Level 402
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Respectfully, this is to spite Level 11 for being habitual. Normalize making cities that you can't live in to spite Level 11.

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Class 2

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Devoid Of Entities

Picture of Level 402's village section


Level 402 is an enormous indoor structure predominantly constructed from plastic and clay bricks, estimated to be 9802mi. A giant plastic city dubbed "The City" by wanderers takes up a majority of Level 402's area; buildings and roads in the City are smaller than their Frontrooms counterparts. However, due to the size of the indoor structure, this level has been considered incredibly difficult to navigate properly.

Most wanderers no-clip into what is known as the "Main Plaza," which is the most straightforward part of Level 402's city and connects both the City and the road to a smaller portion of the structure called the Village. Physically, the Main Plaza is a giant circle assembled from dark-red clay bricks with two openings in opposite directions leading to the two sections of the level. Additionally, this is the area where the M.E.G. base "Plastic Center" has been built.

Wanderers note plastic statues of entities, such as humans, deathmoths, dullers, hounds, and facelings, can be found throughout the plastic city, creating scenes of a what would be normal Frontrooms life.1  Some statues have been noted to have been slowly falling apart, while others are of perfect quality.


The City takes up a majority of Level 402, estimated to be 500.12mi in size by M.E.G. researchers. At first glance, the physical measurements of the buildings appear to be around 10 feet tall, with smaller, 2-foot gaps in between making up alleyways, while the roads themselves have been measured to be around 5 feet in size.

Some wanderers comment that the lack of any natural light source makes it hard to navigate the large, maze-like city. Additionally, the City is noted to have a strong odor, similar to that of burning plastic, creating what has been described as an uncomfortable sensation. The cause of the odor was later found to be the plastic statues; currently, theories are being made to describe this phenomenon.

While most of the buildings have completely empty rooms, some buildings contain a staggering amount of detail, looking more akin to buildings found in the Frontrooms; these buildings can be found listed below.

Police Stations:

The police stations are the least common and least interesting of the known structures. They contain plastic statues detailing humans doing their jobs. Policemen can be found everywhere, from standing at the front desk to sitting at tables with plastic cups of coffee in hand.

Other notable details about the police stations include the presence of plastic guns, fake police uniforms, a play basketball court, and fake prisoners who appear to be screaming in some fashion.


Hospitals are, unlike police stations, the most common of the known constructions. Hospitals appear to be bigger on the inside than on the outside—while only appearing on the outside to be 18x8x8ft, the inside measurements are more akin to a Frontrooms hospital.

While most items in this setting mostly contain items typically found in a hospital, one item stands out one item stands out: bottles with the attached name "Miracle Serum." Wanderers, after drinking the substance, found themselves to be cured of any ailments, as well as healed from previous injuries such as bite wounds. Due to this, many wanderer settlements have been attempted.

However, despite these properties, wanderers who drink the Miracle Serum note severe paranoia, specifically in regard to Level 402.

Convenience Stores:

Convenience stores in the City are similar to those found in the Frontrooms, with cashiers being replaced with plastic, frozen facelings. 

A notable characteristic of the convenience stores is their possession of edible Frontrooms fruits, grain items, and beverages. When an item is taken from its original spot, the empty space will be filled with an identical copy of the object that was there. This phenomenon has led many wanderers to regard this level as attractive to stay in, despite hazardous phenomena being present within the level.

The Belltower:

The plastic Belltower is the final of the notable structures that can be found. Unlike other detailed buildings, the Belltower is a singular structure located at the centermost point of the City. Similarly to the hospitals, the Belltower appears to be bigger on the inside than the outside, being estimated to be over a hundred feet tall.

While mostly filled with non-working plastic cogs and gears, the Belltower also possesses a staircase leading to a door at the top of the Belltower. All attempts to break down the door by physical means by wanders or the M.E.G. have failed; this, in turn, has led to many theories as to what the other side of the door may contain. Some wanderers have heard sounds coming from inside the door, leading many to speculate that it contains an entity of some sort or auditory hallucination, yet these are unconfirmed.

A notebook written by an anonymous wanderer dubbed "Anonymous-402" by the M.E.G. was found by wanderer Kenneth E. Jamison on the steps of the Belltower at an unspecified date.



Picture of Level 402's village section

The Village is a smaller portion of Level 402 located west of the City. The Village, unlike the City, shows signs of abandonment from previous wanderers. Bags and food and drink items can be found littered throughout the various buildings.

Unlike the larger police station located in the City, the Village contains a small jail where plastic people can be found frozen in terror.

Some wanderers have noted a sense of being followed in the village, yet there is no proof to suggest any entities are following them.

Another notebook written by Anonymous-402 was found in one of the many small suburban houses in the Village containing only one page.


Level 402 was first discovered by wanderer Issac W. Heartman in 2014. The wanderer in question documented his findings in a notebook long before the M.E.G. had found the level. An interview with him was set up in an attempt to learn more about the level, Dr. Victor K. on 08/10/30.

M.E.G. Interview

Interviewer: Dr. Victor K.

Interviewee: Issac W. Heartman

Date: 08/10/30

<Interview Start>


Listen… I'd like to start by saying, please, just cut to the chase on why I'm here. I don't need your fancy greetings or any bullshit like that- 'kay? I really don't want to be here for very long.


… I see. well if you'd like me to be direct, I'll oblige. If we're cutting to the chase, what have you documented?


Haven't you read my journal? I gave you, along with everyone else, as much as I could. It's not like I'm a "master of the level" or anything. The only thing I think I didn't make too clear was the hallucinations that some may experience, I guess.


Can you elaborate?


Uhmm yeah. So when I was on the level, I experienced some… interesting hallucinations. Every once in a while, I swear I heard some sounds of people walking and chit-chatting. When I called out to those "people," all I got back was radio silence.


Could you hear what they were saying?


I thought so at first but… honestly, looking back on it, it was mostly gibberish. I probably figured that it was just because they were whispering or something so I wrote it off.


You heard this where again?


In the… village place, I think. I guess it makes sense since that's the eeriest area I discovered. It's weird actually because I thought it was just some paranoia or something, but the more I think about it… it could be the level, maybe?


What do you mean by the level?


Well, the thing is, I know for a fact I was getting better mentally when I discovered that place. It felt like I knew the people too. I know this level's stupid ass trick… you should know it all too well…


Yes… unfortunately. Actually, we were hoping you could tell us a little more about it, maybe?


Y'know that one level, the one that's living?


Level 148?


Yeah… maybe this place is like that? Like, I mean, if it has infinite food and an all-healing serum and it has "people you know" then why would anyone leave? That's when it nabs ya… and by the time you realize anything happened, it's already too late.


Yeah… that's— actually pretty plausible.


Though, if this place is alive, I'm curious about something. The clocktower… what's its importance? Before it got my friend… my only friend, he could only write about the clocktower


Well… if that's really all you can remember, then there's really no reason for us to keep you here any longer. Thank you for everything, really it means a lot to our investigations. If you remember anything else, feel free to shoot us an email.


Yeah… will do.

<Interview End>

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

M.E.G.2 Outpost "Plastic Center"

  • Composed of 10 members.
  • Open to recruiting new members.
  • Focusing on exploring the city and looking for new phenomena.
  • Stockpiles supplies for trade with the B.N.T.G..


Originally, Level 402 was home to the M.E.G. outpost "Plastic Center," however, at an unknown time period, everyone vanished into thin air. Some people in the M.E.G. have speculated it has something to do with Plastification—a phenomenon that affects all entities within the level, but this theory has not been proven.

Over the course of an unspecified time period, entities have been found gradually turning into plastic statues. Through multiple entity autopsies recorded by the M.E.G., Plastification was also found to plastify things like organs, blood, and pus perfectly. 

One popular theory suggests a civilization once tried to claim the level but failed, as shown by the presence of the human statues.

One final page from Anonymous-401's notebook was found in one of the empty village houses.

Entrances and Exits:


  • One can enter this level when opening an entrance door into any building in Level 11.


  • If one gets onto a tent in the Village area, they have a rare chance to no-clip onto Level 118.
  • Wanderers can no-clip onto Level 182 rarely when touching a tree in the Village area.
  • Level 11 can be accessed when opening an entrance door into any building.
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