Level 57
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Diurnal Art Gallery — DAY


《A message to visitors of The Cozy Gallery》

Hi everyone! Welcome to the exhibition! We are so excited to share this incredible collection of pieces with you. Here at the gallery, there is something for everyone, from abstract to figurative, and everything in between.

So get ready for a journey where creativity knows no bounds, colors come to life, and every brushstroke tells a story. Dive right into our newest handpicked selection and soak in the most mind-blowing tapestries that'll transport you to all kinds of magical places.

Plus, we have a special guest artist coming soon! So don't miss out - come and see it all today!

- The Painter


Level 57, also known as the Diurnal Art Gallery, takes the appearance of a sprawling art gallery composed of two primary sections: The Registry and The Cozy Gallery.

The Registry


A floorplan of the level.

The Registry is a room comprised of a front desk and drawing table flanked by several shelves. Near the front of the room where the wanderer first enters Level 57, one can find a row of metal chairs accompanied by empty magazine holders. On the far left of the room is a single window, where soft light trickles through from the curtains.

The registry table doubles as a bar, serving various beverages including almond water. One can also find several pestles stacked with mortars, although no food is offered.

The space is empty save for three potted plants set on high-strung shelves, two stools bearing greco-roman sculptures, and one singular painting hanging at the back of the room.

Aside from this, the Registry is otherwise unremarkable.


The Cozy Gallery


The exhibition.

Taking the heavy double doors far on the right of the Registry leads visitors to the Cozy Gallery. Bearing the appearance of a standard western art exhibit, the Cozy Gallery houses many paintings of various sizes, hung in formation around the walls. Most of the pieces are surreal in nature, and many correlate to known Backrooms levels. When approaching the paintings, visitors may hear distant noises associated with the depicted level (ex: discerning the crash of ocean waves when standing before a painting of Level 7). The same applies to other senses.

From time to time, the layout of the Cozy Gallery will shift. New walls will manifest to host unfamiliar paintings, and seasonal decorations will spring up fitting the time of year. The Gallery is ever-changing, and even the most regular visitor may return and find something unexpected.

The Painter's Studio

Deeper within the Cozy Gallery, one may find the Painter's Studio; a small section of the room segregated by screen dividers. The studio is a warm and pleasantly lit place, perpetually permeated with the scent of wood and fresh paint. One can find casual items of daily use strewn about, including a couch blanket, several art magazines, a blue sleep mask, and an acrylic-stained balsawood model figurine.

Towards the back of the studio is a wall of shelves stacked to the brim with half-folded canvases jutting out from the drawers. Before the shelf sits a blue triangular tent, within which plush stars hang from the ceiling. There is a faux window to the left of the room, painted as if to look out over a vast seashore. A blue bean bag can be found stationed just below the window, and in some cases, a plate of fake fruits may be found resting just outside the door.



The Cozy Gallery is entirely devoid of entities, save for two entirely unique to the level.

The Painter

The Painter is a passive, friendly entity bearing the appearance of a teenage girl in faded blue pajamas. She spends her days in the Painter's Studio, working away at her newest pieces for her latest shows. The Painter could be considered the level's "host", as she is seen often conversing with countless wanderers as they come and go. She is a cheery and talkative individual, quick to chat endlessly about the various paintings, yet oddly elusive about her means of control over the gallery.

It is recommended to approach the Painter and inquire about the level.

The Muralist

The Muralist is a tall, veiled entity that sometimes appears among the paintings, a quiet shadow in the Painter's absence. Her form is shrouded in layers of white curtains, and her face is obscured by a mask of blue ceramic. She is only ever seen at a distance, examining works in the Cozy Gallery with 20th-century opera glasses. In other known instances, the Muralist may be seen in the Registry, cordially welcoming wanderers with small talk and drinks.

It is recommended to approach the Muræ!iß

It is not recommended to approach the Muræ!iß

In other known instances, the Muralist may be seen idly carving clay structures behind the registry. Beneath her breath, she utters quietly, over and over, the following mantra:



Won't you stay for a while?

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