Level 481

The Code


Class Fixer upper

  • Big messes everywhere
  • Really easy to get lost
  • Lots of mean entities >:(
rating: +86+x

Just look at this place! The coloration is terrible!

The Code is the very latest attempt of ours to spruce up an otherwise unlivable level. While it hasn’t been successful quite yet, a little vigor and some trial and error might do us good!


Oh boy, where to start with this level. When we first learned of it, reports varied widely from person to person. It was a real mess. As it turns out, a little bit of each account ended up being true! The level changes so often that almost anything is possible in it’s generation. Walls clip between each other all the time, the floors are hideous, and there's terrible bright lights that flash from every window.

What's worse is that there are entities everywhere. Not an exaggeration. There are these things called Nulls, Hounds, and let's not even talk about that thing that hides in the ceiling. We’re gonna need a real good exterminator for this one.

Remodeling attempts

“It seems as though The Code was much harder to crack than we first anticipated. It’s got quite a few entities, as they usually do, but it's also got a lot of nasty no clipping spots, and the layout seems to be ever changing. Task force 882-CX saw it all first hand, and paid the price for it as well. We haven’t heard out of Danny or the rest of the force since their last transmission.

-Major Hark”

Since task force 882-CX, several other attempts to remodel The Code have been made unsuccessfully. But hey, that’s never stopped us before! We’re all sure that, no matter how many of us we need to throw at it, we will fix this place.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Are you kidding? No. Not yet.

Entrances And Exits:


Watch out! We’ve got no idea how exactly this works, but we think any power outage in any level might lead to The Code.


Noclipping always works, but who knows where you’ll end up doing that!

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