Level 41
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Class 4

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A picture of Level 41 which has been found in the Sewage stairs of Level 11. It's not clear who took this photo.


A picture of Level 41 which has been found on the floor of Level 33. It's not clear who took this photo.

Level 41 is the 42nd Level of The Backrooms, it appears as a dark sewage system.


Level 41 is a rather dark level that resembles a sewage system, with ceaseless, whale-like noises. Black, amphibian-like humanoid entities lurk in the waters, and can be hostile if approached, depending on location.
In most areas the level is poorly lit; thus, it is encouraged to bring a light source. It has been recorded that lights may turn off for hours at a time, and during this time, smilers may appear.
The rooms will change completely when left alone, so one cannot enter the same room after leaving it. There are no two rooms that look alike on this level. It is impossible to renter the same room once it has been exited. Most of the rooms are flooded, with some recorded to be as high as waist-level, making the level even harder to navigate.
u/Memezer_Chanz has claimed that there may be things watching you, but this is yet to be confirmed, as paranoia is common in the Backrooms. Drinking Almond Water is recommended to avoid it.
The level has two stages, a blue stage, and a red stage, in the red stage, entities will be passive, however going near them is not advised.
During the blue stage, the entities found in the level will be hostile and will focus on causing the victim maximum pain rather than lethal attacks.
These stages are separated by a kindergarten-like room, dubbed the "Safe Room." This room seems to contain some areas that allow no-clipping. The ball pits in the safe room are known to be dangerous because upon entering it, the chances of landing in a more dangerous level are high. In spite of this, there are no hostile entities in the safe room. There are also some special rooms with enormous cistern areas.
Level 41 was discovered by u/Patlichan and has been briefly described by him, however, it has not been explored in-depth, as he left quickly.
u/ReyReno777 has traveled the level in-depth and described it with details.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a chance that this level could be accessed via The End exit door. If you find a sign saying "Sewage" in Level 11, you can take the stairs to enter level 41.


u/Patlichan stated that he randomly left the level. Several travelers have also confirmed that they randomly found themselves on other levels. u/Memezer_Chanz claimed that leaving this level can be triggered by going to the opposite direction you are facing. It is theorized that the no-clipping areas in the ball pit can be another way to leave the level, however, it is not advised, as the chances of landing in a more dangerous level are high.

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