Level 432
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Class 4

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Picture of Level 432.

Level 432 is the 433rd level of the Backrooms. It is a small, yet infinite, looping basement.


Level 432 is a small basement. Leaving through the door in the front wall or the door at the top of the stairs will result in re-entering the same room. This spatial phenomenon is consistent, however, as placing an item on the ground and re-entering the room shows the object in the same place. It has Almond Water that is raw and should not be consumed. The room itself has a few shelves with junk, a TV only capable of displaying static, a mini-fridge where the Almond Water is stored, and vents above. The structure of the level seems to be impervious to damage. The tables and drawers have kids drawings of the basement and stick figure in the basement. The pipes on the ceiling of Level 432 have a green substance. When drank, you will have visual and auditory hallucinations. Although not deadly, it is advised not to consume. Every 12 hours, the power will go out. When this happens, Clumps, Smilers, Deathmoths, Skin-Stealers, Hounds, and Dullers will appear. Other than when the power goes out, outlets properly function along with washing machines.

Communities And Outposts

There are no known communities or outposts on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Break through the floor in Level 5.


If the window is whited out, break the window to end up in Level 0.

Discovery Log

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