Level 423
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A picture of Level 423 taken upon entry.


Another picture of Level 423 taken while the lights were on.

Level 423 is the 424th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 18/11/2020. It takes the appearance of a huge gas station.


Level 423 takes the appearance of a huge gas station. The stock found on the shelves of this level are an illusion, and disappear if you attempt to come in contact with them. Not much is known about this level because it is hard to enter. This level has a lot of entities that seem to be randomized every time you re-enter the level. This level is pretty small, but you should not underestimate its size. The level is about 100,000 km². The store normally is about one square kilometer, but if you enter the employees only section, you will go into another gas station the same size, with another structure. The frozen aisle contains Almond Water, but it is tough to open, due to it being frozen shut with -20°C water. In the checkout aisle, there are friendly entities that will only attack if threatened. You can ask them questions, and they will answer, but if the question has anything related to the backrooms, they will reply with "what?". It should be possible to see the outside of the level from the windows, but instead of seeing the outside, you see a blank void. Multiple aisles seem to be randomized. Most of the time, the name of the aisle does not match what is contained inside the aisle. The names of the aisles seem to say random gibberish and have nothing to do with the gas station.


A picture of Level 423 showing the items.

Very rarely, you can find a staircase that leads to the storage room. It is full of empty boxes and is very large. There are a lot of entities here, so it is recommended to avoid this area. Venturing deeper into the storage room will lead to an elevator labelled "1.5", and it is recommended to avoid it at all costs.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Children

  • About 5 Children stay here at all times. The kids make a fort using clothes and blankets.
  • These children strangely transform into entities if you look at them.
    • The entities they turn into are similar to entities seen in Level 2.
  • You can hear them chatting gibberish to each other

Additional Content:

There is a log about this level.


I shouldn't have entered, but I did not listen to the MEG did I? I entered through the door in Level 300. I unlocked it with a key I took from them, and they might kill me. I regret it now. There might be no way back, and I entered with the only key to this level. How do I leave? The level is just a big gas station, and there are actual people that I can talk to! I have actual communication here, and I can keep my sanity up. I need help though. I do not know how to exit, and I think someone else may have entered here before with another method. If you have, could you help me find an exit? I hope I don't die here.

Entrances And Exits:


The only known way to enter this level is by going through a locked door in Level 300. Note: the door needs to be opened with a key labelled "423".


There is not enough documented information in this level to confirm if an exit exists, but you can most likely exit by entering from where you started.

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