Level 66
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Class 3

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A Photo taken by The M.E.G. in Level 66

Level 66 is the 67th Level of the Backrooms. It is currently an unconfirmed level.


Level 66 appears as a swamp, similar to the Florida Everglades. This Level has a large amount of entities, with special Death Rats that swim in the swamp water. It is hard to navigate this Level, as there are no pathways. Isolation is common, but drinking enough Almond Water can help. The swamp water seems to be especially disorienting, so it is possible to enter the Wretched Cycle. It is not recommended to drink it. The Entities in this Level are Death Rats, Wretches, Skin-Stealers, Camo Crawlers and Deathmoths. There are also Alligator Entities, which remain unnamed. These entities will act like a normal alligators, with the exception of being faster, stronger, and having spikes on their backs; this makes them very dangerous. Fortunately, the Entities get distracted by the Death Rats, but it's advised to avoid the alligators at all cost regardless.

In the swamp, there is a shack. While this place is mostly empty, it contains a table, a bed, and one old photo of army soldiers from the 1900s. A crashed cargo plane is also present in this level; in this plane, there are old supplies, consisting mainly of expired food and drinks (the latter being old Almond Water), but both are not safe for consumption. In addition to that, it is also possible to find weapons and gas masks.

After wandering through the swamps for a few days, a siren will play for a several minutes; the source of the noise is unknown. After the siren stops, no ambiance can be heard at all. Some time after, a strange entity resembling a Human wearing a 1920s-era uniform and a gas mask will appear. This entity can be seen staring from afar; if approached, the entity will walk away, then seemingly disappear. After this, you can hear planes in the sky, none of which are visible. After a few weeks, explosions can be heard, and gas will begin consuming the swamps. This gas is dangerous; avoid it at all cost. The exit points are not affected by the gas, but gas masks (ones on hand or from the crashed plane) will come in handy.

During this phase the Alligator Entities are much stronger, now in the form of having gas emitting from their bodies. At this point, the masked Entities will be in groups, running through the murky waters. Any attempts to distract these entities will result in failure, unless physical interactions are made. Successful interactions will result in being approached and grabbed by the Entities; they may also say things like:
"Come with us, this place is dangerous!"
"Come over here, you need help."
"Stay calm, don't panic."
"Don't worry, everything will be fine."
After this interaction, you will be sent to "Level 14". This is all the information that The M.E.G. "Team Murky Mariners" has discovered so far. More information will be posted when it becomes available.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") "Team Murky Mariners"

  • This Team is made to explore this Level.
  • Has a base near one of the exit points.
  • Found most of the info on this Level.
  • They will help Survivors and Wanderers in need on this Level.
  • They are willing to Trade.

Entrances And Exits:


Entry to Level 66 is achieved by finding a swamp area in either Level 34 or Level 10, or by exiting through the entrance gates in Level 78. In the latter case, you will notice everything turning into a swamp slowly, and the air getting thin.


Exit Level 66 by finding a long road deep within Level 66. If you follow it, you will end up in Level 11.

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