Level 400
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Anyway, the information recorded here was collected courtesy of M.E.G. Operative Jamison before he went missing in Level 400. For an accurate understanding of this entry, I recommended that you read ENTITY 136 first. CORRECT INFORMATION CAN BE EDITED INTO FALSE INFORMATION BY CODERS. IF ANY INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE CONTRADICTS THAT OF THE ARTICLE ON ENTITY 136, PLEASE CONTACT THE M.E.G. PUBLIC DATABASE TECH SUPPORT HOTLINE IMMEDIATELY.

Kind regards,

M.E.G. Senior Administrative Officer Stephen Owling


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photo of the main area.

Level 400 is the 401st level of the Backrooms.


Level 400 is a black and white warehouse with metal and ceramic tiles, as well as a dim pyramid in the center. It is infested with Coders, and it is highly recommended you avoid the level, as the level is highly dangerous. This is the only level where Coders appear in. Farther into the base you may find a room mostly filled with technology (computers, laptops, routers, etc.) It is advised not to touch these objects, as doing this seems to alert nearby coders.


photo of the room filled with technology.

There is a pyramid in the center of the room, and it is highly recommended not to go inside of it, as this is the common place where most c0ders are seen. The pyramids contents are unknown, as the size is incredibly vast. Should you enter, you are then at the point of no return. This should be avoidable, as the level is quite big (about the size of two Olympic pools or 1.5 football stadiums), but if the Wanderer does find themselves in the pyramid, there is one small exit. There is a small chance that you can end up in Th3 c0d3 by jumping through one of the computers.

Alien Code:

The Coders appear to use a special coding language when interfacing with electronic devices. The code is alien to humans and physically incomprehensible to any person who is not a coder. Therefore, editing this code is not possible. The alien code is also known to self-destruct if it is downloaded on a pen drive or a flash drive.

The Computer:

There is one item that could make entering the Level worth the risk — in the exact center of the pyramid, there is a computer with the ability to edit/go to a myriad of levels in Cluster I. To exit, all you need to do is select the level on the computer, as the levels appear as a file, such as Level 0 for example. After that, you no-clip wherever you are standing on command (fall through the floor to the level). Attempts to bring over the computer's files to a USB have resulted in the files disappearing off it.

The files on the special computer are written in the aforementioned 'alien code', making it impossible for anyone to besides coders to edit the information. For unknown reasons, it is impossible to delete files off the computer. The computer is connected to the Internet and can access the M.E.G. database with administrator’s privileges, allowing the Coders to edit or delete any entry they desire.

Coded Levels:

Sometimes, after a run-in with a coder, they can make you think you no-clipped to a different level, in actual fact these are just "coded" levels, These are some examples but not all of them - you can get sent to a reversed false Level 0 where instead of the usual yellow walls and loud fluorescent lights there are purple walls and silent lights.
M.E.G. operator Jamison has a theory that c0d3rs are behind sub-levels, and are somehow tied with Level 404, as the level has a common tie with data and mashes, such as the 'alien code' flow in one of the rooms.
The reasoning for the sublevel part of the theory is that the "coded" levels have exhibited similar appearance to what average sub-levels look like. Level 1.5 is the best example of what a "coded" level would look like.
It is theorized that c0ders are behind this sublevel, as a "coded" level would begin to fall apart shortly after entering. Due to the way it's constructed, it is a jumbled mess, unlike other Backrooms levels, where they look sleek and stable, the "coded" levels appear to be more messy and looking like they were generated.


artist depiction of entering the pyramid.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities, as most of the people there have not made it out to tell the tale.

Entrances And Exits:


You can get here by opening an application named "m1nd 1s s0ftware" on The End's computer. You can also go down a green slide in Level 119. Similar to the way of The End, you can also open "m1nd is s0ftware" on one of Level 201's Terminals. You can pledge your life to the code and data on The Code also you can enter a window in Level 188 with a code flow coming out of it as well.


You can get out by no clipping through the wall, this was discovered by an unknown M.E.G. employee. You can get out if you go to the computer in the pyramid and clicking one of the levels, and sometimes you will randomly exit this level by unknown means. It is highly recommended to check if you are in the actual level and not a fabricated one created by a c0der.

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