Level 64
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Class 3

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A photo of Level 64 engulfed in darkness.

Level 64 is the 65th Level of The Backrooms. Level 64 seems to be an infinite house, with dysfunctional lighting fixtures.


Level 64 is an infinite house area with many rooms, halls and stairways. The Level itself is littered with house decor, more than what you would find in an average everyday household. The darkness in Level 64 absorbs light, and light sources are dysfunctional. A working method is being constructed by The M.E.G. at this moment. The structure of the house seems to change when no sentient beings are looking, which can cause the Wanderer to feel anxiety and/or paranoia. Level 64 can also cause Wanderers to receive symptoms similar to nyctophobia for the amount of time that one can spend in the darkness.

The furniture in Level 64 is very average to what you can find normally in The Frontrooms. However a significant amount of mold and dust can be found on different surfaces. Most of the Level has a large amount of items, to the point where some items are placed in impossible ways. There are many light sources spread across the Level but cannot be activated and if they can ever even be activated. any books and other written material to be found will be blank. Many rooms and halls found in Level 64 can be drastically different than normal, such as a room full of clocks ticking in unison with a grandfather clock in the center on a pile of more clocks, upside-down halls, pitch black halls of void and many more oddities.

Only one Entity seems to appear in Level 64, those of which are known as 'Lurkers'. Lurkers are humanoid Entities that have a worm-like body. The height of the Entity is estimated to be normally six (6) feet tall, few reports have mentioned a Lurker to be twenty (20) feet tall, Lurkers are able to climb any surface with the Entity's large amount of legs, that being five (5) on each side. These Entities are hostile, and will attack on sight. Moving quickly and out of view is the best way to escape Lurkers as they are incapable of hearing. Lurkers are sensitive to light and is the likely reason to its absence in most of Level 64.

Through unknown means, Level 64 will transform itself to a normal house interior that is finite, and many entrances and exits can be found. All light sources will be activated, and no Entities will appear during this stage. It is unknown how or why this happens, as it appears to happen randomly when traversing too far in Level 64. It is suggested to exit through one of the many access points during this stage.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Having a Group in Level 64 is a hard task, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done.

The M.E.G. "Darkness Rangers" Outpost:

  • Consists of 23 people ready to help Wanderers in Level 64.
  • Resides in the Level 0 entrance room.
  • Receives supplies every week from The B.N.T.G..

Abandoned Insurrection Base:

  • This base was abandoned by The Insurrection long before The M.E.G. had arrived.
  • Most important items have been taken out of this area. Only evidence remaining were very few documents.
  • A loud ticking noise can be heard within this base. The source is yet to be found.
  • The only thing we know about this project was one document that describes an encounter. See Insurrection Document 34-E for more information.


  • A mysterious Group that resides in house-like areas.
  • This Group has discovered information about houses in The Backrooms that is unknown to The M.E.G.
  • The amount of members are unknown.

Entrances And Exits:


  • To Enter, Elevators entrances can become an entrance to Level 64 in any Level, removing the elevator that was once there. Including Level 65.
  • Finding a cellar in Level 98 will lead to Level 64.
  • Finding a couch in Level 6 and using it will lead you to pass out and wake up in Level 64.
  • Finding a large decorated room in Level 2 will lead you to Level 64.


  • To Exit, you must survive until the safe stage is active for most exits to function, then find a glass door that will lead to a yard of a house in Level 9.
  • Walking outside the front door can lead you back home.
  • One exit can be found early by finding a lit room full of light can lead you to Level 0.
  • No-Clipping through paintings can lead you to Level 57.
  • A hole can be found in the walls or ceiling that can lead to Level 8.

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