Level 586

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Level 586 is the 587th level of the Backrooms.


Level 586, also called "Lost Data" was a level that until recently was believed not to exist. Level 586 was first theorized to exist by M.E.G. Researcher Sarah T., and was proven to exist only a few weeks prior to this entry being written. Since its discovery, Level 586 has constantly been studied.

Level 586 was accessed by the AI Koko, which managed to enter this level via a process similar to no-clipping. Once Koko was able to enter the level, she sent back descriptions as well as images of Level 586, which we will use to describe Level 586 in the following paragraphs.

Level 586 takes the form of a large black void, containing physical manifestations of data. These physical manifestations of data include:

  • Corrupted/datamoshed images, which seem to be textured onto impossibly thin 2-dimensional objects
  • Physical 1s and 0s
  • Sounds and music constantly playing from audio files
  • Physical 3D objects of text derived from PDF files

No entities are present on this level, as it has no actual matter for them to reside upon. Wi-Fi exists on this level, however, which allowed the Koko AI to send back data from Level 586 to other levels.

Strangely enough, most data in Level 586 does not seem to originate from the Backrooms, but instead from The Frontrooms. This affirms the possibility that data and information can no-clip into the Backrooms just like matter. An example of a possible data no-clip would be deleting an email, yet not finding it in the "trash" folder. The email's contents most likely ended up in Level 586 instead of the desired location on your computer.

Some data that enters Level 586 becomes corrupted, and these corruptions seem to accumulate with the amount of time data has been in Level 586. These corruptions are mostly bit-flipping.1 How the bit-flipping occurs is currently unexplained, as no matter that could cause bit-flipping (such as cosmic rays) exists in Level 586.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The only conscious mind in this level is a copy of the AI Koko, which (as mentioned previously in this page) was purposefully sent to this level to document it.

Entrances And Exits


  • Deleting a piece of data on one of the computers found on Level 400 brings said piece of data into Level 586.
  • Dragging a file into the folder labeled "CORRUPTED" on the computer terminals found on Level 601 will transport the file into this level.
  • It is possible that there is a connection between Level 586 and Level-481, but this connection is currently unproven.


Data can be sent back to computers found on other levels through the copy of Koko that resides in this level.

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    MEG Experiment Log 18735 "Project Upload"

    Project Aim: Send a human consciousness into Level 586.

    Project Results: Inconclusive, subject considered KIA.

    Project Summary:
    "Project Upload" was first conceptualized after the discovery of two things. The first was Level 586, which was believed to be impossible to be entered by physical creatures. However, this belief was challenged after the discovery of a machine on Level 522 that could copy and upload the minds of whoever was placed inside of it. The resulting copy of the uploadee's conscience can be stored as a data file, meaning that the conscience could possibly enter Level 586.

    Project Update 8/12/██
    We have purchased the machine from Backrooms Robotics. We have since set to work on attempting to get it functional.

    Project Update 12/3/██
    After a few months of work, we have managed to get the machine fully functioning. The person who has been chosen to be uploaded was M.E.G. Researcher Sarah T., who has volunteered for the upload.

    Project Update 12/10/██
    The upload process went swimmingly. The machine did end up terminating Sarah T., but her consciousness was saved, meaning this step of Project Upload was a success.

    Project Update 12/22/██
    Sarah T.'s consciousness has been sent into Level 586 through one of level-601's terminals. So far she has not sent back any data to us, and we do not yet know if this step has been a success or not.

    Project Update 1/22/██
    After 1 month of no responses, we have declared Researcher Sarah T. to be KIA. She will be grieved by all of us. Her greatest works include the proposal of Level 586 and database infrastructure such a

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