Level 532
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Class 3

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The seventh doorway in Level 532.

Level 532 is the 533rd Level of The Backrooms.


Level 532 is a small, square courtyard surrounded on all sides by weathered stone walls. These walls go up as far as the eye can see, enclosing a featureless sky. As if mimicking a standard day/night cycle, the sky shifts between black and white every twelve hours, quickly fading into the new color over the course of around two minutes. Scattered throughout Level 532 are a series of eleven large pots made from the same stone that comprises the walls. These pots are filled with what appears to be very finely burned ash with chunks of shattered bone sprinkled throughout. Along the walls are seven doorways, each with a symbol above them. Six of these lead to other levels, and the seventh, marked with a skull and covered by a large metal door, leads to an area of the level designated Room 532.1.

During the "night time", Level 532 is infested with entities known as Shadows. Always eleven in number, these Shadows take the form of incorporeal, roughly humanoid figures that flit aimlessly around the level. When a Shadow passes through a wanderer, the wanderer will fall unconscious for a period of anywhere from a few hours to several days. Because of this, avoiding this level at night is highly suggested.

Room 532.1:

Room 532.1 is an area that is connected to the main level by a large metal door. This door, while relatively easy to open from the outside, cannot be moved by anyone inside the room. Room 532.1 takes the form of a long, worn stone staircase. At the bottom of the staircase are iron bars, sectioning off a small room. In the center of this room is a large humanoid entity with dark grey skin, covered in a tattered red robe and black metal chains. The entity has no facial features, save for a large eye with a blue iris in the center of its face. The entity has shown a willingness to talk with wanderers. Despite its lack of a mouth, it can produce human vocalizations through unknown means. These vocalizations are in English; although, when M.E.G. member Tung Huynh, who is of Vietnamese origin, listened to recordings of the entity, he reported hearing the entity speak in Vietnamese.

One notable effect of Room 532.1 is that while the door connecting it and the main level is closed, wanderers inside the room experience time dilation such that every hour spent inside the room with the door closed equates to roughly 5.5 minutes outside of the room.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 532 can be accessed from the following levels, each through a stone doorway labeled with a circle: Level 178.1, Level 97, and Level 11.1. Each of these leads to one of the six doorways on the level. Entrances to the remaining three doorways have not yet been found.


Level 532 can be exited by going back through the same doors used to enter, although these doors will lead to different levels than the ones that the level can be entered from.

  • A door marked with an image of a star leads to Level 78.
  • A door marked with an image of a book leads to Level 117.
  • A door marked with a scratched out image of what appears to have been a brain leads to Level 112.
  • A door marked with an image of a cross leads to Level 584.
  • A door marked with an image of an orange bright spark leads to Level 155.
  • An unmarked door leads to level 404.

Additional Documents:

M.E.G. Interview Log 9649:

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewee: Unnamed Entity discovered in Room 532.1

<Begin Log>

Cain: Okay, so, um, do you have a name that I can put down in your file or anything?

Entity: Of course Rita, we all have names. I doubt it would do you any good to know.

Cain: Try me.

Entity: [unintelligible]

Cain: Uh, I'm gonna put that down as "unnamed". So, um, how long have you been in this cage?

Entity: Longer than you can comprehend.

Cain: Kind of cryptic, but moving on. How exactly did you get here?

Entity: I was imprisoned here.

Cain: Cool, but, uh. Why and by whom?

[In the distance, indistinct shouting can be heard]

Unknown [in the distance]: Rita, the sky is starting to change. We need to go.

Cain [yelling]: Just a moment, I need to finish asking a few things.

Cain: God, where was I? Oh, um, why were you imprisoned here?

Entity: People fear what they can't understand.

Cain: That's, uh. Can you elaborate on that?

Entity: They locked me here because they were afraid of what I could do.

Cain: Okay, and who did you say locked you in here again?

Entity: Some fools who decided to discard me when I was no longer any use to them. They treated me as a god but stabbed me in the back at the first opportunity. I bet you trust your friends too. I don't doubt they would leave you behind if they were ever in danger.

Cain: "I bet you trust your friends". [she laughs dryly] I'm not here to play your games. Thank you for the information. I'm lea—

Unknown [in the distance]: Rita, we need to go now.

[More yelling can be heard, followed by a door slamming]

Cain [under her breath]: Shit.

[Footsteps can be heard followed by loud banging]

Cain [yelling]: Hello? Can someone open this door? Is anyone still out there?

[More banging can be heard]

Cain: Damn it.

[Laughter can be heard in the distance, presumably coming from the entity]

[23 minutes of silence follow]

Cain: They've got to be back soon.

Entity: I wouldn't count on it, Rita. No one ever came back for me.

[14 minutes of silence follow]

Cain: Can— Is there, um, any way that I can open the door from the inside?

Entity: Do you think I would still be here if there were?

[62 minutes of silence follow]

Cain: Damn it, how long are they going to take?

Entity: It's not that hard to figure out, Rita. Time is predictable here; just a side effect, I suppose.

Cain: What does that even— 5 days, 12 hours, 19 minutes, 32 seconds. What? How did I— What did you do?

[Laughter can be heard again, presumably from the entity]

[53 minutes of rough silence follow, during which faint sobbing can be heard intermittently]

Entity: You know, there are some things I can do to—

Cain: Fuck you.

[179 minutes of silence follow]

Cain: What was that you were saying earlier? You could do something to help me?

Entity: Don't you know better than to make a deal with The Devil?

[Cain laughs dryly]

Entity: Just stick your arm through the bars, and I can ease your suffering.

Cain: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

[63 minutes of silence follow]

Cain: Okay.

Entity: That's it; just a little bit further. I can almost reach your hand.

Cain: Actually wait I— What did you do? What the fuck did you— Thank you

[7,652 minutes of silence follow]

[A door can be heard opening]

Unknown: Rita? Rita, we're here.

Unknown: Oh fuck.

Entity: She's fine. Rita dear, it's time to go. I'll see you again in 2 years.

<End Log>

Note: Rita Cain was found in Room 532.1 in a state of shock. She is currently recovering at M.E.G. Base Echo. The contents of this log suggest that the entity has unknown psionic abilities. As a result M.E.G. members are prohibited from coming into contact with the entity.

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