Level 6.1
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A collection of vending machines in Level 6.1.

Level 6.1 is a Sub-Level of Level 6. This Level is an infinite mall cafeteria, with many different snack bars and joints.


Level 6.1 resembles an infinite1 mall cafeteria, with a labyrinth of many snack bars and restaurants spread across the Level. These bars can vary in age and appearance, from modern day snack joints to bars recorded to be from as early as the 1600's. Entrances to these bars can be found within halls that resemble a mall set in the 1980's with many cafeteria tables and chairs in a navy blue color. However, the exits of these restaurants can possibly lead to another restaurant, even if you have entered the restaurant from the halls in that direction. This effect makes the layout of Level 6.1 fairly confusing. The M.E.G. Regiment "Track Mappers" have mapped out the controlled area of Level 6.1 and maps are given out to any Wanderer that asks. This is one of the first Sub-Levels that doesn't quite match its Level 6 counterpart.

The food in Level 6.1 doesn't seem to be finite, and restocks weekly with a random assortment of various nourishment items inside of vending machines, fridges and shelves. Some restaurants shut down temporarily by The Snackrooms Staff due to the complete usage of their food supply during that week, before reopening after the restocking session. Various drinks are available including Almond Water and Cashew Water, even normal distilled and purified water. These normal water types are one of the more popular items in Level 6.1 due to it's rarity in The Backrooms. Some rooms can be found within Level 6.1 which have a collection of vending machines scattered around the room. Some arrangements are in order, or entirely random. Some rooms are even unenterable due to the sheer amount of vending machines piled on top of each other which can block the entrance to the room. The vending machines in Level 6.1 can produce small snacks and drinks without any payment, and The M.E.G. encourages Wanderers to use the vending machines anytime they'll possibly need it.

Windows can be found within Level 6.1 and are not dangerous with zero reports of Entity 2. The windows found show a slightly orange white glow from the window which acts as daylight, even with the absent of color in the skylights mentioned below. Many differing signs for restaurants and bars can be seen throughout Level 6.1, though most of these businesses don't exist in The Frontrooms, with some appearing to be nameless. The Snackrooms Staff have even renamed some restaurants to their liking.


One of the many bars in Level 6.1, named “Liquorette.”

The halls of Level 6.1 are very spacious, only having few benches, pillars, and plants. A glass sky light can be seen on the top of most ceilings on this area, but shows nothing but darkness. However, the entire area is lit up to the equivalent of daylight emitting from the skylights and doesn't seem to change. Many bathrooms can be found throughout the halls of Level 6.1 and don't seem to have any anomalous properties besides restocking toilet paper as with most items in Level 6.1. This Level also has various large rooms with a circular dip in the middle, with benches all around. Music will play from speakers across the hall area with various songs mostly ranging from popular 80's and 90's hits. Speakers in various bars have been set up to play music chosen by the Staff running the restaurants.

Level 6.1's only natural Entity are Facelings with "The 11 Effect". These Entities are very friendly and help The Snack Rooms Staff cook, clean, and serve many foods to Wanderers. They do not require any payment, and will gladly help out others in need. Businesses in Level 6.1 do not need payment to receive food from them. However with the rise of a new currency currently in discussion, this may change based on the opinions of the Wanderers. No hostile Entities in Level 6.1 spawn naturally and usually come from other Levels. However a report of a hostile Entity hasn't been received in months. As such, this Level has been regarded as safe for all wanderers. See M.E.G. Level 6.1 Incident Report-4 for more information.

Level 6.1 is a rather valuable Level then most, due to the sheer amount of resources that can be gathered here. A resource that is few and far in between within The Backrooms. This Level is a safe zone for any group and no wars will be held here for the safety of Level 6.1. With this comes the high-demand of this location, and is a general hotspot for any Wanderer which includes the likes of socialization and trading in The Backrooms which makes this task far more easier. Although this doesn't mean incidents haven't happened, as there are many M.E.G. Logs that have reported mysterious happenings in Level 6.1.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The M.E.G. Level 6 Access Outpost:

  • Located at one of the exits of the Snackrooms, as a quick access point to Level 6.
  • Access denied to most, only used for research and exploration purposes.
  • 4+ armed guards associated with M.E.G. Division Secure Security present at all times.

The Snackrooms Staff:

  • A group made after the discovery of Level 6.1.
  • These people work in many areas in Level 6.1.
  • This community has around forty-three (43) members all working in different restaurants and bars.
  • Staff assist working Facelings in their jobs.

Camp Amber Level 6.1 Outpost:

  • This is the third base from Camp Amber which usually resides on Level 1.
  • This Group usually helps newcomers and teach them about The Backrooms.
  • This group is an Outpost, and don't really have a fixed point, as they wander around to help others.
  • They usually gather supplies here from shops that don't need them and proceed to use the supplies for their outpost.

The Guild of Many:

  • A small Group with around 12 people. However they have claimed that they have many more members.
  • They usually hold protests against most large Groups in The Backrooms.
  • Have shown signs of hostility towards M.E.G. Members, but no civilian reports as of yet.
  • Is overall harmless.

The Guild of Many is undergoing investigation due to a possible Entity invasion. All entrances to Level 6.1 is guarded by The M.E.G. until further notice while they try to eliminate the hostile Entities in Level 6.1. Any Wanderers that trip into Level 6.1 will be escorted if ever found and identified as human. See M.E.G. Level 6.1 Incident Report-4 for more information.


Level 6.1 was discovered by a wanderer from a group known as The Explorers in Level 5. While exploring Level 6 in 2011, he stumbled upon Level 6.1. The wanderer tripped on a wire and fell on top of a wooden table in what looked like a bar from the 1950's. The bar had red walls and wooden paneled flooring. The wanderer then tried to take a photo of said room, but the photo failed to load. After gathering this information, he returned to his group with his discovery of Level 6.1. All info about The Explorers were gathered by The M.E.G. in 2013.

Years later, Level 6.1 became a hotspot for wanderers to relax and rest. A Group was formed to work in Level 6.1 known as The Snackrooms Staff that work for hours at a time. Later after discovering the Level 6 exit, The M.E.G. established a small outpost to monitor wanderers and restrict access to Level 6. The red bar first described in the discovery is now an active bar known as "Clippers," a reference to how Level 6.1 was originally discovered.

Entrances And Exits:


There are three known ways to enter Level 6.1.

  • Trip on a wire in Level 6 unintentionally. You will then No-Clip through the floor and fall into Level 6.1.
  • Enter any restaurant on Level 11. This is the safer method and an easier access point to Level 6.1, so it is recommended that you are to follow this method to enter the Snackrooms.
  • Find a vending machine on Level 4 and press any button. You will then be able to No-Clip into the vending machine, and you will be teleported to a random location within Level 6.1.


There are five known ways to exit Level 6.1.

  • A rusty steel door that leads to Level 6. Screaming can often be heard behind this door. Constantly guarded by The M.E.G. and access to this exit without permission is restricted.
  • Sliding glass doors that will bring you to Level 11, outside of a random restaurant. Found on the perimeter of Level 6.1. This exit is the safest and easiest way to exit Level 6.1.
  • Entering through any vent opening will cause you to be sucked into the vent and dropped into Level 3.
  • Finding a wall that is unnaturally bent and entering it can lead you to The Blue Channel.
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