Paradise 451
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Diary of Amelia Portmouth, March 4th, 1999.

I don’t know what’s going on. First I found myself in a horrible tunnel of pipes and then a place with deafening machines; now I’m in some field with flowers. Am I going crazy? Is this all just a dream? No, that can’t be right. I remember it clear as day. I was at my high school graduation, I think I tripped and then I was in a hallway of pipes. Is this a near death experience? Could I have really fallen that bad? Is this hell? I don’t feel dead, but that doesn't mean I’m not. I'll keep going, maybe I will find someone else who can explain what's going on.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, March 5th, 1999.

After a day of walking I finally found something. I saw what looked like a small village in the distance. I was ecstatic! My mouth was dry and I was hungry. And to my surprise there were people here, not many, but people nonetheless. They were kind enough to give me food and water; they probably saved my life. They said that this place is safe and that resources appear in the field at random times, which allows them to sustain themselves. I still find all of this strange, but I’m just happy to be somewhere that seems safe. I also asked where we were and they had similar tales to mine. Some being in a room of yellow before ending up here and some being in some sort of warehouse. They seem as confused as I am about our overall situation, but they just seem to be happy that they have somewhere to call home.

A seed of the detestable present. All trees start with but a single seed, and all trees can be felled with one mighty blow…

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, June 16th, 2002.

It is unbelievable that I found this place! It's like a paradise. Food, bottled water, medicine, and building materials just appear in the fields. No one goes hungry, everyone has a place to live, and most seem happy. In the few years I’ve been here, we have grown from only a dozen people to over 50. We have made a downright community in this weird place! People just wander in from the field and we accept them without a second thought. Some have been in really bad shape, but we have been able to nurse them back to health. From what I’ve been told, more people have been wandering in recently, at least according to the people who were here before me. It also seems that we can’t leave this place. We have tried to find something past the field but it appears there is nothing else. Though I wouldn’t want to leave anyway. I love the community that I am a part of and helped build.

A paradise… no, you shall see a true paradise in due time.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, April 22nd, 2004.

I think I’ve fallen in love. Marisha is the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met. She makes me laugh and I feel good just by being around her. I think I’m going to ask her on a date. I hope she feels the same way.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, April 16th, 2006.

I can’t believe this, but me and Marisha are now married. We had a big ceremony and everything, just like a normal wedding. So many people showed up, but I guess that is to be expected, our numbers have grown exponentially and people were excited to attend. This all feels so surreal, I thought I was dead and now I’m creating a beautiful life here with my dear Marisha.

Building a life in such a place is a disgrace to nature, a testament to depravity, a cancerous growth on our once untainted paradise. How blissful it will be to see this life ripped away, to bring them back to the glorious past.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, September 5th, 2011.

It is unbelievable that this place only started with a dozen people. We now have over a thousand people calling this place home. People have families, friends, and colleagues. Just looking around and seeing what we’ve built fills me with pride that I was among the first ones here. And having Marisha by my side has made me the happiest person in the world. Marisha is one of our unofficial doctors. She had some medical training and has helped with the bumps and scrapes that go on around here. She says that she is lucky that nothing too serious has happened; she doesn't know if she could handle a true medical emergency.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, July 19th, 2013.

We had a strange visitor today. People assumed that it was another resident, but they started asking strange questions and said they were with another group. They said that they were from a recently formed organization called the Major Explorer Group, or the M.E.G. as they so affectionately call it. They were shocked to see such a settlement in this place. They asked all sorts of questions, some of which we couldn’t answer, but we informed them that there is no known exit from this “level” as they called it. They tried to use a radio that they were carrying to call someone but it did not work. Despite our numerous resources, we had yet to see a radio or other communication technology, so it was quite surprising that they had one. They eventually left to confirm our claim that there was no exit and came back some time later. They seem to be adjusting to life around here, but are a bit wary that they were cut off from their group.

A wriggling M.E.G. worm attempts to spread its influence, and like a worm, they will be crushed underfoot along with the rest of their pathetic organization.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, August 2nd, 2016.

Our numbers have swelled once again, with newcomers and children being born, we are just shy of 5000 people. It is crazy to think I have lived here for almost as long as I lived in the Frontrooms (it is still strange to call it that). But to be honest, with Marisha and the community we’ve built here, I don’t think I would go back even if given the option. I still wonder how my mom and dad are doing, what my sister is doing, and how I got here, but I guess that is behind me. I can't go back to it, I just have to focus on what is in front of me and look forward to the future with Marisha.

Soon… soon… you will go back to it, you will bear witness to the past.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, November 20th, 2020.

We have recently hit 10000 people! We are a full fledged town! We have built a modest hospital, restaurants, recreational centers, and even a fire station just in case. As I look at it all, I almost tear up, to be a part of something so big when it started so small is awe inspiring. I will be proud to live the rest of my days here alongside my beautiful Marisha.

This shining symbol of the detestable present has gone on long enough! You… all of you will be brought back to the glorious past. It is time.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, November 21st, 2020.

I don’t know what’s going on. I was handing Marisha her breakfast and she disappeared before my very eyes. I desperately screamed for her but heard no answer. I heard no answer from anyone. I looked outside our house and there was no one to be seen, just the empty shell of our town. I then noticed something else: the perpetually blue sky was turning dark and the vibrant field of flowers was beginning to wilt. Something is very wrong, I have to find someone; I need to find Marisha. I plead that she is safe. I can’t bear the thought of something happening to her.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, November 22nd, 2020.

Fuck Fuck FUCK! I’ve been walking for a day and haven’t seen a soul. All the stuff I tried to take from the town was rotted or spoiled and the same can be said for the supplies in the fields. I don’t know what to do. I just want to see Marisha again. I want to hold her tight and not let go. I can’t give up hope. Marisha would not want me to lie down and die.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, November 23rd, 2020.

I’m exhausted, hungry, and thirsty. I don’t know if I can go on much longer.

Diary of Amelia Portmouth, November 24th, 2020

I can barely walk and I think I am dehydrated, but I have found something. It looks like a giant crater in the field. I’ve never seen such a thing in this place before, maybe it's a way out. I have to try. Maybe Marisha somehow found her way there and got out of here. If it is not an exit, consider this my final words: I love you Marisha. I love you more than anything. If you ever see this, know that I was the happiest woman in the world when I was with you. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and I hope you can find happiness like we did in our community.

She had to face the past; her life, her community, it was unnatural in this place. What she once called a paradise now truly fits that moniker. It has been brought back to the glorious past, it is natural, harmonious, and just.

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