Level 540
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Content Warnings:

  • Light Gore
  • Implications of Cannibalism

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Class 4

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"Welcome to a truly marvelous place! We hope you have a wild time!"



Pictured: The main plaza of the level.

Level 540 is a large-scale indoor zoo with various distinct sections accessible from a central plaza. The walls of the level are made up of a combination of oak wood and painted concrete.

It is believed that this level was initially discovered by the U.E.C.. (See Gift Shop for info)

Zoo Plaza

The Zoo Plaza is an open-space room that is 30 meters in width and 50 meters in length1. This room is divided into a series of sand paved paths encompassed by wooden fences & concrete walls. Across these paths are patches of artificial trees, flowers, and pools of dirty water. This is the main branching point, and where wanderers will enter the level from.

Although entities are fairly uncommon in this part of the level, deathmoths, death rats, and snatcher weeds can be found here.

From here, the Insect House can be accessed by following a sloped gravel pathway down and through a narrow hallway. Alternatively, a wanderer can reach the Woodland Exhibit by going to the far end of the plaza, and passing through a leaf-covered door frame covered in netting.

The Insect House

The Insect House is lined with rows of glass enclosures. Most of these are broken and shattered—but rarely some can be found intact. Notably, intact enclosures contain regular Frontrooms insects & other invertebrates such as ants, tarantulas, crickets, centipedes, and even scorpions.

The area is dimly lit with UV lamps that exist for the comfort of the insects located here.2 These are prone to failing often. Because of this, the area is harder to traverse due to a lack of natural lighting, unlike the Main Plaza.

In this portion of the level, deathmoths (both male & female) are very common. These deathmoths are notably more dormant on this level—but they are not docile, as they will attack any wanderer who might alert them. Additionally, reality bugs can be found in small numbers inside the broken enclosures.

The Woodland Exhibit can be reached from here by heading down a corridor with a large tree-like structure blocking the way. Crawling under an opening in the wooden structure will bring you into the Woodland Exhibit.

Woodland Exhibit


Pictured: The Woodland Exhibit

The Woodland Exhibit is a large open set of rooms that resemble artificial wooden biomes. These rooms are filled with various winding tree structures covered in vines. Occasionally, swing sets and oaken wooden slides can be found.

In the Woodland Exhibit, entities such as plague goblins, camo crawlers, and paralies can be found. Additionally hounds can rarely be seen roaming throughout the area, likely coming from The Hound Nest.

From the Woodland Exhibit, you can reach the Feeding Pond by locating a pair of automatic glass doors, passing through them, and walking down a short, scenic walkway. You can also reach the Gift Shop by finding an out-of-the-way tree with steps carved into it leading up.

Hound Nest

Found at the heart of the Woodland Exhibit. This portion of the level is heavily populated with Hounds, and is where they originate from on this level.

This area looks similar to the Woodland Exhibit—with some key differences. Throughout the area's perimeter are fleshy vine-like structures clinging to the wooden walls. These structures have been noted to resemble the arteries of an anatomical heart, and have been theorized to have some link to Level 276.

Staying in this part of the level is exceedingly dangerous and should not be attempted. If quick escape is necessary, then running far enough away from the centre of this area will lead back out into the Woodland Exhibit.

A unique variant of the Hound entity is located exclusively on this level. There is only one recorded of its type, known to roam the Hound Nest. It is commonly known as the Hound Matriarch.

It's full appearance isn't well documented, but most agree that it stands taller than the average wanderer, and possesses longer, shaggier black hair.

It appears to function as a social leader to the hounds on this level. This may possibly explain why the hounds act differently.

The Hound Matriarch is known for its incredibly loud low-pitched vocalizations, which can be heard from a few miles away.

The Feeding Pond


Pictured: The Feeding Pond

The Feeding Pond is the smallest room currently known in this level. It is a squared off to the side of the level, surrounded with frosted glass walls. Around the room are various large exotic plants and flowers—which have been described as having a 'faintly pleasant odour'.

At the centre of this room is a small decorative fountain and water basin. The fountain basin is seemingly filling with water, yet never appears to overflow. Drinking the fountain water is strongly advised against—as it is dirty, and also contains psychoactive chemicals. These chemicals can induce a temporary bout of restlessness & hunger—as well as vastly decreasing the amount of signals sent to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, leading to a lack of restraint or self-control.3

Next to the room is a staircase leading up into the Gift Shop.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is the furthest locale in the level and also the location of the only known exit from it. It also serves as the safest portion, as entities appear to avoid the area. It is notably located above the Zoo Plaza due to a overlooking window, but it cannot actually be seen from the plaza.

The room consists of a nature themed shop with stuffed animals, shirts, and decorated drink cups lined up on oak island tables and shelvings.4

At the back of the room lies a green door with a lit 'EXIT' sign.

“We hope you enjoyed your stay! Come back again soon.”

Entrances and Exits


  • While in the outside section of Level 81, a large featureless concrete building can be found. This level can be accessed by passing through a revolving glass doorway.
  • In the tropical section of Level 182, walking through a particular clearing of palm trees will lead here.
  • By passing through a small clearing in Level 204, you can find an overgrown doorway—leading into this level.


  • There is only one confirmed method of leaving this level, namely going through the green door at the back of the Gift Shop. Going through it leads out onto a rooftop in Level 990.

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