Level 60
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A smiler in the distance of the level's Upper Area.

Level 60 is the 61st level of The Backrooms. It is situated outdoors, sitting next to a bayside.


Level 60 is a segmented level that appears to be an infinitely long, newly constructed, and "well-kept" concrete pathway next to a bay. While the level has street lights giving off light, most of these lights appear to either be broken or switched off. Wanderers are advised to exercise caution when traveling on the pathway as hostile entities are commonly concentrated in that area. Level 60 has no "daylight" cycle, leaving most areas of the level shrouded in darkness. Wanderers should try to avoid the upper area of Level 60 to prevent encountering contact with hostile creatures, particularly Smilers. This level was discovered accidentally by Alphmoan Dextra in September 2020 when he drowned in Level 85. Said wanderer is one of the members of The Brave. He is a highly-skilled martial arts player, which came into large use when he was the first one to discover the level itself. After his initial reports to the M.E.G., he was then accompanied by 9 more people who had their own special skill.

Even though the level has a dark environment, there appears to be an unknown phenomenon that affects many wanderers by making them feel "relaxed" and "calm" despite the fact that there are hordes of Smilers lurking everywhere. The effect mostly takes place whenever any wanderers start focusing on the sea breeze coming from the bay. This is thought to be a ruse to get you to lower your guard and become unaware that danger and hostile entities are already in your proximity. Eventually, the effect was officially named and known as the "Painless Death".

The spawning point1 was studied and determined by the M.E.G. with the help of The Brave. One will always spawn in "The Sea" after "drowning" in any level that has a sea/ocean.

The Segments

The Upper Area

Segment 1 - Upper Area


The Upper Area.

This is the primary area of Level 60. It is a newly-built and "well-kept" concrete bay walk, where the majority of the street lights do not function properly due to the circumstances2, causing the level to be mostly dark, making it difficult and challenging for one to see or navigate through the level. It is expected to have proper gear and equipment the moment one enters this level if one would like to survive. The upper area of the bay is the most dangerous part of the level due to reasons such as the segment having zero water/food supply, and wanderers being vulnerable to hostile entities. Smilers are the most common entities that are found in this segment's darker areas.

The strange effect known as "Painless Death" is at its most powerful in this section of the level. Wanderers traversing the upper area will always be disturbed by this phenomenon. It is suggested that you come in pairs or groups to help you snap out of it.3 Finding any staircases that lead down will always lead to the safer part of the level; The Lower Area.

Because of the street lights, Smilers are heavily concentrated in this area. These entities are drawn to sources of light, which explains why they are mostly found here.

The Lower Area

Segment 2 - Lower Area


The Lower Area.

This is the area where all wanderers that end up on this level come into contact after floating in "The Sea" whenever someone rises 4 and sets foot on a dirt pathway that is right next to a concrete bay walk.

This part of Level 60 is located below the main area of the level. It is a relatively small space with many items and pieces of construction equipment scattered around it. The lower area is a dirt path that follows the same path as the upper area. This segment isn't completed on construction; making it guaranteed that there are no barriers to protect anyone from falling into "The Sea". On either side of the bay walk's upper area, there are staircases that can be used to access this section. These stairs are generally 100 meters apart and are safe to use. Also, every street light in front of every staircase on the bay walk are somewhat always functional. Many wanderers must consider staying in the lower area to keep safe while preparing to explore the level. Going instantly to the upper area is a Deathwish. Consider being patient; for your life matters.5

The group known as The Brave mostly resides in this area. Due to the amount of equipment scattered, they use it for useful stuff, such as building a secure hiding spot, weapons for defense, etc. The members of the said group are properly trained to fight and defend themselves, making them suitable to live in the level's harsh environment.

After the level's discovery by Alphmoan Dextra, The Brave was appointed by the M.E.G. to observe and investigate the level. After a month of investigations and observations, the group has concluded and confirmed that the lower area is generally safer due to its resources, location, and the vacancy of entities in the area.6 The group made sure to make the lower area more secure by cleaning some parts of it and making use of the equipment scattered everywhere. As time passed, the group decided to call themselves "The Brave" because they felt that their sole purpose in Level 60, where they were staying, was to guide and help any wanderers.

Level Exclusives

Painless Death

The main cause of death in Level 60 is the "Painless Death". The Painless Death is a strange phenomenon that occurs exclusively on Level 60 whenever a wanderer focuses on the sea breeze. This sea breeze has a strange relaxation effect that makes wanderers feel calmer the longer they stay at the level. This strange phenomenon happens only if the Wanderer feels anxious, worried, scared, and hopeless. Although this effect lasts forever and does not go away on its own, it can be stopped either by the wanderers themselves following The Guide or someone else snapping them out of the effect before it's too late. It has been discovered that the effect does get stronger with time, so wanderers are advised to always remember The "Guide".

While the phenomenon wasn't originally discovered by Alphmoan Dextra, many people who've ended up in the level had reported about feeling the presence of this said effect. About 10 of those people have sadly died.7 Alphmoan Dextra has proposed to their group known as The Brave to ensure and prioritize curing the victims of the Painless Death if they ever see one. He also states to the M.E.G. base that they will protect and serve; even if it means to die or to suffer from injuries.

The "Guide"

  • If you feel optimistic about the level, immediately think about the dangers that hide within.
  • If you feel the breeze changing in any bit, do not mind and keep moving.
  • Do not attempt to meditate.
  • If you see a wanderer being a bit too positive, do not take doubts and immediately cure the effect.
  • Curing the effect is still varied; but the most common way is to slap the victim.

The Sea

The M.E.G. along with The Brave group have worked together to determine The Sea's components and characteristics accurately. It has been confirmed that the sea at Level 60 is identical to the sea in The Frontrooms. The characteristics of the water constantly changes from acting as a "portal" at times, or sometimes the entire shoreline is entirely devoid of water.8 The measured depth of the sea in its normal characteristic is only 4 feet deep. However, The Brave group cannot further measure the exact depths of other areas due to the entities present.

Due to its weird characteristics, it is widely advised that no wanderer should try to dip into the water or access the shoreline when it's completely devoid of water.9 There were 7 confirmed cases total in which the wanderers unintentionally dipped into the water to hide while being pursued by swarms of Smilers. According to this report, two of those wanderers ended up in Level 7. The other one was fortunate enough to be able to get back to the lower segment. The other four were discovered dead in the sea. The actual causes remained unknown since the bodies were completely free of scratches and wounds until The Brave discovered the sea's 4th characteristic.

The characteristics of "The Sea", as prepared by The Brave:

Characteristics of "The Sea"

- The sea acts relatively the same as in The Frontrooms.
- Safe.
- Does not pose any hazards or threats.
- Around 4 feet in depth.
- Serves as the only gateway to Level 60.

- The sea would look the same, though it does not feel like water; It tends to pull anyone who comes into contact during this characteristic.
- Undergoing observations regarding its safety.
- Poses a potential hazard, for it is;
- Proven to send you into levels that contains a sea or an ocean, mostly Level 7.
- Unknown water depth.

- The shoreline is exposed; completely devoid of water.
- Sand color is "black", but it does not pose any threats whatsoever.
- Safe to walk in; though you may encounter a Smiler. As a result, it is discouraged to do so.
- The phenomenon known as "Painless Death" stops completely.
- Typically happens randomly.

- The sea becomes as deep as an ocean.
- Waves are somewhat calm.
- Unsafe; risk of drowning due to the currents.
- Estimated water depth of about 3,740 meters or 12,270 ft.
- The water current strangely goes downwards, causing one to be pulled to their deaths by drowning.
- The main cause of death of the 4 unlucky people who were escaping from the swarms of Smilers pursuing them.

- The Brave

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Brave

  • This group consists of about 10 members.
  • Their mission is to guide and help any wanderers in need.
  • The group does not have a leader.
  • They are friendly and open to trading, but they mostly stay hidden due to the dangers present.
  • The group constantly cleans the Lower Area to help any wanderers to have an easier and safer preparation.
  • They release weekly updates about Level 60 to the M.E.G.

Because of the dangers present on the level, the group's location is constantly changing; however, they never travel too far because signal strength weakens with distance.

Entrances and Exits


Drowning in any level that has a sea or an ocean may bring you to Level 60 during the sea's First Characteristic.


By jumping into "The Sea" in its second characteristic, you have a chance of being sent to Level 7. There is also a theorized way to exit Level 60 where if you sleep at the upper segment, you'll wake up at Level 61. This is still unproven and strongly discouraged due to a large number of entities present at this level.

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