Level 440
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Class 5e - Environmental

  • Extremely Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-Entity Hazards

An image of the level taken by an unknown wanderer. The sand seems to be colder at this moment.

Level 440 is the 441st level of the Backrooms, also known as the "Boiling Desert."


Level 440 is a non-linear, infinite desert that has a 20 minute daylight cycle, as well as having little to no drinkable water. The sun in Level 440 resembles that of one in The Frontrooms.

When a wanderer enters, they will immediately feel dehydrated, dying of thirst 60 minutes later due to the lack of water resources. It is highly recommended to stock up on Almond Water before entering this level.

The desert seems to constantly experience a 4.4° to 13.3° Celsius breeze while the temperature rises and drops depending on the time. However, every couple of days, heat waves will occur. The temperatures begin to rise at an extremely fast rate, the maximum temperature being 75.5° Celsius.

The sand's temperature rises up and down on its own, ranging anywhere from 32.2° to 102.2° Celsius. The sand, when above 61.6° Celsius, will start to bubble and act like quicksand. When a wanderer gets stuck in this quicksand, they will sink to the bottom. If a wanderer sinks into this sand, it is advised to pull them out as quickly as possible. Should one be completely enveloped by the sand, they are to be presumed deceased.

Various members of the M.E.G. have discovered large plants that have been buried beneath the sand. These plants constantly produce fire, which they believe is causing the extreme heat of the sand. These plants are too tough to dig or snuff out. There are three documented types of trees: birch, dark oak, and palm trees, which surround these flame plants, each type seeming dehydrated and and extend for, presumably, infinity. Rarely, these trees will have coconuts, and said fruits will have shells made of 90% solid iron. The sap from all of the trees will burn skin on contact and combusts under any pressure. These trees also have a mixture of Cashew Water within their sap.

Rarely, gray puddles of liquid can spawn, which are extremely deep. It is unknown how these puddles don't vaporize in the extreme conditions. It is advised to stay away from them, as digestion of this liquid leads to stomach pains, severe hallucinations, or dissolving of organs. Contact with the liquid leads to the skin being torn off of a wanderer's body and near-lethal bleeding if not treated quickly. Research by the M.E.G. has led to the conclusion that the liquid is a mixture of Cashew Water and an unknown substance.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the environmental hazards this level poses, there are no known bases, outposts, or communities.

Entrances And Exits


  • Level 440 can be accessed from its respective door in The Hub.
  • No-clipping through a discolored patch of leaves in Level 14 can send you to Level 440.
  • Stepping into a large, gray-colored puddle in any level of the Backrooms. These puddles will not appear if a level does not have an exit.
  • Executing the "NICEDAY.EXE" file on a computer in The End.


Wandering in one direction for around 5 kilometers will make a damaged steel door appear in a nearby mound of sand. The only way to open these doors is by using a Level Key.


This level has vastly changed over the years. It used to be a large, lush forest that was suitable for life, however a disaster occurred which destroyed the ecosystem. Trees died of sudden dehydration, plants were quickly surrounded in compacted sand, and bases or outposts collapsed quickly due to the increasing temperature and shifting environment; the level was rapidly turning into a wasteland, and at the time no one knew how it happened or what caused it. As more and more wanderers entered the level, the amount of sand quickly increased and caused it to cover the ground, as mass amounts of people flooded the level. No one noticed the increasing amount of sand, and no one cared until it was too late to turn back their actions. As the sand kept increasing, the attempts to dispose of it were futile. No attempts to stop it could take place. Everyone immediately rushed to escape the level while sandstorms decimated the surrounding environment. Many wanderers experienced severe injuries, while others had died in the hot storms.

Name: Sand waves
Author: Nicolas Rénac
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Name: Lush Forest
Author: Hey Fritters
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