Level 580

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Level 580 has become a harrowing graveyard, claiming the lives of nearly five-hundred souls. Its malevolent grasp suffocates, burns, and vaporizes indiscriminately. Those unfortunate enough to encounter it find their very bones contorted into impossible shapes, collapsing in on themselves as if defying natural laws. No mercy is shown; anything within its reach is instantly consumed by death.


A world without machine.

In this space, a small grass-covered land mass rises above the calm, glassy waters of the sea. A veil of fog envelops the area indefinitely, shrouding distant parts in perpetual obscurity. The rocky island is adorned with non-woody flora and three fatty, stupid Rambouillet sheep. Their smug presence dominates the landscape; their indifferent gaze oppresses all who dare to meet it. Humans emerge into this space through the grass, struggling against the level's technology-nullifying properties to breach the surface and claw their way out.

The most identifying and deadly aspect of this space is its inherent ability to suppress all electronics that come into it. Illuminating flashlights will have their warm, bright cones snuffed out. Cellular devices will spark and pop when activated and become nothing more than bricks in the span of a couple seconds. This even applies to equipment directly attached to the human body, like cybernetic respirators or optical implants, and will prove fatal to an estimated 85% of the population. Even those who aren't thought to bear any electronic prostheses may have underlying implants from the Backrooms Robotics and won't last long when exposed to the effects of this Level 580.

As of 08/23/2039, these cybernetic systems may become compromised when in this level:

Implant Category Affected Manufacturers Common Effects
Optical Implants Backrooms Robotics; B.N.T.G; U.E.C. Electrical discharge; death.
Nervous System Editors U.E.C; M.E.G. Electrical discharge; death.
Skeletal Gravitational Supporters Backrooms Robotics; U.E.C; M.E.G; B.N.T.G. Inability to move.
Circulatory System Implants Backrooms Robotics Death.
Emotional Stabilizers Backrooms Robotics; M.E.G. Delusional outbursts.
Muscle Micro-Rotors Backrooms Robotics; U.E.C. Inability to move.
Response Time Tuners Backrooms Robotics; U.E.C. Inability to move.
Blood Managers Backrooms Robotics; U.E.C; B.N.T.G. Death.
Real Time Adaptive Carapace U.E.C; M.E.G. Inability to move.

The only time the sheep of this level move at all is when a human passes away; when this happens, the creature will descend from its heavenly cloud of rock and consume the body of this person until it is no more. It will chew through flesh, bone, and titanium. Once all evidence of the corpse is gone, it will climb back up to its perch and resume its daily activities of fuck all.

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