Level 436
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Image taken in Level 436. The pier pictured is a separate dock from the "Captain's Pier".


Level 436 is regarded as a safe place to settle, similar to Level 11, though getting to the level itself is more dangerous than the journeys to most other known habitable levels. Due to this, it has a significantly smaller population.

The level is an infinite beachfront. The beach usually consists of white sand and turquoise water. The temperature of the sea and the weather of the level is unstable and can go from a tropical environment to frigid, stormy weather with little-to no warning. The weather changes, while intimidating, do not pose any threat to life besides the possibility of encampments or items being washed away. The level also has a semi-regular day/night cycle, though the periods of daylight and night fluctuate in an unstable manner, akin to the patterns of the weather.

Upon entering the level, wanderers are likely to arrive on or around the main pier, which has been dubbed the "Captain's Pier" by a group of "pirates" known as the Captain's Crew.

The Captain's Pier

This area is usually the closest pier to any potential new arrivals. It is notably the largest pier, as well as the most populated area of Level 436 as a whole.

The pier itself contains various shops, and though it isn't infinite like the beach, it may lengthen or shorten at random, causing shops and buildings on it to appear and disappear, or, in rare instances, simply fall off. Each shop is typically empty, unless inhabited by a wanderer or member of the Crew. It is to be noted that the first few shops have been mostly stripped of materials by the Crew, though newer ones that appear are, obviously, up for grabs by anyone fast enough to loot them.

If, on a clear night, one was to make it all the way to the end of the pier, it's possible to see faint and ghostly pirate ships, most too visibly damaged to reasonably be able to travel. They don't seem to pose any real threat and there's no hint at them being anything more than a strange occurrence, but they've never come close enough to be explored or investigated.


As mentioned previously, the level ranges regularly from tropical beach environments to more frigid waters. Due to this, any and all marine or surrounding life is noted to be well-equipped for both. The hard outer skin or shells of each animal effectively regulate body temperature by both keeping the creatures warm and managing to chill the animals by filtering oxygen incredibly quickly just beneath the skin (or shell) when necessary.

The most important form of life on Level 436 is the seaweed. Unlike any seaweed seen on Earth, the species native to Level 436 have large, paddle-shaped leaves. They are a brownish-green color, and sandpaper-like in texture. In instances of stormy weather blocking the sun for extended periods of time, the seaweed is capable of self-sustaining by feeding off of trace amounts of chemicals found under the water, effectively making the plant both an autotroph and a chemoautotroph.

This seaweed is feasted on by almost every other creature in the level. Various other forms of sealife, suspected to originate from Level 81, have been noted to appear in the ocean. The specifics of their travel to the level remain unexplored, as they are typically killed and eaten by the native entities of the level, or caught by fishermen, who note the creatures to taste distinctly of almonds.

The only native entities to the level include the following:

  • Coastal Cuttlefish1: sea mollusks with generally blue coloration, not yet known to resemble any cuttlefish found in the Frontrooms.
  • Sark Crabs: extremely large crustaceans, sharing general resemblance to Tasmanian Giant Crabs of the Frontrooms. Known differences from the Frontrooms variation include size, behaviors, and intelligence. These crabs are very prominent thieves and should generally be avoided. Ensure all valuables are kept out of sight and secure from Sark Crabs.
  • Volares: small sharks that take up the skies and seas of Level 436. They appear to be tan or brown on the upper side of their bodies and a light grey or blue on the bottom half, and are overall harmless creatures. Volares are highly intelligent and capable of communication, despite the trademark lack of a tongue expected from any shark. This animal, similarly to Sark Crabs, are known thieves. As such, they should also be cautiously avoided and wanderers should ensure that all belongings are properly secured.

Further investigation into the nature of each of the listed entities is being carried out by the first mate of the Captain's Crew, Rue Achyls, at the time of this article's publishing.

All of these creatures, aside from the cuttlefish, are known to venture to levels outside of Level 436. It is highly advised to not attempt to "tame" any of these animals, despite the fact that the Captain's Crew seems to manage this with ease. Attempts to replicate the Crew's methods have resulted in multiple instances of injury.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Captain's Crew

  • Led by an individual known only as "Captain".
  • Generally shown to be very generous. Known to share resources without trading. They particularly emphasize the sharing of "Captain's specialty rum" which vaguely resembles prison whiskey.2
  • Has a notably large group of musicians, known for their skill with shanties.
  • Their "base" consists almost entirely of makeshift hammocks strung between the pillars of the Captain's Pier, though some shops on the pier have been renovated into buildings, including two buildings retrieved from falling off of the pier. Their stint in the ocean is evident by the violent salt-like smell and the surprisingly fast accumulation of barnacles both inside and out.
  • Their first mate has requested the following video be shared:


  • A miniscule group of around ten people. They seem to be incredibly dedicated to fishing and recording the marine life of the Backrooms.
  • Little contact has been established with them. The closest thing to communication spotted coming from them was exclusively in a one-on-one discussion between one of their members and the Captain.
  • The majority of them live on a pier a short distance from the Captain's Pier, in which they've renovated shops and buildings into small homes.
  • While not very sociable, they do not seem hostile, either.
  • They're typically spotted in any level with water formations. Due to their collective interest in fish, it's theorized they may be open to discussion should a person present marine life-based information to them. None have currently made attempts at this.

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be entered through venturing to Level 7.2 and swimming upwards. This entry method will typically lead to a person swimming ashore from "out at sea", but there is an odd chance one may end up swimming through the sand. The level can also be accessed through Level 43 by positioning oneself under a drip of water running off of the ceiling. After around 10 minutes, wanderers will likely open their eyes to find themselves inside of one of the shops on the pier. Additionally, this level can be fallen into from most levels with high concentrations of water or sand.


By diving back into the ocean, usually when the water is at its coldest, it's possible to enter Level 7. Entering any of the pier shops or breaking through the floorboards of the pier may drop wanderers into Level 5. If resources allow a person to attempt, sailing outwards from the beach has proven to grant entry to a multitude of water-related levels.

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