Level 445
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Level 445's repetitive forests.

Level 445 is a dense forest level that is perpetually shrouded in a thick darkness. The trees of Level 445, whilst not bearing relations to any one species of tree in the real world, have mostly pine and evergreen features, typically resembling trees from North America. All of the level appears to be completely flat, and possesses no distinct geographical features besides the vegetation itself. Additionally, the actual size of Level 445 appears to be rather small, with certain landmarks looping after walking in a straight line for approximately 20 minutes.

Because Level 445 loops, its geography is flat, and its trees appear homogeneous, it is especially easy to become lost. People have become lost for days, with some having only found a sense of direction after discovering an exit. Because of this, many individuals have used breadcrumb navigation as a means of not getting lost. In years past, this has even led to certain old groups such as the M.E.G. or the F.T.B. to attempt to carve dirt trails between entrances and exits. However, most trails become overgrown with grass, shrubbery, and sometimes even fallen leaves just days after they are constructed, and most inhabitants of Level 445 advise groups that constructing pathways is fruitless.


Level 445's pitch black, starless sky.

From what can be ascertained, there does not look to be any kind of animal life, even down to any kind of insects, and there are also no changes in the time of day or weather. How the level is able to keep its plantlife and trees perpetually alive, especially considering that the only form of change from the trees is an occasional shedding of leaves, is unknown. It has previously been explained under a general "Backrooms weirdness", and has frequently been undermined as not being a relavent mystery to the level. However, after the discovery of the twice aforementioned inhabitants of Level 445, certain elements of the mystery have resurfaced.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


The back of two homes within Redforest.

Despite the confusing and uninhabitable layout of Level 445, a singular village has been able to find its footing and exist within the level. Though not written anywhere within the level itself, all thirteen inhabitants of the small collection of houses have unanimously called the town "Redforest". Redforest is impressively modern, even in spite of its size, with a pair of asphalt roads in a 'T' shape, a roundabout, paved sidewalks equipped with streetlights and seats, and ten prefabricated homes. Each of these homes is kitted with working electricity, water, and relatively thick insulation fit for its people and guests.

The thirteen residents of Redforest each speak highly of the town, calling it the "jewel" of an otherwise bleak and empty level. Whilst not having jobs, or any kind of tasks to do within the town at all, the inhabitants are incredibly friendly with one another and speak the praises of the town to outsiders. They even offer food and brief habitation,1 and have two dedicated homes at one end of their three roads that are reserved for people stopping by. These guest homes appear furnished, as do the homes of the main residents, and are fitted with basic amenities spread across a kitchen, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a storage closet.2


The edge of one Redforest's roads on the outskirts of town.

Despite their usually friendly attitude, the people of Redforest have previously shown traits other than their constant openness, mainly when asked questions about the origins of Redforest itself, or when asked about leaving the level. The process of building Redforest should not be possible for a group of people this small and unequipped, and any attempts to pry at answers regarding how they built the town—or if they were even the ones who built it—have resulted in dismissal or them avoiding the question entirely. This is not only the case for questions about the town's origin, but also for queries over the origin of the water, electricity, why the town exists where it does, or where the food that the residents cook with on a daily basis and frequently share with visitors comes from.

Because of this, and also because people have been forcefully removed from the town after asking too many of these questions, interacting with Redforest in this manner is heavily unadvised, and individuals in the level should instead use and accept their hospitality. This wasn't always the recommended course of action, however, as for many years wanderers were actively discouraged from interacting with Redforest at all; in case they harboured any nefarious intent with their dismissal of important questions. In recent years, though, this is believed to not be the case. In fact, it is heavily encouraged to not only visit Redforest if one is in Level 445, but also to not ask the residents any questions about its origins.


An old, rotted bench found in Level 445 with the name "Charity" etched onto a builders plate on its back.

Long after Redforest's discovery, and after several attempts to understand its origins, eagle-eyed explorers began discovering various abandoned artifacts that resembled ones from Redforest deep into Level 445's wilderness. A handful of abandoned streetlights, benches, and even occasional slabs of pavement that are covered with dead leaves. Even though there were multiple small ruins, there were no homes present anywhere nearby them, though groups have previously identified the rough layouts of old roads, finding them to have formed a rough T shape with a roundabout—the same layout of Redforest.

Asking questions about these ruins has brought even more hesitance and even terror from the residents of Redforest, who downright refuse to entertain their existence. At most, a handful of the residents pass the existence of these ruins off as overgrown roads that once extended beyond the main buildings, followed by them hastily changing the subject. This explanation of the ruins is most likely falsified and manufactured by the townsfolk to continue to divert attention away from them. Because of this fact, it has been the responsibility of the rest of the Backrooms to piece together Redforest's existence, as well as the existence of the surrounding ruins.


A pre 21st century image most likely from Level 445, specifically from the defunct town of Bluebird.

Whilst it is unknown just how many there have been definitively, it is believed that Level 445 has had three previous towns under the names of "Bluebird", "Burnstown", and "Charity". Bluebird and Burnstown have been reduced to just occasional slabs of sidewalk and rusted, overgrown bins and streetlights. The only remaining evidence of Charity is a singular overgrown bench, one that has almost completely rotted into mulch, which potentially means that other villages have preceded Charity that have completely been destroyed by nature. However, another possibility looms over that theory: the possibility that Redforest is aware of these old towns.

Conclusions on this theory are scattered and non-unanimous, with some believing that these towns were even destroyed by Redforest themselves. However, the most commonly believed theory is that Redforest knows of these towns, and is deathly afraid of falling victim to a similar fate. Even though there were no buildings where the old villages used to be, these areas are still fitted with abandoned modern appliances, with Bluebird even containing water pipes beneath one of its pavement slabs. It is not only impossible for a small town to build such features, but it is also impossible for them to have completely uprooted their homes without a trace, leading many to believe they were never built by humans at all.

For the sake of Redforest's safety, the information and theories about the three previous towns have not been explained to them, and all professional communication with its residents has halted indefinitely. Whilst no details are known, it is heavily believed that someone or something built Redforest and its previous towns. Whilst it is more than happy to give them food and other living necessities, it is also more than happy to strip them away, most likely killing its village residents if they do not meet certain requirements. The people of Redforest are most likely aware of this, and utterly unable to escape their position. Whether by making a bad deal, a pact, or just victims of unfortunate circumstance, it is impossible to help them due to a lack of information of both them and the potential power that oversees them.

As to not risk accidentally ending their existence and potentially dooming yet more people to hell in a new town, communication has ceased, and Redforest has been mutually agreed to be left in its current state. It is hoped that the townfolk will one day find their way out of their situation, though no help will be given for their own protection.

Entrances And Exits



The overgrown remnants of one of Burnstown's roads.

Many wanderers reach Level 445 from Level 62, with its entrance being a single patch of grass that one can no-clip, albeit after taking days of exploring to reach. Alternatively, people enter by noclipping through a singular tree in Level 281, or by exiting out a randomly shifting back door in Level 683.


The most readily available exit comes in the form of a singular, glowing tree that goes to Level 482, though this exit is not recommended due to how hard it is to exit said level. Instead, individuals can submerge themselves in a singular, small pond to go to Level 544, or instead can noclip through a pitch black tree to end up in Level 864 or Level 923.

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