Level 59
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The original author of this level is giantgoat15. Rewritten and expanded upon by jan Jejasajan Jejasa. Thanks to SecondtoInfinitySecondtoInfinity for help with the dialogue.

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A picture of Level 59, taken by a member of the Pioneers.

Level 59 is the 60th level of the Backrooms. It was first documented by the Pioneers, a small group of wanderers focused on exploration. However, the M.E.G. was only alerted to the discovery when four severely injured members of the group arrived at an M.E.G. outpost. Based on the survivors' testimonies, the rest of the group was presumed dead. The maze-like layout of the level, combined with the danger posed by the entities, makes it advisable to try to avoid Level 59 completely.


Level 59 is an endless underground railway system. It consists of two distinct sections, called the Stations and the Tunnels. Due to their interconnected nature, traversing through the level usually requires crossing both sections multiple times during one's journey. As no supplies can be found anywhere in Level 59, wanderers here have to survive using the resources they already have.

The Stations


The railway platforms are where the Stations and the Tunnels meet.

The Stations take the appearance of subway stations. They come in a variety of forms, resembling different subway networks from the Frontrooms. Usually, several railways meet at a station, which makes it possible to switch between the different railways. Rarely, two different stations are connected by a slim, circular hallway. These hallways are dangerous, as entities found in the Stations can be found in them in large quantities.

Wind is present in the Stations. While the source of it is not known, it is very prevalent and can reach dangerously high speeds. The gusts of wind have been reported to correlate with noises of trains heard from the Tunnels. However, as no trains are present in the Tunnels, the source of these noises is also a mystery. Both of these phenomena are considered related.

Each individual station is a collection of environments typical for a subway station. These environments include areas such as hallways, staircases, and railway platforms. Sometimes, the staircases are unusually long, often stretching for thousands of steps. However, all of them end abruptly, leading directly into a wall. The walls all around the Stations are covered with advertising posters. While the posters seldom contain comprehensible text, instead usually containing indecipherable symbols, they demonstrate the graphic design expected for an advert.

Many entities are present in the Stations. So far, Hounds, Death Rats, Clickers, and Facelings have been recorded. Adult facelings in this section have been observed sitting or lying on benches. While they are a frequent sight, child facelings are even more common. They passively wander around the section but demonstrate hostile behavior upon spotting a wanderer. Together, these entities form the primary danger of the Stations. However, the entities in the Tunnels are even more hostile. Unfortunately, to escape the level, one must cross several different stations, making short trips through the Tunnels necessary.

The Tunnels

The Tunnels, which form the other part of Level 59, can be accessed from any railway platform in this level. All tunnels here are dark; some tunnels are only lit by small lamps sporadically located on the walls, while others have no light at all. Every tunnel contains at least a single railway, which may present a risk of tripping. A never-ending smell of corroded metal is ever-present, originating from the oxidized tracks. It is occasionally accompanied by sounds of moving trains, although actual trains are absent from this level.

This section is infested with entities, including Skin-Stealers, Smilers, Hounds and Crawlers. Smilers are common, frequently lurking in the darkness. Encounters with Hounds have proven dangerous due to the tripping hazard posed by the tracks. Usually, if one encounters something resembling another person in the Tunnels, it is not wise to trust them; they could be a Skin-Stealer wearing the skin of a deceased person, or a crawler in the early stages of the infection.


An image of the Tunnels. Several lamps along the walls light up this tunnel.

The Map

Many explorers who have escaped from Level 59 have claimed to have used something called "the Map". According to testimonies, it manifests as a large subway map on a wall and can be used to navigate to an exit. The exact nature of the Map is not fully understood, as some of the information gained about it through interviews has been contradictory. While supposed pictures of it only show a blank wall, photographers claim to be somehow able to see the Map in the image.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities in Level 59. The amount of entities within this level makes the creation of such extremely difficult. Additionally, due to the lack of useful resources in this level, the motivation to do so is absent.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 59 is connected with the subway systems of Level 11. Reportedly, the subway tunnel in Aries Station of Level 158 will lead to the Tunnels, as long as the train has already departed. No-clipping through the floor in Level 77 has been known to cause one to appear on this level. While people have claimed to also have arrived here from level-903, the validity of these rumors is yet to be confirmed.


Level 59 is known to have a tunnel which leads to the Aries Station of Level 158. Most people who find an exit do so using the Map.

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