Level 571
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Class 4

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Picture illustrating a corridor of Level 571 upon original discovery.


A corridor of Level 571 after a 'Dark Shift'


The entrance to the flooded basement of Level 571.

Level 571 is the 572nd Level of The Backrooms. It was discovered on 17/11/2020. It initially takes the form of a modern-era structure, usually in clean and proper condition.


Level 571 is a modern-era trauma centre composed of approximately six levels. The true number of levels is uncertain due to the severe Structural Shifts that occur every 2.5 hours1. The Shifts do not seem to follow any other sort of pattern, while completely altering much of the interior. However, it must be noted that Floor 1 (The Tertiary Care Facility) and Floor 3 (The Emergency Operations Facility) are seemingly unaffected by these shifts.

As well as 'normal' Shifts, the Level will occasionally undergo a 'Dark Shift'. The frequency of these Shifts has not yet been measured, and is seemingly random. The Level will be temporarily left in a far more dilapidated state until a 'normal' Shift occurs. During this time certain floors will be inhabited by additional, or completely different entities than previously. These entities disappear with the end of every Dark Shift.2

Floor 1

'The Tertiary Care Facility' appears to house general hospital equipment and facilities. In addition to these facilities, multiple water fountains can be found throughout the floor. The water(?) is a light blue colour, with a sweet aftertaste to it, and leaves you feeling quite refreshed. This is the only floor that these fountains are present on. There are no know entities that appear on this floor. A Dollface has been heard talking behind a seemingly permanently indestructible door near the centre of the floor3. Additionally, all other doors seem to able to open and close at will.

Floor 2

'The Definitive Care Facility' appears to house equipment and facilities designed for surgery. Some equipment, such as scalpels and surgical masks may appear aged, with rust and mold. This mold has the capability to burn flesh and hair. There is an ever-present 'cloud' of this mold in the Western(?) portion of this floor. This seems to be unaffected by Normal Shifts, yet during a Dark Shift, the cloud is far more corrosive than usual. No entities have been found to inhabit this floor.

Floor 3

'The Emergency Operations Facility' appears as a far more advanced version of Floor 2. After staying for longer than half an hour, it is possible to hear running water. The source of this sound has yet to be found. This floor is also the first openly hostile of Level 571, as; The Frayed, and 'The Disease' are both present here.

Floor 4

'The Life Support and Higher Trauma Centre' appears to house life support systems and facilities to treat 'greater trauma'. It is best to avoid this floor whenever possible, as; Anethikas, Skin-Stealers, and Facelings inhabit it.

During a Dark Shift, only Shades and Blurrs inhabit the floor. There is also an apparent community of Blurrs in the Northern(?) section of Floor 4.

Floor 5

'The Diagnosis and Transfer Facility' appears to house facilities for diagnosis and transfer to higher care. The majority of Floor 5 is covered in a dark mist, which is unaffected by Shifts. During a Dark Shift, the mist appears noticeably thinner than usual. A single Wretch roams this floor, appearing the size of a grown man, carrying a scalpel and pillow with it.

During a Dark Shift, Blossoming Eyes also inhabit the floor. The previously mentioned Wretch is still present.

An iron gate manifests randomly on this floor, leading to a strange corridor. The corridor leads to an as yet unidentified Level, or possibly a series of random Levels.4

The Basement

The basement is by far the most unstable floor in all of Level 571. It can entered from any other floor, due to random doors opening to the basement entry stairs. The entirety of this floor has yet to be explored as it seems to span on infinitely. Though, what has been explored is flooded with an unidentified, putrid smelling liquid. The liquid itself is not harmful, however, there is a Wrangler present here.

Going deeper into the Basement it is possible to see distant island-like structures floating in the putrid sea. This hints to the possibility that it may get deeper further in. There were also strange hut-like buildings standing on multiple islands. One of these islands is inhabited by a small group of Penumbras.

The effects of a Dark Shift within the Basement have yet to be observed. However, it is likely that they may equal to a Level 5 Survival Hazard.

Additional Information:

The following was found in room L1-7 (Floor 1, Room 7), written on the left wall. (Found 17/11/20)5

She awoke to a loud knocking.
She admired the beauty of the moonlight as the shadows lengthened.
As it tasted the air, they began to open their eyes.
Fear the Dark.

Found in room L2-15 (Floor 2, Room 15), scratched into a metal filing cabinet. (Found 18/11/20)6

He turned the page, enthralled by the story.
The clock chimed loudly, echoing through the shadows.
The lines began to blur, warping what is, and what isn't.
Fear the Dark.

This third 'note' was found scrawled on the back of a worn doctor's coat on Floor 5. (Found 21/11/20)7

She watched on with a restless yearning.
They were like great waves of ire, scarlet and umbral, becoming one.
Through their great delirium they became distorted, both one and many fused in the great nothing.
Fear the Dark.
~ J.S.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Human Communities or Outposts on this level. However, it may be possible for an outpost to survive on Floor 1.

Known Entities

There are no entities present on Floors 1-2.

Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5

The Basement

Entrances And Exits:


There are two known ways to reach Level 571. The first is to break through the Eastern wall of the breakroom in Sub-Level 143.3, causing you to no-clip through. The second is to fall asleep in a janitorial closet of Level 401. The time it takes for you to be transported is so far unknown.


The strange iron gate from Floor 5 is the only known exit to Level 571.


I intend to travel back here in the future, I left this place feeling as if it was begging me to discover something (someone perhaps?). I need to find out what.

The Blurr community of Floor 4 has been reported to The M.E.G. as required.

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