Level 511
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Class 5

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A basic area of Level 511.

Level 511 takes on the appearance of infinite hospital hallways, rooms, and staircases that do not follow any kind of conventional layout. Almost all of Level 511's rooms are of modern design; each showcasing architecture and technology from no more than five years ago. Most of Level 511’s space consists of long hallways and usually lack intersections or doorways for several meters. The only furnishing within these hallways is medical stretchers and chairs. These hallways, due to their increased quantity in comparison to more conventional rooms, are most likely where people going to Level 511 will end up.

Level 511's hallways, and its rooms to a certain extent, follow almost no unified colour palette or architectural style. Oftentimes, intersecting hallways have different widths, heights, building materials, and general differences in design. Naturally, this leads to hallways and rooms connecting in obtuse ways, sometimes with changes in elevation or oddly intersecting walls as if they were no-clipping through one another. Although all of Level 511 is painted predominantly in a white or another extremely pale colour, each room and hall will usually have its own individual accent colour, sometimes even multiple colours. As with many real-world hospitals, the accent colours are predominantly red, yellow, blue, and occasionally green. However, other colours are also frequently present.


An example of a basic hospital room.


A more unique room in Level 511.

Within basically any of Level 511's abundant corridors are doors, which either lead directly into others or—as is more often the case—unique rooms. These rooms are as unpredictable in design and colour as the corridors, and can sport an arrangement of different furnishings within them. Unlike the random scatterings of furniture found in the hallways, rooms are almost exclusively laid out to resemble one type of room one may find in a hospital. Many rooms will be basic patient wards, with a multitude of beds and cubicle curtains around them, alongside drawers and wall fittings.

However, on rarer occasions, rooms can resemble more niche medical spaces, sometimes ones even found in smaller and specialist clinics. Rooms such as orthodontic rooms, optometrist rooms, operating theatres, maternity wards, ICU's, and various types of offices have been found. Occasionally, there can be the presence of waiting rooms, receptions areas, break rooms, and janitor closets. As with the hallways, these rooms are placed in a nonsensical fashion, as rooms for one section of medical work will randomly lead into another, or just obtusely open into another hallway. However, unlike other levels, the entirety of Level 511 is euclidean, something which proves both vital and unfortunate when it comes to this level's dangers.

Oddly, whilst Level 511 is finite, there have been several moments where people have witnessed a kind of "procedural infinity". Usually occuring when one is miles away from the level's main hazard,1 it is possible to find doors and hallway endpoints that go to what can best be described as a blank void. Much like select doors in Level 2, certain doors in Level 511 will show nothing but pitch black voids in their windows, and are permanently locked shut. Unlike doors in Level 2, however, returning back to these doors after a certain period of time2 will reveal new hallways and rooms in place of the darkness.

For this reason, it is believed that Level 511 has, for lack of a better term, an element of 'procedural generation'. This feature of the level proves extremely useful, especially when contrasted with this level's plague.

Level 511 is mostly safe, only having a small presence of universal entities such as Smilers, Clumps, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, and Wretches. Most of these entities are not native to Level 511, and most are presumed to come from the locations this level connects to. However, as much as these entities are a threat to wanderers due to their hostility, they are the most minor threat in comparison to Level 511's most prominent hazard.


Level 511's festering plague. Taken by an unknown, yet presumed dead, photographer.

Level 511 is constantly under invasion by an unending wave of a physically destructive, corroding force. Being completely vantablack, this wave of destructive force acts like thick and viscous water, destroying anything it touches. Visually, disregarding the already mentioned pitch black appearance, this substance also has other strange visual quirks, one such being it is pixelated shape which appears uniform regardless of the angle one looks at it from. This effect, though appearing in a lesser extent, extends to the materials that this force touches, causing the local geometry to pixelate before being devoured entirely. As this corrosive process takes place, this wave emits a low, yet constant pixelated distortion noise, which is usually used by many to know when one is nearby it.

This process, while far from fully understood, is known to occur when the infection spreads across a surface, with complete destruction only occurring after full submersion. Once an area of Level 511 is destroyed, the destructive force continues to push on relentlessnessly to the next rooms, doing so indefinitely. This infection is destructive not only to Level 511's geometry, but also to living matter, as it causes similar damaging effects when humans or other entities come into contact with it. As the process happens extremely quickly,3 it is unknown if this is inflicts pain.

The origins of this infection are not known, though it is most likely not something that comes from Level 511 due to its incredibly destructive nature that threatens Level 511's sustainability. Though it is not the first force known to be able to destroy a level, the methods through which this infection spreads is unique to any known level-destroying force. In fact, it is entirely possible that the infection is the same pitch black void seen at the other end of Level 511, though without sufficient data it is impossible to know. However, it is believed that Level 511's aformentioned "ungenerated" areas are created in-response to the infection's destruction, undergoing a rate of level evolution faster than most levels ever do.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Though no known bases, communities, or outposts are in Level 511, nor could be due to its infection, there are various groups across the database which actively strive to understand more about Level 511 for various reasons. Though many of the groups who do so are not recognised as main groups, their efforts are not to go unnoticed, as much of the information gathered has come from unnoteworthy or anonymous groups.

"Honestly, this level… Fascinates me. Many in the previous years have! Two unstoppable giants, the unstoppable force and the immovable object, battling it out in the Blue Channel. If 511's infection wasn't so deadly, I think I could watch it endlessly"

—— Octavia Astra,4 M.E.G. (2021) ——

Entrances And Exits


Level 11
  • Though uncommon within Level 11, entering any hospitals, clinics, or ambulances will trigger a noclip into Level 511.
Level 16
  • During Level 16’s frequent geographical shifts, it is possible to find buried hospital buildings within the ground. Entering their windows or roof access before the structure disappears underground will lead to Level 511.
Level 109
  • Being one of Level 511’s more simplistic entrances, random doors in Level 109 lead to this level.
Level 469
  • Encountering a small, one storey medical clinic in Level 469 will go to Level 511 if entered.
Level 571
  • Utilising Level 571’s iron gate on the 5th floor will often lead to Level 511.


As Level 511 is in a constant cycle of creation and destruction, all of the locations of exits are in constant flux. Because of this, the levels this one connects to are never consistent. Despite this, though, there are a handful of consistent exits that constantly appear.

Level 11
  • Within both large rooms and reception areas, one can find large glass walls complete with either a double door or revolving door. Going through these doors will open into a hospital in Level 11, which can also be used to re-enter this level.
Level 44
  • Large, empty rooms in Level 511 that resemble Level 44 can cause one to seamlessly transport into said Level if they are stayed in long enough.
Level 88
  • In a similar vein to Level 44’s exit, staying within long corridors that resemble Level 88 for extended durations of time can cause one to travel to Level 88.
Level 109
  • Randomly entering doors that have illegible gibberish marked on them will go to Level 109.

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