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Make Believe

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A real image of Make Believe.


An artists interpretation of what you can possibly see while inside Make Believe, created by Ludocrypt

Make Believe is an 606th level of the Backrooms, it was discovered in 2016.

Make Believe is an antivoid that projects the visions of the first nine levels in the Backrooms.


Make Believe is an antivoid, an area opposite to a void that's entirely filled with mass. The mass that inhabits this void is mostly black with the occasional freckle of another colour. It is possible to breathe and move around in this antivoid, with the substance that fills this level being able to be pushed through easily and works as an alternate form of oxygen. It's just light enough to be pushed through, but still heavy enough to be stood on.

Walking through Make Believe has been attributed to being like walking underwater or trying to run in a dream, with the force of this level's matter pushing against you wherever you walk. Due to the whole level being encompassed from top to bottom in walkable matter, it is possible to walk up and down this antivoid infinitely. Lifting up your foot and leaving it in place will cause your foot to rest there comfortably, standing on a higher Y axis than your other foot.

The other notable effect of this level is that it projects visions of the first nine levels of The Backrooms. The projections will be lifelike replicas of Level 0 through to Level 8. It will make whoever is travelling through it believe that what they're seeing around them is real, despite the feeling one gets while moving. The immersion is broken in one of three ways, realising you can travel up and down the Y axis without the need of stairs, realising you can go through walls, and trying to get a picture of the level you're in. Since the appearance of these levels is nothing more than a projection or hallucination, the landscape is entirely fake. In a sense, they can be noclipped through. Although this does not result in escaping the level. In the same way, it is impossible to take pictures of the level projections, since they only exist within the mind of the traveller. Once the immersion is broken, the traveler is often overcome with a feeling of isolation, often turning them into a Wretch. If this does happen to an individual, the body (or Wretch) is transported to whatever level is being projected.

As well as this, interacting with other people does not cause a break in immersion. All travellers of Make Believe are placed in separate areas of the level, with each area projecting a different level from The Main Nine. While it is possible to reach the other areas, the projections themselves never overlap. Ensuring that two wanderers who are seeing different projections never meet one another and break each others immersion.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


It is possible to randomly appear here while traversing any levels between 0 and 8. The air will get heavier around any entrance to Make Believe, if one is to experience this, then they should immediately go the other direction to avoid this level.


There is currently only one way to 'leave' Make Believe. Dying will bring your corpse, or the Wretch that you leave behind, to the level that was being projected. Currently, all information that has been collected has come from evidence and the writings of bodies found in levels 0-8.

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