Level 50
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This level has real world tie-ins to mysterious happenings! If you’d like to find out what exactly, look back at the license plate for your clue. No, it is not a code. Maybe if you contract the author, he’ll be generous enough to give a tip!
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Class 3

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One of the lanes in Level 50.

Level 50 is the 51st Level of the Backrooms.

Level 50, aptly named "The Moribund Highway" is a seemingly endless desert highway. With extreme temperatures and roaming humans with unknown intentions, it makes for a difficult survival.


This level is a seemingly infinite four lane desert highway, with two lanes going either way. It consists of countless cars that seem to have been ‘paused’. It looks to be this way because the cars are not bumper to bumper, they look as if the universe had just stopped time for them. Furthermore, some can be found stuck in the process of changing lanes. In addition, this level is eerily silent. The only sound one can hear is themselves. This silence can easily drive one mad. Almond water is highly recommended for this level.

There is a chance vehicles can be unlocked, and can contain just about anything an average person would carry in them. Notably, all vehicles have Nevada license plates, reading the same text: "I80L2WV". It has been undetermined as to why this occurs. On the same note, it appears no vehicle models date past 2011, and some date back to 1978. It is not advised to get in and remain in any vehicles due the the occurrences on Level 22 and Level 351. The only known safe vehicle to reside in are mobile homes, such as RVs. This was discovered by the sole explorer after taking shelter in one, due to extreme exhaustion. He slept for a recorded six hours and was well afterward.

The true dangers of this level lie within the random humans that roam the highway. A handful of these humans have been spotted, but only one was encountered. The sole report of this human encounter resulted in the explorer going AWOL. The transcript of that interaction can be read here. Because of this, it is advised to avoid them at all costs. On the same note, it is unconfirmed whether or not these are entities or humans grouped together.

Much of this level remains undiscovered. Some unexplained occurrences have been recorded, they are as follows. While sleeping in an RV, an explorer awoke to heavy banging on all sides of the vehicle. When investigated, no human or entity was seen, but the noise continued for another hour before ceasing. The next day, the same explorer also reported hearing various faint highway noises. Cars, trucks, and all the like. Lastly reported, around five miles in, the explorer found a highway exit, exit 205, that stretched on for what looked like miles. He did not venture into it, so it is unknown what lies at the end, if it has one.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be entered from Level 35 by finding an RV and entering it. As soon as you exit the RV, you will suddenly be on Level 50. You can also sit in a truck in Level 176 for too long, and you will end up in Level 50.


There are no known exits at the time being. The sole explorer documented on this level did not discover an exit before his disappearance. However, it's rumored that there's an end of "The Moribund Highway" that will send you to Level 69, but that's unconfirmed.

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