Level 486
Ground 486

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Headquarters: Check in.

Watcher Nathan: Checking in.

HQ: Have you arrived at the Ground?

Nathan: Yes.

HQ: Good. May Argos’s light guide you.

Nathan: This place is disgusting.

HQ: I’m well aware, brother.

Nathan: I can send a photo, if you’d like.

HQ: Yes, send us one.



HQ: Disgusting. No doubt, a land of Sin.

Nathan: Likely. Most places from the past life are.

Nathan: I can see a town in the distance. Shall i go near it?

HQ: Yes.

Nathan: Hello?

HQ: What was that?

Nathan: What do you mean? I said nothing?

HQ: I could’ve sworn I heard-

Nathan: Where am i?

HQ: I think something is intercepting our communications. Stand by.

Nathan: Wait, I think I see a light emitting from somewhere….

HQ: What?

Nathan: From an old Nuclear Plant. There's a light or something in the distance!

Nathan: Wait, I—

HQ: Hello? Do not go to the light!

Nathan: (Radio is mostly static, though screams can be heard faintly)

HQ: Hello? Brother Nathan?

It is October 20th, 1961.

I am a security worker at a Nuclear Plant in a Russian town. I do not remember my name. I do not remember the town.

I am bored of the job. I want to quit and propose to a woman I am attracted to.

October 23rd, 1961.

I am still working at the plant. I have not proposed. My colleagues are talking about the berlin wall during lunch break. I pay no attention to this. I go back to work.

October 25th, 1961.

There is an accident at the nuclear plant. A radiation leak is detected. My employers decide not to evacuate the building. I lock up for the night and walk home. I have nothing in my apartment.

October 26th, 1961.

The Nuclear Plant is in meltdown. Large sections of the city are evacuating. I do not have a car. I walk home, and look at the Nuclear Plant from my window.

Soon, the firefighters stop arriving to extinguish the explosion. The news reporters dissipate and leave the town. The government begins to retreat.

I stay in my apartment, and listen to the screams.

I realize that I never proposed to her.

I scream.


The air is different and the screams have stopped…

I venture outside and survey the landscape. The fire has consumed most of the town, but it didn’t make it to my apartment. The plant must still be in meltdown, as I can hear sirens in the distance.

I reach into my pocket and check the Geiger counter my employer gave me. It is ticking fast.


The cars are all gone. The town stretches on for a few more miles and then is cut off by acres of woods. I will not leave this place.

I start walking towards the smoking nuclear plant.


I open one of the front doors. Someone tried to block it from the outside. I don’t know why.

The Geiger counter ticks faster. I should be dead by now, certainly. But I do not die.

I walked into the office where I usually clocked in. Someone smashed open a window before they left.

I check the data readings charts on the table. They are dangerously high.


I sit in the lower levels of the plant. The Geiger counter is as loud as I have ever heard it.

But I am fine.

I am better.

I begin to merge with the ground.

I am better.

I feel my skin sticking to the steel floor.

I am better.

I feel my eyes boiling in their sockets.

I am better.


I sit on my throne and watch them arrive in the distance.

They call themselves saints. They act like saviors.

I realize I haven't seen a human in decades now.

I remember her.

I kill them all.


It’s quiet now.

Nobody is home.


I skip stones across the river.

I braid her hair in between my fingers.

I meet my parents from out of town. I tell them I love them.

These are only memories. I am no longer sure if they even happened.

I do not remember her name anymore.

Why can’t i remember her name anymore?


Class peccatum

  • Corrupted
  • Extremely dangerous
  • High creature count

The city of Ground -7.

Ground -7 is an extremely deadly and sinful place, recommended to be avoided.

It is my home.

Ground Description

Ground 486 seems like a large abandoned mining town from the past life, likely based in the country of Russia. The outskirts of the town are surrounded by heavily polluted woods that eventually lead to Ground 10, which are infested by creatures.

It could be their home too, if they were not so afraid.

Radiation levels in Ground 486 are very high, and it is ill advised to stay in the level for long, as at the very least one may be subjecting themselves to highly dangerous amounts of radiation. The source of this radiation has been confirmed to be from the nuclear plant in the center of the city. The plant seems to be mostly collapsed, and lethal levels of radiation are still leaking from it.


Argos has indicated to us that there is something controlling Ground 486 which may have been the cause for several of our missing members, however what this is has yet to be ascertained.

I wish I could explain to them what I am.

Since there is currently very little information known about this Ground, and it is perceived to be a highly sinful relic of the past, Eyes of Argos members are typically prohibited from going to this area.

But not even I know for certain what I am anymore.

Escape locations

While exact locations to leave this area are not known, moving through the forest long enough is likely to lead to Ground 10, and staying in the fields in Ground 10 is likely to lead to Ground 486.

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