The Whiteout
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The first photo of The Whiteout.

The Whiteout is the 489th Level of the Backrooms.


The Whiteout is an area that can be reached through one of Level 287's doors. The Level resembles a white house that seems to be under renovation. Ladders, Tools and various other items of construction can be found throughout its rooms. People who enter The Whiteout report being blinded upon entrance, as the windows within said Level are constantly flooded with a bright and undicernable light.

Due to the repetitive nature of The Whiteout, it is very easy to get lost in and you may forget the way you came from. As such, it is recommended to keep track of your movements and stay in The Whiteout for limited amounts of time. This is especially important because the doors leading back to Level -1 will randomly disappear after a set amount of time, which will leave you permanently trapped in the Level if you do not know their location.

There are no known entities in this Level, and effects on hunger and aging are mostly normal. Long term exposure to the Level may result in sleep deprivation due to the blinding lights of the Level, however this is considered a mild annoyance at worst.

The Maker


Supposed photo of The Maker in an unidentified Level.

Whilst no actual entities roam this Level, one mysterious man has been seen manipulating The Whiteout in a somewhat supernatural fashion. The man has been proven to communicate, and those who claim to have spoken to him have said he calls himself “The Maker”.

The Maker wears a white suit, sometimes with or without a coat, and typically a matching hat as well. Although witnesses have said that he has a face, it is strangely never remembered after contact. Every photo of the maker that has shown his face is typically corrupted due to unknown reasons.

The Maker has been seen walking in-between walls, disappearing suddenly in direct visual contact, and acting almost impervious to any kind of physical contact. The source of his powers and the reach of his abilities remains unknown.

The only audio of The maker which has been confirmed to be one hundred percent legitimate occurred when a M.E.G. explorer asked him a question, shortly after seeing him watch them sleep. It was recorded by a malfunctioning video camera which at the time was stuffed in the explorers bag.

“What are you?”
“Whatever you think I could be.”

The Maker then “faded out of existence” according to the explorer’s Level report.

Settlements And Outposts

Although no official outposts or settlements exist, the area is largely regarded as an unofficial meeting area between several different groups. On occasion, deals with other groups of interest have taken place in this Level with the M.E.G.

Other than this, small groups of people do live within the Level, although no large communities have yet to be formed.

Entrances And Exits:


The Whiteout can be accessed through a few of Level 287's doors, but it is unclear how many of these exist.


The only known exit to The Whiteout is by going back through the door you entered from, provided it has not disappeared. This will take you back to Level 287.

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