The Decay Zone
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The Decay Zone's now extinct original stage, this was photographed in a living room.


The first picture evidence of the transitional stage in a recreation room from 2016.


A staircase in The Decay Zone's current state.

Level 609 is the 610th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered in 2012.

Level 609 is a mansion that takes up late 19th to early 20th century architecture and furnishing.

The Decay Zone is a Sub-Level of The Blue Channel. It was discovered in 2012.

The Decay Zone is a mansion that is progressively decaying away, formerly given the designation of Level 609.


Level 609 takes on the form of a mansion built around the late 19th/early 20th century in Britain. Though there are the occasional Facelings. Although these Facelings are all dressed in 19th century maid attire. There are kitchens, bedrooms, dining halls, hallways, art galleries and servant rooms. In each of these rooms are an abundant amount of supplies, whether it be normal food or Almond Water.

There is also the occasional room that seems slightly more decayed and abandoned than the regular rooms. With notable cobwebs and a distinct lack of furniture, besides the occasional chair, table, empty bookshelf or fireplace. In these rooms there are no supplies, and there is an increase in entity count. Not only are there more Facelings, but there are also reports of Hounds, the occasional Lighter and the occasional sight of Parasitic Paint along the walls.

There are occasional windows in these rooms, these windows look out into a field with a mining town in the distance. It is currently unknown if this is an exit to another unknown Level, or just a second part to Level 609.

As of a recent event, Level 232 has been designated as the Decay Zone. The more decayed rooms that were mentioned in the original revision were in fact a sign of this Levels decay. Now that decay has spread to the entire Level, an update has been made to accurately describe the Levels new environment.

First Revision

The Decay Zone takes on the form of an abandoned mansion, there is little to no furniture inside any of these rooms. The few pieces of furniture you may find include the occasional chair, table, a single stove, a cabinet, a wardrobe and a radiator. The floor is made of medium brown wood, and is known to be creaky. In turn attracting entities and unwanted attention. There are a wide variety of entities that live on this Level, examples being Smilers, Hounds and Facelings (although they are unusually passive).

Holes have appeared in the walls, revealing previously unknown stairways. Although it may seem that you can go infinitely up or down this Level, The Decay Zone is actually comprised of only three floors, with the floors looping within themselves instead. Each floor of this Level is more or less identical to each other, which can lead to confusion as to which floor you're actually on. However, there are a few key differences to each floor which can help distinguish which one you're on.

  • Floor one will never have staircases that could be found naturally, since they'll usually be behind now broken walls.
  • Floors two and three will have the occasional room where the floorboards have been ripped up, jumping through these has been known to send you to the Blue Channel.
  • Floor one has the remains of an old library. There are the remains of bookshelves and bookcases that litter the area, and these can occasionally have books themselves inside of them. It is believed that if all books were still present, they'd form an image of a jigsaw piece outline.
  • Floor three presents the only way to exit to Level -7 via a door. Although exit is possible by breaking the windows on other levels, doing such is not advised, since the fall lead to injury.
  • On floor one, you can find the occasional bloodstain or old M.E.G. Item around. This will most likely be the remains of the previous outpost or their explorers from before The Shift.

Second Revision

As of 07/10/20, all entities seem to have vanished from this Level entirely. As well, the Level has begun to display non-Euclidian properties. Staircases appearing to go up can take you down a floor and vice versa, hallways that look long can take only a few seconds to go through,and rarely an anomalous shifting in scale may occur if travelling down a hallway with a sloped roof. It is believed that this is the final stage of decay, where the Level itself will eventually become entirely abstract.

When this stage happens, the Level is theorised to become uninhabitable. As such, no new M.E.G. outposts have been authorised to be set up, and the entirety of The Decay Zone is set to be abandoned. What will happen once the Level decays entirely is unknown, with the amount of time until then estimated to be approximately four (4) years.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G.. (A.K.A The "Major Explorer Group") Servant Workers:

  • Small M.E.G. base comprised of ten (10) people.
  • They reside in one of the bedrooms and a kitchen.
  • They get their supplies given to them from Level 101.

There are no known bases, communities, or outposts on this Level.

The Shift

The Shift is the name for the event that moved this Level from designation 232 to a currently unknown designation. A surviving camera showed all the lights to suddenly turn off within the Level. Two (2) few minutes later, there was a rumbling noise as the Level shifted as if it was moving to the left. Once it stopped moving the Level appeared to suddenly shoot upwards in space. The intense and sudden g-force crushed the furniture, and turned the M.E.G. workers into nothing more than a pile of viscera. Once the Level stopped moving, the lights remained off and various walls collapsed, leaving the Level in its current state.

Entrances And Exits:


An exit to Level 486.


Level 232 can be accessed through a door on Level 101, but it can also be accessed on Level 125 in the 3rd bedroom.

The Decay Zone can be entered by finding an old mansion on Level -7, or by breaking lights in Level 0, or by trying to enter Level 27.


You can often times exit Level 232 the exact same way you came in, but you can also exit to level Level 165 by large door in a dining room.

To exit The Decay Zone, you can find doors or break the windows into Level -7. Alternatively, jumping down holes in the floor on the second floor will take you to the Blue Channel.

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