Level 654
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Photo of the maintenance hall on Level 654.

Level 654 is the 655th Level of the Backrooms.

It was originally discovered after a group of explorers were searching for Level 655.


Level 654 takes the appearance of a longwinded cargo tunnel commonly used to transport goods underground. Whilst safe with no documented Entities encounters, Level 654’s hallways are repetitive and hard to see the difference between others. Key details of Level 654’s halls include blue and gray metal panels on the side with a yellow lined concrete flooring. Removal of panels expose a complex series of pipelining. It's prohibited to remove any pipeline, content of said pipeline being unknown and potentially infinite.

Level 654 has been documented to have ominous noises coming from opposite ends of the Level. Pounding from the walls indicating distress has also been documented. All pounding from the walls of Level 654 have revealed nothing significant, but more exposing of the pipelining. Intense shacking of the floor and cracking has been suggested, but hasn't been confirmed. All witnesses suggested that cracks have vanished after said incident, but is unlikely. Other sighting such as light flickering has been noted, but is theorized to be faulty lighting.

To date, two people have been reported lost in Level 654 all being tied into the cracking of the flooring. It has been suggested that these cracks may lead to Level -9, but hasn't been confirmed.

Maintenance halls (As shown in the pictures) are uncommon halls located on Level 654. They're usually found on the outskirt of Level 654 and is useful for locating the center. Most maintenance halls are deem useless otherwise, not apposing anything useful besides hidden doors useful for hiding.

The center of Level 654 is a wide open space, in the middle a support beam. Around this support beam is the Central Outpost, the main outpost of Level 654. It retains the same aspect of a common hall with the key difference being the lack of a light source. The addition of lighting, as of now, has been deemed impossible with Level 654 having no exposed power sources.


Central Outpost

Located in the assumed center of Level 654. Excess supplies from previous explorers are kept in the outpost for possible reuse for others. As of now, no individuals is currently housed at the outpost and is mainly used as a guidance mechanism for lost explorers.

Request for Office Terminals has been sent and is currently pending. Objects and necessities such such as Worn Sacks and Almond Water have been requested, but have either been denied or in pending.

Entrances And Exits:


Entrances to Level 654 are scattered around Level 11. It is advised to be cautious, for fear of entering Level 59.


Exiting can be achieved by using the door previously used to enter.

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