Level 483

The Moreover

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I’ve ended up in a new Level of sorts. I think so, at least.

I was travelling with the usual group when we all got separated by some entity I’ve never seen before. It chased me down a damned hallway for ages, and then I ended up here somehow.

This place is huge, though. It seems like some kind of endless forest from the looks of it, but I’ve never seen one like this before.

It’s fairly similar to Level 557, but I haven’t been there in quite a while. The trees are a bright white, and so is the ground, but it isn’t snow… not from what I can tell. It’s some sort of ash, I think. It got all over my hands when I first arrived here.

-Trevor Daniels, M.E.G. volunteer explorer. 2005.


"Where am I?"

I haven’t exactly figured this place out. It feels… familiar, to me. Problem is, I can’t figure out why it feels that way.

Either way, It doesn't make sense. This whole Level is wrong in ways I can’t pin down at all. It's like I’m having some kind of dream, not even the ground feels real to me.

Still, it isn’t hostile, not as far as I know. I haven’t even seen a single entity since I got here, which is pretty lucky for me. I need to link up with the others and then get out of here.

Started writing down what I see so I don’t get lost. It’s a pretty big forest, all things considered. There’s some giant tree in the middle of a clearing I found, which should be a good landmark.

Been walking for a while now. I don’t feel very tired, and still haven’t found any entities. This place would actually be pretty great if It didn’t feel like I had a giant fever. I assume the others ended up here, but I’m still not sure. I don’t even know if this place has an exit, since it doesn't seem to be in the database yet.


"Clearing tree"

I heard someone calling my name out in the woods. It’s freaking me the fuck out, though, because they don’t sound like a single damned person I’ve ever met. There’s something about the voice that just… drags on for too long. Like it’s never spoken before.

It showed up in the middle of the night, right as I was sleeping. Woke me up and startled the hell out of me, but It’s quieted down. I’m not going towards it. Hell, if anything, I’m going further away from it.

It’s getting louder. Still in the distance, but I think whatever it is might be following me.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll find the others at this point.

Gonna keep walking. I’ll write an update as soon as I get away from this thing.

I’m in some sort of white forest, it looks like. I don’t have a damned clue how I got here, but it doesn't seem too inviting. I just woke up and found my old journal next to me, thank god I still have it…

All I can remember is getting separated from my friends. I can’t remember how I got separated, or how I ended up here, I just know I need to get out. Gonna flip through my older notes and try to make sense of what the hell’s happening.

-Trevor Daniels, M.E.G. volunteer explorer.

I still don’t know what this place’s deal is, but it doesn't feel safe. It’s all strangely familiar to me, like a strange sense of deja-vu. The ground is rocky and filled with some sort of snow, but it just doesn't look right.

At least it isn’t dangerous. Not as far as I know, anyways.

I’m going to write down everything I see so that I don’t get lost. My last few entries are blank, so I guess I’m not gonna get any help from this old journal.

Saw a weird tree in a clearing today. It looks ancient. There’s some faint footsteps in the snow ash here, which could be from one of the guys I was traveling with. I’ll follow them for now.


"Weird tree- clearing?"

There's something off in the distance. Like an evil laughter or a cackling. I don't know where it's coming from, but I'm not staying to find out.

The voice is scaring the shit out of me, so I’m gonna pack my things and leave. It’s distant enough, so I might have some time.

Woke up in this bigass forest this morning. I’ve got a terrible, throbbing headache, and can’t remember how the hell I ended up here. All I can remember was being in Level 1, and then…

Anyways, I found this old journal lying next to me. Gonna write in it to keep track of my steps. All the other pages are erased, so I guess it’s free for me to take.

-Trevor Daniels.

This place is…

I’ve seen this before. I know I have.

I keep seeing its strange, lopsided trees and piles of ash, and… it just looks so familiar to me. I can’t shake it, I…

I’ve been here before. I’m sure of it.

I found a tree in a wide, open clearing. The thing is, I know I’ve seen this thing before. All of these notes have been erased, but I’m certain I’ve spotted this exact tree in the past.

Something about this isn’t right, and I’m going to find out what the hell is going on.

I keep hearing this fucking cackling in the woods. I recognize it from somewhere, but I have no damned idea where. Maybe it’s the thing screwing with my head right now? It sounds twisted and warped, almost painful in its bellowing.

I’m going after it. I’ve got to find out what’s happening. If you find this journal, get the hell out of this Level.

Ended up in a strange forest… somehow. I can't seem to remember—

This place gives me the creeps, but I’m sure I’ll get out of it soon.


Three days ago, the M.E.G. recovered this journal, intact with every single entry presented in this article (inspite of the authors claims that the notes had been erased, oddly), buried in the grass in Level 445. Explorer Trevor Mcdaniels has yet to be found, however search teams are looking in Level 1 and Level 445 for possible entrances to an area referenced within this journal.

The M.E.G. will investigate this account, and several others like it, within the following few weeks.

-Overseer A

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