Level 470
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I am wondering how you are doing…
My summer vacation is almost over, so I should do my summer holiday homework (I need to write some sort of diary for it -_-)
You left me without saying a single word, and I'm wondering why you disappeared so suddenly.
Did you move out to another city? Did you go on a trip to meet any of your relatives?
Whatever it was, I want you to know I miss you, Oblack.
I hope you return soon.

2020. 10. 21

Hey… I know I can't reach out to you anymore.
I heard you went on a trip with your family towards the unknown and you died in an accident that happened during it… that was many months ago.
You were just a kid, a kid who was childish and pure.
You didn't deserve it, and I really miss you…
In order to remember you forever, I will continue writing this small diary. So I can keep our memories close.
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

2020. 10. 25

Guess what I found?
A small house! And it's your house…
I remember I used to visit you here during the weekends.
All the soda and cookies we used to eat and drink are here.
The photos you collected are also all here.
Can you even believe that I found an exact replica of it all?
All the things we used and played with are right where they need to be… except you.

2020. 11. 11

Your garden is also here.
Oh! Do you remember the orange tree you took care of with much love?
It's still growing in the garden!
…Oblack, I stayed here for four days.
There are enough supplies, so I can stay for a while.
I think I can live here forever if I wish to.

2020. 11. 13

This is the last page of my diary :).
I realized that this was a level of a reality known as the Backrooms.
And I read some Backrooms articles to understand about the reality itself.
I'm planning to write an article and talk with other people about it.
Even if I will leave this place, I won't forget you.

I miss you.
-reo ockal- 2020. 11. 14

I bought a new diary!
Do you remember I said I'll write a level report?
I realized it is hard to do alone, so I met some people who visited that level.
We talked about our experience and we empathized each other.
After we did that, we… became friends!
There are some people who I haven't met yet.
I'll continue writing after meeting those people.

2020. 11. 23( I'm writing the date to make this a memory)

I've completely forgotten to continue this!
I was actually quite busy, haha.
I have a bit of time to continue now.
I met more people, and I decided to name this place Level 470.
After I managed to come up with its number I got busy doing-…

It doesn't matter.
I'll finish this article for you, Oblack.

To celebrate my work and your peace, I'll tell everyone your story.
Goodbye, my thoughtful best friend…

2021. 1. 22


Class habitable

  • Old memories
  • Daily necessities provided
  • No entities


Level 470 is a house that looks different depending on the person. Wanderers will be met by their friend's house, with it being reported that the houses of friends who have died or lost contact appear. Wanderers are allowed to go outside but they can only see an infinite field. A silhouette of the mountain is dimly visible and consists of several kinds of grass. Outside of the house, there are no organisms such as bugs or birds and, because of this, there are no sounds other than the sounds made by the wanderer or some natural sounds (such as the sound of the wind). The temperature of the level is quite chilly, ranging from 15°C to 22°C, and the temperature inside the house is the same. Although not all houses are equipped with a boiler, objects to keep out the cold are provided, so there is no danger from the cold. The house depends on the wanderer's memories, so the structure of the house is not defined. All furniture and rooms are the same as the friend's real house.

All the necessities, such as waste paper, bath supplies and kitchen utensils, are in the house, and it automatically refills every morning. Food and drink that the wanderer enjoyed are in the refrigerator. Some clothes that they wore when they were a child are in the closet, and the size fits the wanderer's body. Picture frames hanging on the wall show memories that wouldn't have been taken by a camera. A comfortable, perfume-sprinkled smell exudes in the house. Wanderers can see TV programs that they watched, play games that they played. Though the wanderer can't meet other people on Level 470, wanderers said they didn't feel any negative feelings like loneliness, and rather, they said they felt satisfaction feeling.

Wanderers can find a wooden fence when they move away from the outside. No one can go over the fence, and people will be moved in the level's house when they try to go over the fence. The level is stuck in a constant spring, so the outside of the house is always green. The outside is also undefined, for example, the distance between the fence and the house is the same, but the shape of the topography or hill is different from person to person. Since wanderers can see the house from far away, there's no risk of getting lost.

Level 470 has the same day-night cycle as the Frontrooms. At night, the moonlight is exceptionally bright, so it's easy to see the surroundings without lights. Stars shine in the sky, and the moon is hidden in the clouds. Interacting with others by using a phone or computer on Level 470 is possible. Taking pictures and recording videos is also possible, but much data is requested in the process of sending a picture or video of Level 470, so few pictures of the level exist.

According to various wanderers, on Level 470, there wasn't any sign of population. All wanderer said there were no inconvenience about residence. No one has ever reported seeing the level a second time.

Locations of Interest

Though Level changes according to each wanderer, some common grounds have been found on Level 470.

The wood fence

As stated above, wanderers can find an endless wood fence if they move far enough away from the house (about 2km). No hurt or decay on the fence can be found and, because of this, it is believed that making a mark on the fence is impossible.

Over the fense is a vast field with tall mountain far off in the distance.

Walking path

Laid on the ground in front of the house is a walking path. The path is made of soil and small traces, such as tractor marks and footprints, are faintly left on the path. Though uncommon to find, randomly placed trees and broken fences (unrelated to the wood fences described above) can make an appearance along the walking path. It stretched about half a kilometer and ends at a grass field.

Walking path is not what is in wanderer's memory, but some said they felt an unknown sense of awe and calmness when they walked on the path.


There are no entities.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Since only one wanderer can stay on Level 470 at a time, making any bases is impossible.

Entrances and Exits


Wanderer can enter Level 470 by no-clipping in an interior center on Level 11.
Some of wanderers have said they entered level 470 from The Frontrooms when they were in deep sadness at the lost of someone precious.


A door with the text "Time to go back" written on in can be found in the house. This door is connected to Level 11.

Can my mind reach you?
The loss of you is a huge wound that won't heal, but I'm sure I can consider my all memory.. with you, even fighting memories and some.. bad memories as a good part of my life.
I promise.


We'll remember you

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