Level 4.4
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Class 5b

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Environmental Dangers

An interior room of Level 4.4.

Level 4.4 is the 4th Sub-Level of the Level 4. It is a series of office rooms and hallways, similar in style to Level 4, although the rooms are a lot smaller and bloodied.


Level 4.4 takes the form of an abandoned, bloody office space. The source of all the extra debris is unknown, since there seems to be no extra damage to any of the walls, floor, or ceiling. You can occasionally find windows, but these windows look out to water, with the surface of the water nor the floor of it visible through these indestructible windows.

While the debris appears to have no explanation for being on Level 4.4, the blood and organs strewn around the room do. When inside this Level, the mind of a traveller becomes filled with intense bloodlust, though not to the point where they perish or turn into a Wretch. Instead, one will act upon this bloodlust, attacking any other traveller in sight. If there's no one nearby, people in this crazed state of mind will bang their heads against walls, chew and bite off fingers, mutilate themselves with weapons or debris, or even rip out their own entrails and organs if the tools to do so are nearby.

People who enter Level 4.4 appear to be drawn to the lockers on this Level, looting the insides for supplies inside, including corpses. This appears to be dangerous, due to the high chance of being attacked by other wanderers on Level 4.4. They do this by mutilating and cutting up said wanderer, then storing them within the lockers.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


There are two main ways to enter Level 4.4. The main way to enter is to enter through Level 4 or any of its Sub-Levels, Level 4.1, Level 4.2 and Level 4.3 by interacting with a dead body on any of these Levels. Another way of entering is to find a body-filled room in Level 611, and then noclipping into these bodies.


To leave, one can noclip into the windows and enter Level 7. Alternatively, you can also re-enter Level 4 or any of its Sub-Levels by noclipping into a body.

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