house or otherwise. These recordings, and later hand-translated write-ups, are not intended to act as a breach of privacy. Whilst every submitted video, audio recording, and even other written material is re-written into the M.E.G. Standard Format, this is only for the ease of potential investigation into illegal matters, documentation, and a general standard of clarity and uniformity with how media is documented.

At no point will the M.E.O.D. leak, or threaten to leak, any confidential information about its inhabitants, and nor will its audio and visual transcribes be accessible to those without express authorisation.

Acting as one on the behalf of many

FILE——001——Email from Dr. Havoc of the P.R.G.:

From: moc.liamkcab|covah-rd-grp#moc.liamkcab|covah-rd-grp
To: moc.liamkcab|21-licnuocemod#moc.liamkcab|21-licnuocemod
Subject: New Discovery on Measures for Sharkopard Detoxification

Greetings to esteemed Dome Governance Council:

This is Dr. Havoc. We have made proper arrangements for the detoxified Sharkopards found by your esteemed council and conducted comparative study on the components inside their bodies with those of ordinary Sharkopards. Four months ago, we made a list of suspicious components and compared the analysis data of the samples of captured Sharkopards with the components of detoxified ones, from which we discovered a new compound called Manicormone. This compound can affect the Sharkopard's behavior, giving them strong pillaging, even hunting inclinations even without an established social structure or sufficient resources.

After conducting a thorough investigation on the source of the detoxified Sharkopards, we have identified a substance that is almost abiotic and has detoxification capacity - blockers. Yes, when we discovered this group of non-aggressive Sharkopards, they were covered with this kind of dark green liquid. After several experiments, the P.R.G. finally proved that blockers can accelerate the degradation of Manicormone in the Sharkopard's body. However, we still need to find out where the Manicormone comes from.

At the same time, I will show you a new plan to deal with these Sharkopards in the appendix: in brief, we can try to use blocker aerogel to decrease their aggression. In order to speed up the extraction of blockers, we need more equipment. We hope to request more laboratories from the D.G.C., and we promise to keep you updated on the latest research results.

Dr. Welf Havoc

FILE——002——Invasion Report from the Blocking Squad "Astronomers":

Sharkopard Invasion Report

Abstract: Recently, Sharkopards are witnessed more frequently on the sea, and the number of yachts has also increased. Some Sharkopards' weapons are now equipped with universal optical sights, and some Shotgun Sharkopards have learned to use canned explosives. The defensive pressure on the observatory has increased, and we request that the headquarter increase our supplies.

Invasion #1: Small-scale invasion. The weapons and tools used by the invading Sharkopards have been significantly upgraded, and all the Sharkopards take yachts to approach the coastline of the PMMA sphere. Fortunately enough, we destroyed all of them in time. Four yachts were destroyed in total, and the observatory was hit in explosion, but no real damage was caused.
Invasion #2: Small-scale invasion. Sharkopards tried to use yachts to tow a sea operation watchtower. We tried to puncture its riveted joint, but the joint was incredibly solid. After the battle, we found the wreckage of the yacht and the watchtower embedded in the foundation of the observatory, and the trace of jointing matched the trace of the steel plate processed by the M.T.S.G. One yacht was destroyed, two Sharkopards were shot dead, and one yacht escaped. Now we've got evidence to suspect that there are humans colluding with these Sharkopards.
Invasion #3: Medium-scale invasion. They used the same jointing technology to construct a new type of operation platform towed by four yachts, carrying Bombing Sharkopards. We took pains to destory this platform. However, several detachments of Sharkopards seized the opportunity to bypass the occupied platform, but they are annihilated by the coast defense forces.
Invasion #4: Large-scale invasion. We don't know how their quantity of equipment have grown this fast during this period, even their yachts also seem to have become more solid. However, we have not seen any humans joining them. We assumed that these traitors are hiding behind the background and providing them with weapons and technical support! Two observatories have fallen by now, but no Sharkopards can control the turret, which is truly a lucky miss. We will soon get them all back. We've got a situation here; we cannot report any details of the battle for the time being.

Note from the D.G.C.: The “Astronomers” squad was encircled by a large number of Sharkopards and completely destroyed during the fifth large-scale invasion. Eventually, the coast defense forces made efforts to resist their operation. We hope these brave souls can rest in peace.

FILE——003——Emergency Status Activation Announcement:

Emergency Status Activation Announcement:

To residents under the protect of the domes:

Considering the increasing rampant activities of the Sharkopards recently, the frequent loss of turret defense forces, and the fact that some Sharkopards have even started to attack our cities, all PMMA spheres governed by the D.G.C. will be blockaded in two days, during which we will set up checkpoints and blockade devices in each corridor connecting the PMMA spheres. Please stay calm and receive your supplies in order. We will inform you about the specific evacuation location later.

The D.G.C.

FILE——004——D.G.C.'s Resolution on Dispatch of Special Investigation Team:

Voting Result of the 14th Emergency Conference
After comparing with previous proposals: large-scale use of blocker aerogel and mobile forces to eliminate Sharkopards, large stock of explosives, and even level transfer, we found that the success rate of the above proposals is not optimistic. Most of the exits in the level have been invalidated, and we have lost 34 PMMA sphere stations in the heavy battles, while the total number of evacuees by now accounts for only 7%. We cannot afford more losses. We need tough medicine to immediately eliminate the flooding Sharkopardical invasion, and the only feasible solution is to destroy the source of Manicormone.

Dr. Havoc’s latest findings show that the unknown coordinate is the source of Manicormone. If we can destroy the source, the aggression of the Sharkopards will completely falter in 3 to 4 days. After several debates, we decided to transfer some combatants, volunteers, and researchers into the “Argonaut” investigation team, and use our last few large yachts to send them to the unknown coordinate.

The voting result:
41 1 38

In the next few days, we will recruit a total of 20 members for the investigation team, dividing them into teams α, β, γ, and δ to head to the unknown coordinate from different directions, and the equipment will be distributed correspondingly to ensure that each team can handle specific events independently.

FILE——005——Log Summary from Team Argonaut-α:



Captain of Team Argonaut-α reporting.

We successfully bypassed the blockades of the observatory taken over by the Bombing Sharkopards. The other four members are in good condition. We saw an operation platform cruising at around 9 a.m, fortunately we didn't run into it.

Our speed is too slow, and the aerogel in the rear seriously blocked our maintenance work on the engine. I’m thinking about getting rid of them.


Captain of Team Argonaut-α reporting.

It seems that we're heading towards the center of a large sphere with a large number of deactivated power plants. There are damn lookout Sharkopards taking shots at us on occasion, and they have blown up a couple of domes. I have no idea where the fuck they got those powerful explosives.

We just passed a City-β. It looks like it's sinking down, probably because the Pit Hotel has been taking in water. The domekeepers were still fighting these Sharkopards, but I don't think they can hold on much longer.

Time to move on. We still got mission in hand.


Malena died.

Early in the morning, we encountered a gang of Sharkopards and got a sucker punch. They've been using some fucking new explosives! I knew our yacht is hard, but we didn't expect that they didn't even aim at the yacht. These bombs instead sputtered yellow-green phosphors, and we're all covered by them now. We became fucking sitting ducks waiting to be shot on the head.

We set up some covers in time, but it didn't help. Malena was unable to dodge. She… she got shot. We tried to save her life, we… we tried to bandage her bullet hole, then… we watched her bled out.

After we crushed those Sharkopards, we took a couple of minutes to check through her stuff, and… we found a photo of her daughter. I'm juat an ecologist, frankly speaking, and I know being appointed in such a crisis does sound honorable, but it made me realize that I suck as a leader. I should've arranged her in a safer spot. She has less training than I did anyway.

We cannot afford any more losses.


We got a tough battle during the day, and Rick got seriously hurt, but he got no life threat fortunately. I am recording this log while we take a short break at night.

We've been encircled by the yachts of those leopard-legged freaks, but we shook them off real fast. However, our yacht ran into a stronghold while dodging their bullets. Their fire went hard, but we got outta there in panic under the cover of cluster bombs and the dark green smoke, thanks to the aerogel.

The windshield was destroyed by the explosion, and we need to find something to repair it, or the rain will drive us crazy! Besides that, we need to clear an area for Rick to recover.


The visibility was total trash, but thank god the Sharkopards didn't come for us.

We experienced the heavy water rain at noon, and I finally understand why people call it magical. The sound it hits the metal foil is just like pearls of various sizes hitting a jade plate. It's so clear, so melodious. We made a fire next to Rick to keep him warm, then I roasted some Baobab fruits for lunch. Ivan was beside me, still leafing through his beloved botanical dictionary. C'mon, we're in the Backrooms, for fuck's sake.

I've never experienced such tough battle, I'm an ecologist after all. In my initial opinion, any technology should exist for the purpose of building a peaceful and tranquil homeland, and now I understand it's also for wars.

I hate violence, but when it comes to necessary evils, I will…

If this is the only way to achieve peace and coexist with these entities…

I will do it, even if it puts me in a dilemma of morality.


Fog's still hanging. I feel a little distracted, perhaps because of the heavy water and Manicormone, or… have I been thinking too much these days? I need some rest, I guess.

Rick's much better now. He can hold his gun again, but he still can’t walk on his own, so we arranged for him to do some logistics. He's always been with that pile of plastic boxes. The problem puzzling me most right now is that although we're in the right direction, no one's got nerves to guarantee that we won't run into another pack of Sharkopards on our way.


The number of Carcharobays and observatories around us is growing, but thank god, no Sharkopards were there. We found some shells from multiple observatories, but we've got no idea how to use them yet. It's surprising that we don't even have the tech to modify the detonator of the shells like the Bombing Sharkopard does.

Rick can shuffle carefully on the deck now, but still can't take any drastic action.


We can vaguely make out what's at the unknown coordinate through the thick fog. I'm gonna get the yacht closer for further observation, but I'm one hundred percent sure that it's a power plant. The sphere is covered by thick fog. It looks… kinda light pink. If here's what we got to deal with, I guess the who thing may get much dicier. Screw it, we have prepared for the worst.

We've reached the shore, and I plan to leave Rick and Ivan on board, while Sterling and I go into the power plant to investigate separately. Wish me luck, I've got my mask on now. Now we're gonna dive into the this foggy hell of a place.

FILE——006——Log Summary from Team Argonaut-γ:

After Team-α departed, Team-β,γ, and δ departed simultaneously from the command’s south coast to investigate the unknown coordinate. Two days after departure, the three teams were ambushed by the Sharkopard's sea platform. After a tough battle, all personnel in Team-β and δ, as well as three members of Team-γ were killed in action. According to subsequent documents, the survivors finally arrived the unknown coordinate, but no audio logs were sent to the headquarter from Team-γ after the battle.



Penrose, lieutenant of the M.E.O.D. "Astronomer" reserve team reporting.

We departed together with Team-β and δ as planned, and will split up and go our separate ways after arriving at the supply center in City-δ-27. We're all good so far. We're now running against the clock to check our equipment, and, given our current route, I think we ought to be reaching the coordinate before Team-α as expected. We've got some nice preparatory plans, like detonation, suspension, and calling for reinforcements. I've backed them all up on my laptop.

48 knots, downwind. The jib was hoisted in the afternoon so we're full ahead at the moment.


Team-β arrived two days later than expected, they've been dragging our feet. Nevertheless, we found substantial fuel in the fuel bank after arriving, we're able to move on now.

Nothing strange happened at noon. We allowed the cook of δ to board our yacht under my permission, he wanted to trade some blockers for our compressed drinks. Sounds a great deal, we've got plenty of drinks and need to lighten our load after all.

A peaceful night. Through my binoculars, I saw Team-β members playing poker with the lights on. My intuition told me that's not a good habit.


Sharkopards! We got attacked by their yachts! I knew those guys from Team-β is gonna drag us down!

Their yachts were equipped with some kind of cannons on the bow, all all our boats got hit several times. It's disturbing that no signs of shaking or leakage was found, but then we realized they hit us with those fucking yellow-green phosphors. We're all sitting ducks now, their fire was too strong!

The battle's over, but I'm still hiding in my cabin. I failed to contact the other teams on my phone. The signals from β and δ were completely lost; they… they're probably all toast now.


We've run out of food, so I gotta return to the deck. Hope I can escape this time.

The deck was empty. No signs of battle except for the shells, bloodstains and phosphors. It seems that β and δ blocked most of the firepower for us. Now I need to search for survivors.

Found him! Exley's here! He's been hiding in the cab.

He's shot in the right leg. It's not that serious, but still a sticky problem. We're going back on our way. Hope residents here can hold on on their own.


My head's… spinning… feel like someone's grabbing it. Am I affected by the mental hazards?…

Exley said he could hold on for some minutes and urged me to rest. Guess I really needed it, so I went back to my cabin for a nap.

…Where am I? Uh, the cabin. We need to go to the Shrine at full speed.


The Shrine's calling me. I can see its pink light from afar, so dazzling, like a raging pink inferno.

I was strolling around the deck when I saw another person doing the same there - Exley, a mediocrity ignorant of his fate. But soon, the Shrine will grant him sacred evolution.

A voice in my head has been speaking to me about the key that leads to the Frontrooms stored in the Shrine. Well, a great mission has been bestowed upon to me, so I will become a prophet with alacrity, guiding everyone back home.


Exley started to look at me with a strange look in his eyes, but I won't blame him. His brain structure is far different from that of the faithful followers of the Shrine like me. I'll try to explain the existence of the Shrine to him.

I showed off my skills a bit in the evening. I haven’t tried a punching bag for a damn long time, but Exley fitted right into it. I sacrificed this betrayer’s blood to our sacred sea, the Mother Sea. His blood caused a slight ripple. It seems that the guide of the Shrine was pretty pleased.

I feel the guide has an imperial unsaid. Can’t wait to meet him in my dreams.


I still clearly remember the inspiration given by the guide in my dreams. They made it clear that I gotta find the K’awiil Jar in the Easter Sanctuary in the Shrine, and the black slurry inside can tear open the gate to our home.

I will I will I will I will I will I will I will, my supreme home guide.

[*Log Interrupts*]

FILE——007——Messages from The Leader of Team Argonaut-α:

The Final Log

> Network drive damaged, enable hard link?
> Recovering data in the secure disk…
/Compile and output.
> All content in the secure disk has been displayed.

This is gonna be my last time recording this fucking audio log, so let me leave out the mumbo-jumbo.

I’m sorry, Rick. Sorry, Sterling. And Malena who went before me - I promised you to keep out of this.

When we boarded this sphere that covers the power plants, I somehow had a raw feeling of where my fate's gonna lead me. It’s so intriguing how tiny human beings always calmly face their own fate after knowing it.

We found another yacht at the landing point, and when I entered the reactor first, I saw another person - Lieutenant Penrose of Team-γ. When I wanted to call him over to help me investigate, he suddenly fired several shots at my feet, with a mad, twisted smile on his face. He seemed to have suffered severe mental hazards, maybe so have me, as I was having a headache then.

He was scresaming that he would get my blood as a sacrifice to the Sanctuary. After a while of playing cat and mouse, he knocked me down, tied me up, and threw me into the lounge.

When I woke up, I found that my abdomen had been tied to the chair in the lounge. In front of me, there was a PMMA chess set, the fucking trash from the most useless blueprint. He wanted me to have a game with him, and if he won, he'd slice my belly to take my blood; if I won, he'd just find another part to cut. He fucking maniac.

I found no difference between the two ways, but I thought the second one had a higher chance of survival. So I chose to play this fucking absurd game of chess with him.

I had his king surrounded as expected, but before I could yell out “you lose,” he gave a scornful smile and said, “Checkmate.” Then he grabbed his combat knife and cut my wrist. I could only watch as the blood sprayed into the plastic box in his hands.

He poured my blood into the spittoon at the doorway, and then the wall of the lounge slid open. A sign exposed out there, with a colored light ring said “Easter Egg Room”. I almost laughed out. Was this the so-called - Easter Sanctuary?

Then he brought out a jar of black slurry - the K’awiil Jar he mentioned. This maniac said that it could open the door back to the Frontrooms. Didn't he realize that it was just a jar of Russian black caviar? A fucking absolute maniac. He took a little bit and wiped it on the wall, and then a hint of fishy smell made him realized the truth.

Thanks to this prank, he raged up and kicked me out along with my chair, and Then shot himself in the mouth in a deep growl. My chair hit the wall and fell apart. Here's my chance. I couldn’t waste a single second. I found a bunch of files marked “processes” in the control room, and the last process was the activation of the "Mania State". Long story short, I have to destroy this power plant.

It's possible to destroy it following the method in section 12, but we need something to block the chain explosion within a certain range, or the whole level would be fucked up. I preseted the meltdown device according to the operational regulations and told the three members outside to hang the blocker aerogel behind the yacht, take a loop around the sphere, and then evacuate I also told them I would leave on another yacht.

Then it came to my own curtain call. As I activated the Easter Egg Room, the self-destruct system of the center was broken, and I had to keep repeating the combination of keystrokes there.

There's no way out.

Uh, the meltdown degree is 92% now. Time to say goodbye.


At least I didn’t let down my team name, "Argonaut," ha.


I didn't get the Golden Fleece like Jason did, but it doesn't matter.


To have the “Sun” buried with me, how glorious.


Farewell, fellas…

FILE——008——D.G.C.'s Resolution on Establishment of Monument for Team Argonaut:

For Our Alliance
During the defense battle, Team Argonaut has made huge sacrifices. However, after destroying the power plant producing Manicormone, the Sharkopard’s offensive completely disintegrated within 4 days. We were left with only 14 cities in our remaining bases, and only 3 members of the Argonaut investigation team survived.

We honor the team for taking on all the risks, especially Captain Carlos of Team-α, who perished with the Manicormone generator. His spirit will become a bond that connects us to confront all sorts of challenges. Here we propose to establish a monument in honor of the heroes who participated in this operation.

The voting result:
38 4 0

Proposal approved.

Acting as one on the behalf of many

Documents regarding the later discovery of Level 667:

Submitting the document modification request. The survival difficulty will be amended to 3E.


Class 3E

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-Entity Hazards

After the explosion of the Manicormone generator, the overall environment of the level underwent a significant change. The external temperature of the PMMA spheres dropped, with an average temperature of -29°C, and the surface of the heavy water sea iced. The frequency of the appearance of Processes-29 increased, but with a lower threat. The mental hazards of the level have completely disappeared, and now we can have effective communication with Sharkopards.


Iced heavy water sea.

According to the data sent back by Carlos who sacrificed himself, the complete destruction of the Manicormone generator activated a new emergency process, causing changes in the level's ecology, and decrease of the overall amount of supplies in the level, but it is still enough to maintain the lives of the residents under the dome at present.

Due to the freeze of the heavy water sea, Sharkopards can no longer return to their submarine bases to obtain supplies, and their numbers are sharply decreasing. With the help of the P.R.G., we have successfully conducted meetings with some Lead Sharkopards and planned to relocate all Sharkopards to several vacant cities for refuge.

Despite the continuous controversy in the council, we have still made it. After all, this is his last wish…

I've never experienced such tough battle, I'm an ecologist after all. In my initial opinion, any technology should exist for the purpose of building a peaceful and tranquil homeland, and now I understand it's also for wars.

I hate violence, but when it comes to necessary evils, I will…

If this is the only way to achieve peace and coexist with these entities…

I will do it, even if it puts me in a dilemma of morality.

But when everything is settled down, I am willing to reconcile with them, as they are also struggling with their hands tied…

Softly, the first snow begin to fall from the sky, blanketing the dome of City-α, where our headquarters are located.

Strands of sunlight intertwine, projecting a dazzling beam on a newly established statue of the fallen. On the square next to it, gathering around the statue are recently arrived Sharkopards and unyielding residents who survived the apocalypse.

Redemption is not over; we must unite as one.

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